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More Cavaliers smoke rising

Straight from several horses’ mouths: Coach Cal told the local Cleveland newspaper that the Cavs GM has scouted Nerlens Noel more than any other NBA GM. This all occurred while Nerlens was healthy last winter, when NBA folks were packing Rupp Arena to see the flat top in action.

Here’s to hoping the streak of No. 1 overall picks continues. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Or so I heard.

Article written by Chris Thomas

5 Comments for More Cavaliers smoke rising

  1. fatcat
    6:33 pm May 22, 2013 Permalink

    Is that Nerlens mom in the picture with him? If it is i hope he buys her some new hair when he gets to the league. That wig looks like a bad rug.

  2. Han
    6:43 pm May 22, 2013 Permalink

    Cleveland’s owner (and his son, right?) have been talking about not being back in the lottery again. If they take Noel, knowing he’ll miss a lot of the season, they’re almost declaring they’re hoping to get another good pick next year and then build from there with a healthy Noel and their existing pieces.

    That may be in the best interest of the team, but the fans might not be happy with another “Wait til next year” campaign.

  3. mudcreekmark
    6:52 pm May 22, 2013 Permalink

    2)I don’t think Cleveland will take Noel. Like you said, this would be almost like giving up on being a playoff team next year and I don’t think they would want that. I see them taking Bennett before Noel if they want a body or Otto Porter. The best player in the draft is McClemore.

  4. Hartline
    7:32 pm May 22, 2013 Permalink

    Cleveland will most likely take Noel. Varejao won’t be in Cleveland much longer, maybe another year tops before he will go elsewhere and rebound for a contender. Also, as number 2 said, this isn’t the year for Cleveland to make a playoff move. Next years draft is a repeat of the 2004 draft and thus being in the lottery guarantees them a good player. Over the next three years the Cavs will be looking at: A defensive presence in Noel + Kyrie Erving + whoever they get in the lottery next year + the possibility of LeBron’s homecoming in 2 years.

    Not something they would turn down.

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