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NBA contracts have gotten out of control

How does Amir Johnson get $34 million dollars to score 4ppg?

With guys like Lebron, Chris Bosh, and Dwayne Wade due some serious money in the near future, I have been more intrigued by some of the other players who have already agreed to deals with various teams.  With a lockout looming after next season, players are locking up big time cash while they can.  But there are some teams that have given what I would call ABSURD money to some average players.  For instance:

Steve Blake (Los Angeles Lakers)
Agreed to 4-year, 16-million dollar contract

Thoughts:This is the same Steve Blake who will now be on his 7th team in 9 years and has averaged under 5 assists per game in 5 of his seasons.  HE PLAYS THE POINT GUARD!!!!  His first job is to distribute the ball!  And he doesn’t do that very well.  His career shooting percentage is 41.1%.  Blake will be 35 when this contract runs up.  If the Lakers do lose Derrick Fisher and Blake becomes the starter, that is a MAJOR downgrade in my opinion.  But instead the Lakers signed him to a 16-million-dollar contract.  God bless America!

Rudy Gay (Memphis Grizzlies)
Agreed to 5-year, 82-million dollar contract

Thoughts:16.4 million dollars a year.  For Rudy freakin Gay.  Look, Gay is a very good player.  But the Grizzlies are essentially saying we are going to build the franchise around you with this kind of money, which was a max contract by the way.  Memphis has never been to the playoffs in Gay’s 4 years, and has won over 24 games just once.    

Drew Gooden (Milwaukee Bucks)
Agreed to 5-year, 32-million dollar contract

Thoughts:How good can Drew Gooden be?  He has been traded THREE TIMES in 2 seasons.  Hasn’t been a consistent starter in the NBA is 5 seasons.  Is a career 11ppg scorer in 8 seasons.  Has now broken through the 30 year old barrier, which often means the downslide of his career.  So the shear fact that the Bucks will pay him 6.4 million dollars next year just baffles me.

Amir Johnson (Toronto Raptors)
Agreed to a 5-year, 34-million dollar contract

Thoughts:This is probably the worst contract of all.  Amir Johnson plays the power forward position.  In his 5 seasons in the NBA, he has AVERAGED 4.2 rebounds per game.  He has AVERAGED 4.7 points per game.  He has STARTED 27 games out of a possible 410 games.  The team that just signed him, the Raptors, only started him 5 games last season.  So even though I think Drew Gooden’s contract is complete crap too, how do explain a double digit career scorer getting 32-million-dollars, but Amir Johnson gets 34-million-dollars.  I guess that’s why the Raptors are the Raptors.

Darko Milicic (Minnesota TWolves)
Agreed to 4-year, 16-million dollar contract

Thoughts:We all know how bad Darko sucks, which makes the fact that if he finishes this contract he will have played 11 years in the NBA.  But just how sad is it that a guy who Beisner could beat one-on-one is going to make 4 million dollars a year to score 8 ppg?   

Just so we have a little Kentucky flavor in this post, here are the contracts remaining for the UK players (not including the 5 rookies)

Chuck Hayes: 1 year/2.3 million
Rajon Rondo: 5 years/55.0 million
Tayshaun Prince: 1 year/11.14 million
Nazr Mohammed: 1 year/6.88 million
Jodie Meeks: 2 year/1.54 million
Kelenna Azubuike: 1 year/3.36 million
Keith Bogans: not under contract
Jamaal Magloire: not under contract
Randolph Morris: not under contract

Article written by Bryan the Intern