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Monday Morning Quarterback

With football back in full-swing, we want to give our readers a chance to discuss everything pigskin-related over the past week. Thus, we present to you the KSR Monday Morning Quarterback segment. Every Monday throughout the season, there will be tidbits in this post on our Wildcats, college football, and the NFL. Feel free to join in. Brag about your team’s successes, defend your team’s failures, or just come discuss fall’s best sport.


-Kentucky began the Florida game as the 13th ranked passing offense in nation. This stat means absolutely nothing if you can’t win football games, but it’s worth mentioning in regards to QB Max Smith‘s development. Smith ended up missing Saturday’s game with a bruised shoulder, an injury that was understated by both him, and the coaching staff, the entire week leading up to the game. Thus, enter backup QB/H-Back/Tight End, Morgan Newton. After his performance, (which, in his defense, was not completely his fault. Apparently, he’s still not 100% after his shoulder surgery. If that is the case, it should have prompted the coaching staff to have a legitimate backup quarterback ready to go. Plus, Newton had really practiced at QB until the week of the game, and even then, only got half of the first-team reps. He was set up for failure, and was basically the fall guy for bad coaching decisions.) Kentucky fell a whopping thirty spots in ranking… good for 43rd in the nation. That, my friends, is pretty tough to do in one day. The thing that bothers me so much about this game is Florida didn’t even play well. The defense looked as all it needed was a competent offense to get an upset in the Swamp, but it just didn’t happen. We will know a lot about this team’s fight as a top-10 South Carolina team comes in to Commonwealth Stadium this week. Let’s hope they can stay focused.

-From what I’ve seen, #1 Alabama and #3 LSU are the two best teams in the nation… again. But, Chip Kelly’s #2 Oregon team might ruin a second consecutive, all-SEC, National Championship. I’m not a huge fan of PAC-12 football, and probably never will be, but the conference is the best it has been in a while and the Ducks look like they prepared to take advantage of it. Oregon destroyed a pretty good Arizona team, 49-0, catapulting them past LSU for the #2 spot in the AP polls. No doubt, Oregon will have to go undefeated to find themselves playing for the crystal football, but they look ready as ever to do so.

-The Big Ten is so bad this year that Northwestern (Yes, that Northwestern… the nerds) has a legitimate chance of playing in the Rose Bowl. They are 4-0 and, looking at their schedule, could be 7-0 when a decent Nebraska team comes to Ryan Field. Northwestern hasn’t won a bowl game since 1948.

-Switching to the NFL, did anyone see the Detroit-Tennessee game? Its in contention for the most bizarre game I’ve ever seen. Check out the “Music City Miracle” part two.

The game went to overtime with Tennessee winning 44-41. The final sequence was a touchdown, onside kick recovery, a hail-mary touchdown, a failed fourth-down conversion, and a game-winning field goal. You can watch the highlights hereCrazy.

-Tonight’s Monday Night Football match-up is Winston Guy’s Seattle Seahawks vs. Randall Cobb’s Green Bay Packers… Who ya got? I’m guessing Packers will win, but the Qwest Field crowd helps the Seahawks keep it close. Green Bay 21- Seattle 20.

Article written by Rashawn Franklin

13 Comments for Monday Morning Quarterback

  1. Jay in Lyndon
    10:39 am September 24, 2012 Permalink

    All the communication during the game and post game was bizarre. It is almost like we are being set-up, for Joker coming back. Even the media..saying “IF” Max Smith would have played it would have been close, I heard on the post game “This is a step forward for the defense”. No it is not…It is a TRAIN WRECK!

  2. goukats
    10:48 am September 24, 2012 Permalink

    The Florida gameeally points out that meadia and fans cannot believe anything the current staff says about the team.

    Newton should never,ever ce put in the position to play quarterback again.The guy was a 3 year starter (off and on) and still could not rise to the occassion.

  3. UKFan
    10:48 am September 24, 2012 Permalink

    Joker just the sympton…fire Barnhart!!

  4. J
    10:51 am September 24, 2012 Permalink

    Mark Stoops.

  5. Biglaw Dawgin'
    10:58 am September 24, 2012 Permalink

    I sat about 8 rows from the field Saturday and saw first hand the worst QB play I’ve ever seen in person. The game was somehow close for a while but 2 straight errant pass plays turned the entire game around. After Newton over threw a wide open receiver by about 10 yards in a play that would have likely resulted in a TD, the very next pass went straight to a UF player for a pick-6. Newton threw the ball in the dirt all game, it was pretty embarassing to watch.

  6. meeksuperfan
    11:17 am September 24, 2012 Permalink

    ERIC MANGINI-bil bilicheck protege-works at espn so kids know him-would use it in recruiting like gottfried at ncstate

  7. Dude
    11:29 am September 24, 2012 Permalink

    Jay Gruden anyone? Coaching in the blood, right up the road with the Bengals. Great offensive minded coach, he’s running a college style offense in the NFL and it’s working!

  8. you guys crack me up
    11:47 am September 24, 2012 Permalink

    #1 did this post really question why, in the event of an injury to starting QB Smith, the staff would start Newton? hm, my guess is because he is the 2nd string QB, has experience in hostile SEC environments, knows the entire offense, and is a Senior. Now once the game is decided (halftime?), I can see throwing Whitlow in to give him some reps, but I don’t see why starting Newton was a surprise or a mistake. He deserved a shot and he didn’t come through. As for Eric Mangini, or Jay Gruden… really? You guys really think either would come to UK? Mangini has no college experience, was fired himself. Would he be able to recruit? Same for Gruden. Regardless, assuming they were viable, why the heck would they come to UK looking at a schedule of UF/UGA/USC/ etc.? The answer… they won’t!!! UK will hire a Hal Mumme… coach from a MAC school or some other mid major. Why? Because just like when Brooks was hired, every name coach will see Barnhart on caller ID and reject the call!!

  9. Beavis
    12:06 pm September 24, 2012 Permalink

    You crack me up number 8. Did I understand Newton to say he had not been practicing at the QB position ? Did I understand Whitlow say the same thing ? Someone help me out,,,who has been taking the snaps in practice ? If Smith’s shoulder is so bad he can’t play ,, he has not been taking the snaps. Why don’t we have a number two ready ?

  10. stll cracking up
    12:39 pm September 24, 2012 Permalink

    #9, as the story goes, Newton approached coaches after Smith was chosen as starting QB and asked to help the team by playing h-back, tight end, whatever. UK coaches have said that Newton has the athleticism to help the team in those other positions. So I don’t think Newton has not been practicing at QB at all, its just like any other 2nd string QB… his reps have been limited and he has been practicing the other packages where he plays TE/HB. Smith still needs experience, so he has gotten majority of reps. Yes, injury happens and a backup needs to be prepared. But given that Newton is a 4th year Senior, has started many games, and MUST know the offense 100 times more than Whitlow, why would a coach not start him? As far as Whitlow saying he has not been practicing at QB.. I don’t know. Where did you see that? As for Smith’s shoulder being “so bad”. I don’t think it was early in the week, I think it became apparent late in the week that it would be a risk of further injury to play him. Morgan Newton IS the number two. Maybe you should ask him why he wasn’t ready. I could have completed half the passes he threw in the dirt.

  11. I can't
    3:50 pm September 24, 2012 Permalink

    I can’t join in on Monday morning QB because I don’t understand it. Rashawn, is it just me or do you find it necessary to defend every pathetic performance this team puts out. Oh, it wasn’t his fault he couldn’t complete a five yard crossing route or throw a ball in the vicinity of a completely uncovered receiver. He’s only been a QB for 15 years, it not his fault. I can sit and watch this team put in a miserable excuse for QB while we are trying to run another All-American QB off.

    I can’t stand Morgan’s attitude of “I didn’t get Cobb and was before these guys.” 1. You did get Cobb in a bowl game and you were still awful. 2. Great QB’s don’t need great receivers. Max Smith has been better than you both last year (with the same receivers) and this year completing a ton of balls to receivers you had your whole career (LaRod, Boyd, EJ, McKaskill, etc) Quit crying.

  12. Beavis
    4:44 pm September 24, 2012 Permalink

    Right,,,Newton , to his credit, did ask if there was any other way he could get on the field so they were supposed to put in some plays for him. Point is,,,I bet if you polled any other coach in the SEC ( or any other conference for that matter ) the backup QB will get perhaps 30 % of the snaps during practice. That is just smart in case the number one goes down. The fact that he has been in the program and should know the offense,,,well that did not work out to well did it.

  13. Bluegrass Jimmy
    7:36 pm September 24, 2012 Permalink

    Mitch, if you want to eventually SAVE your job, HIRE Bobby P. He is a brilliant football mind! He can PRODUCE immediatly! DO NOT bring some wanna be, or some retiree brought back for one last HURRA!! When you see our 70,000 seat facility with 20,000 people attendance someone will take notice!!! YOU DON’T want to answer this career ending question! You need to know who’s ass to KISS and who’s to KICK!! DO NOT MIX THEM UP!!!