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My First, Last, and Only Post About Marc Maggard

First off, I just want to say that I respect Marc’s business savvy. I know that his site isn’t getting many hits nowadays, so why not poke and prod at the individuals at a bigger site and try to get them to talk about you. So as much as it pains me to do so, I’ll give in to his constant begging for my attention and mention his name just once. Let’s start out by taking a little walk down memory lane and clearing up a few lies.

This is my story with Marc. Marc was looking for writers for his site and, after following recruiting and attending events for many years, I did have a little itch to write about it so I wrote Marc an email which explained why I was qualified for the position. Shortly after I sent that letter, I received a message from Marc asking me to write for his site. I wrote for Roundball Recruiting for about a month. Marc didn’t have his site set up so that Roundball writers could write for True Blue Kentucky also, but he promised his Roundball writers that he would make the connection very soon. During that same time, the Eric Bledsoe recruitment was drawing to a final decision. Since I didn’t have any way to write for True Blue Kentucky, I thought the best thing to do with the information that I was receiving on Eric’s decision was to create my own blog and pass it along in that format. That’s when I started “State of the Program.” In the end, the information was good and Bledsoe committed to UK. Marc didn’t like the fact that I had “competed” with True Blue Kentucky, a position that I completely understood, and he asked me to take down my blog. He told me to either take it down or quit his site. In true Maggard form, he also told me that if I didn’t take it down…gasp…I would be banned from his site. I decided to stick with my blog because I didn’t like being associated with someone who treats his customers badly, someone who constantly needs to boost his own ego, and someone who, frankly, only received his information from one source and that source was gone. Long story short, I knew an affiliation with Marc Maggard would only hurt me in the end and that Marc couldn’t keep his own business afloat, let alone guide others down correct pathways.

Now, fact time.

Fact: Marc Maggard has been connected to UK’s coaching staff. That’s true. He was very connected to Coach Cox and if you follow Marc’s timeline of decent information, you’ll notice that it directly correlates with the time period in which Cox was coaching at UK. Now Coach Cox is gone and now Marc Maggard isn’t getting his insider information anymore, which is why he is begging Kentucky Sports Radio writers to speak his name and generate some hits for him.

Fact: Marc Maggard scouts basketball players. This is also true. His connection with Coach Cox was based on his ability to scout players for the coaches. Now, he didn’t have to scout top players for the coaches, they already knew about those kids, but he did turn them onto some other “less well known” recruits that he felt, in his infinite wisdom, should be on UK’s radar. Among the people who also attend these events with me, events that Marc is NEVER at (more on that later), this is a common known fact. He guided UK’s eyes to a few of his “favorite” players and told the coaches they were UK material. I’m not going to name names here, in the interest of the kids affected by Marc’s poor scouting, so I’ll just let you look at some of the “less well known” prospects that UK received commitments from and draw your own conclusions about his scouting abilities.

Fact: Marc Maggard doesn’t like the job I’ve done thus far at KSR. Honestly, what would you expect? You can’t expect him to tell you that, even though he doesn’t like it, he has to admit that most of my assessments were good. The truth of the matter is that Marc Maggard sells a product that isn’t really “specialized.” If Marc is such a special scout, why isn’t he an assistant coach somewhere or scouting for NBA teams? The reason is because he isn’t really that special. Look at the totem pole of money earners in the scouting game. Marc is treading water with a tiny website, while the truly great scouts can make millions doing what they do. If Marc were a plumber, he’d be the equivalent of the guy that they let drain the port-0-potties. He’s a bottom feeder. Bottom feeders and unskilled workers need a gimmick in order to make money. His gimmick is to pass on what he calls “spot in time” opinions, but anyone with a brain knows that this translates to, at best, somewhat educated guesses. When a player is down to four schools, he has a 25% chance of being right 100% of the time. Look at his track record and you’ll see, its all just a numbers game based on guesses. Sometimes he hits the lotto, most of the time he’s wrong. That’s his gimmick.

Here’s my method: You’reĀ  going to get accurate recruiting information here for free. Plus I won’t act like a douche bag or constantly make you stare at a picture of me with frosted blonde tips and a receding hairline. Honestly Marc, out of all the poses that we know your bloated ego made you try, the one with you doing “The Rock” eyebrow was the winner?

Fact: Marc Maggard has not attended any of the major summer events this year. This should be an eye-opener for those of you who don’t really know what Marc does during “his busy summer schedule.” Bloomington, Indiana at the AMC? No Marc Maggard. Charlottesville, VA at the Top 100 Camp? No Marc Maggard. Cincinnati, OH at the Adidas It Takes 5ive? Sorry Marc, didn’t see you. Eddie Ford’s Kentucky Hoop Fest? Saw Matt Jones, didn’t see you Marc. So what does Marc do with all his time? I don’t know. If you feel like getting banned from his site, you could ask him. Maybe he’ll let you know. I’m sure its pretty time consuming to rip up your own members and readers on message boards, hit the hairdresser and tanning bed, all while using different phony usernames on other message boards to talk about how much inside information Marc Maggard has. He’s a busy dude guys, no time for basketball tournaments. I’m sure he’ll grace us with his presence at the major tournaments in Las Vegas, since that is the home for flashy hairdos, massive egos and washed up has-beens.

Fact: I’ve never paid for Marc’s information and I’ve never “begged him for info.” While I am a member of other recruiting sites, his site is not one of them. The reason is that I can’t be everywhere at once and I want to know what happens elsewhere so I can pass on some of the UK related news to you. Ask Marc to show you a receipt or whatever proof he claims to have that I was a subscriber. He can’t do it because I’ve never been that gullible. The only “info” that we have exchanged is a text message where I said “I’m hearing that Eric Bledsoe is committing to UK. I would imagine you are hearing the same. Want me to post it on Roundball?” He never responded. I posted it on “State of the Program” instead and the rest is history.

Fact: Marc and I had an agreement that he broke. When I chose to write for KSR, I told Marc that I would like to remain cordial with him and not get involved in any disputes between him and Matt. I went on to say that I would never say anything negative about him or his information. It seemed like we had an agreement that the disputes between this site and Marc would remain a thing between them and would not involve myself. That all changed when people started to realize that free recruiting information wasn’t just a pipe dream and would be available at Kentucky Sports Radio. Immediately, I assume that Marc felt like he needed to discredit me in any way that he could in order to keep people from realizing the truth. The truth is this: his information no longer holds the same value because you can get it here for free. Since he couldn’t, god forbid, give his info for free, he needed to do the only thing possible, which was to fabricate things about me and my information so that his information seemed to hold more value. I hope that when people read what he has to say about me, they realize that they are witnessing a fish out of water, flopping on the hot pavement, gasping for air, and willing to do whatever it takes to save their life. This agreement was the reason that you had never seen me, and will never see me again, say anything bad about Marc. I, unlike Marc, am a man of my word and felt like petty personal attacks would seem unprofessional and immature. As physically draining, and honestly embarrassing, it is for me to write this, I felt like he left me no choice but to defend myself.

Now that I’ve let you know the truth, I don’t want to never have to write about this again. I hope that Marc can grow up and quit writing about me. I’m just here to do what I love and that is to watch basketball and talk to the athletes and pass on any resulting information to you guys. We are two grown men, Marc. The fact that I even had to type something like this is completely ridiculous. Can we please just stick to basketball and act like a couple of professionals about it? Thanks.

Article written by Dustin Rumbaugh

I enjoy basketball, Kentucky sports and extremely short walks on the beach, followed by a nap. Sorry ladies, I'm taken.