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Move Over Pat Forde…Here Comes Fred Cowgill


If you have followed this site, you know that we have been hard on two things in the last few months: Rick Pitino and the Louisville media. For months the Louisville media refused to report the Karen Sypher story in detail, and when it did, Rick Pitino accused them of not respecting Ted Kennedy. Pat Forde of ESPN, who wrote a book with Rick Pitino in case you have forgotten, went on television and reminded us all that “RICK IS NOT THE ONE TRIAL HERE PEOPLE!!!!!!” and still is the go-to commenter by ESPN for the whole story…for reasons I cannot quite fathom. So all in all, the entire Pitino/media has been a cluster and didnt seem like it could go much lower.

Well that was until last night and the Fred Cowgill-Rick Pitino interview heard round the world. Last night Cowgill “interviewed” (and I use that word loosely, as most news interviews dont start with the interviewer talking about how much respect he has for the interviewee) Pitino, and Ricky said this:

I told my daughter this the other day. I said, ‘Sweetie, what you’ve been through in your life, with your two uncles and now with this … what you’ve been through in your life, you’ll be strong enough to handle anything in life and that’s you have to look at adversity.'”

As Deadspin noted last night, this might have been a new low for the man who believes that success is indeed a choice. Tell me that he did not just equate the death of his daughter’s two uncles with a decision he made to have sex with a random woman who was not his wife on a restaurant table in Louisville. He could not have just equated a tragic death on 9/11 with his decision to cheat on his wife and publically humiliate his family…could he? My problem with Rick from the beginning has been that he acts as if he is the victim here. Yes, Karen Sypher has charged him with a sexual assault and yes, if as we all believe, that didnt happen, such a charge is unfortunate. BUT NO ONE BELIEVES SYPHER….literally NO ONE. The resulting media frenzy is over two things: (1) his public desire to get strange in a restaurant with his assistant on the floor and (2) his resulting decision to finance her abortion. That is what has outraged people and Pitino STILL doesnt get it.

As for Cowgill, he showcases what we have long said about media objectivity by most mainstreamers. While many in the mainstream media like to criticize blogs like this one or LYesReport and Card Chronicle on the Louisville side for being “homer” sites, when it comes down to it, the mainstream media is often no different. Cowgill wanted his “exclusive” interview with Rick and the only way he could get it was by leaving aside whatever journalistic credibilty he has and making an infomercial for Rick and his greatness. While watching this, one wonders whether Cowgill is going to come over and pat Rick on the head and say “its going to be alright darling…the meanies will leave you alone soon.” Somewhere Pat Forde was watching this and shaking his head saying, “even I wouldnt do that for Ricky Poo…”

Watch the interview below and ask yourself this…who is more ridiculous, Pitino or Cowgill? My vote is with Rick, because while Cowgill may be lame and now nationally mocked, Rick has no shame…and we are seeing it more and more every day.

Cowgill Interview

Article written by Matt Jones