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NBA Playoffs

Well the NBA Playoffs begin tomorrow, which means that it is an exciting moment for all of the 22 NBA fans in America. As one of those fans, I admit to looking forward to the playoffs and I could (although I wont in the interest of boredom of my readers) make the case that this playoff season has the most potential to be exciting as any time since the end of the Jordan era. There are legitimately five teams that have a fighting chance of winning (Pistons, Spurs, Suns, Mavs, Heat) and the qualities that so many believe are lacking in the NBA (primarily team play) are embodied by at least 4 of these 5 teams.

Yet I know that almost no one that reads this blog will watch the games. Why is that? Because, for whatever reason, college basketball fans tend to only take a peripheral interest in the NBA. Most of the reason for this is that these fans say they dont like the “NBA game”, but now, with the introduction of new defensive rules, the NBA game is more similar to the college game. And in the playoffs, unlike in the regular season, all the players try throughout the entire game. Thus making the first three quarters worth watching….something not true often in the regular season.

So I say watch the NBA masses!!! Tayshaun Prince is a key component on one of the better NBA teams (key emphasis on the word team) in many years and he epitomizes the best in Kentucky basketball. In the first round, he and Tony Delk are matched up with my man Jamal Magloire, in a series that should be played in Lexington for good measure. The Heat have Antoine Walker and Derek Anderson, so feel free to root for them if you are a Pitino-first type of UK fan. Whatever your bias, the NBA playoffs can accomodate them.

Either way I do warn you….I will be talking playoffs on here at times…..dont say I didnt give you notice….

And this is MATT by the way, in case you couldnt tell….stupid Turkey Hunter stays logged in on my computer….

Article written by Turkey Hunter