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NCAA Friday Notes

Corbin fans at the Sweet 16 doing their 13th Region thing

It was yet another in a long line of great NCAA First Round Tournament days, as I spent over 12 hours at the BW3s in Middletown (good set up) to watch basketball and make fun of the radio hosts from 790 AM (Cards Radio). The day was full of fun and adventure and a back ache for me, as I went for 12 hours in one barstool chair. But we persevere, and tomorrow we do it all again…..this time at a place hopefully somewhat different than BW3s….I seriously cannot look at another “Wing” for some time.

Some notes from the day…..

— On the UK end, every person who came and said hello at the eatery of course wanted to know the future of Billy Gillispie. It is clear that everyone and their brother has heard something from someone about what is happening. One individual even cited “Billy Reed” as his source, proof that this individual needs to get out of the house more often. Rick Bozich joined the chorus of calls of folks saying it is likely that Billy is gone, causing some folks to say he is part of the “media agenda” against Gillispie. Let me just say this about these comments….just because someone has an opinion with which you disagree, doesnt make them “biased”….it makes them have an opinion. The journalists who say they believe Gillispie will be gone GENUINELY believe he will be gone. If their lives are like mine, EVERY PERSON THEY MEET asks their opinion…then when they say it, those that disagree claim they are “biased.” I still am not comfortable saying what the final result will be….but if you dont believe that where there is some smoke, there is some fire…..well you are just deluding yourself. No matter what happens, this has been a difficult week for Mitch and the next few days will continue to be as well.

— In his continued quest to fill Kentucky’s roster with point guards, Gillispie watched Vee Sanford today at the Sweet 16. I like Sanford and think he is a good player who has the potential to become a high level player. After the Tucker commitment one would think Gillispie would not take a commitment from a third PG in the class….but who knows, maybe another will join the roster.

— On a happier note, the games today were interesting, even though there were few upsets. For a while American University looked like a team we could all embrace…..they were up by 14 points and ended up losing by 13…..all in one half. Jay Wright got the victory and the biggest upset was avoided.

— My friend Jeremiah Byrne set a new modern record by wagering against the spread on 10 games today and LOSING ALL TEN OF THEM. Think about that for a second…if you assume your chances of success are 50-50 on a spread bet, then the chances of Jeremiah’s run are 1 out of 1024. That is an historic day and he deserves a by name mention for his awfulness.

— How do you know you are at the worst NCAA site? When Dan Bonner and Mike Gminski are calling your games…..second worst, wherever they send Ian Eagle and Jim Spenarkal.

— I was pulling for Tubby tonight, even though I bet against him and the Gophers (3-1 on my Against the Spread bets…thank you Texas, Oklahoma and Western). Tubby is now 13-2 in opening round games and AJ Abrams showed once again that when he is focused and on his game, he is virtually unguardable.

— Tubby has a tall goofy white guy with acne named Iverson. That comibination sort of blew my mind.

— I would do bad things if Morehead could beat Louisville. I mean really bad things.

— Is that you Clemson? Oh yeah of course it is…you started 16-0 and lost in the first round of the tournament again. I knew that was you.

— Did I just see a Miller Lite Commercial that said it was by Todd Svoboda? That cant be can it?

— Beisner stole my name The Konner Tucker Band…..that will be his name as long as he is here…at least for me.

— Has a hot girl ever come to BW3s without a guy? I say no.

— Two things I can guarantee….Rick Pitino will not be the coach here, and Darryl Isaacs has gotten more publicity via email in the last few weeks than he has ever had via commercial….which is saying something.

North Dakota State and Cleveland State….both will play down to the wire games tomorrow versus Kansas and Wake Forest, and one of them will pull it out….mark it down.

We will have more all day….stick around

Article written by Matt Jones