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Monday Chocked Full of Goodies….

Well it was a rainy weekend in the Bluegrass, and I spent the weekend away from my new home in the Ville. Nevertheless lots of interesting things happened and there is a good deal of news to report. Lets get to it….

(1) We havent talked a lot recently about the Morris twins. Well we will now. I interviewed their high school coach tonight (it will be part of Episode 7 of KSR Radio coming out Tues. morning) and it was fascinating. First the news (about the Morris Twins, not the Hager Twins above, who bill themselves as the “World’s Most Famous Set of Twins and whose mix of “Country and Comedy tears up Branson every third Wednesday of the month). The Morris twins WILL be at Midnight Madness (contrary to some rumors that they have backed out). They are choosing between Kentucky, Memphis, Indiana and Lasalle. Here is the kicker. According to their coach, the twins are SPLIT!!! One of them favors one school and the other favors a different one. However they will attend the same school, so the debate has ensued. This was interesting and confirmed a rumor I had been told that one favored UK and the other Memphis (rumor is that Markieff is UK and Marcus Memphis).

Even more interesting however is the interview itself. The coach went into detail that I have never previously heard, about what a Tubby in-home visit is like. According to Coach Brinkley, Tubby brings a powerpoint presentation, and he gives insight into what is said. Even more interesting, he compares the UK presentation to that of schools like Memphis and Indiana. It is a FASCINATING listen and is likely the most in-depth source of how Kentucky recruits that I have ever heard. Make sure you catch it.

(2) Tonight I also spoke to AJ Stewart. Here is the quick summary. Billy Donovan has called and wants an in-home visit. However Stewart is hesitant to even have it. “I mean whats the point”, he said, “they have their guys and I wasnt one of them. I loved Florida early on but I dont want to go somewhere and not play. So I am not even sure if he is going to come.” AJ told me its still UK and Illinois but added, “I will probably make a decision at Midnight Madness.” Hard to think he would decide at Kentucky’s Midnight Madness to go elsewhere….

(3) Jai Lucas in-home was tonight. I still havent spoken with him about it, but I would call this an important evening. I made some comments on here that were misinterepreted, so I want to be clear. I DO NOT think that getting Lucas guarantees Patterson. In addition, I STILL think we can get Lucas EVEN IF WE DONT get Patterson. However if Jai Lucas commits elsewhere, that means to me that Patterson is not coming here. Jai wants to play with Pat, period. And if Pat was coming to UK, I cant see Jai going elsewhere.

(4) I am hearing (as are others) that UK could get a commitment from the 7 foot Brit that we all know and love, Mike Williams within the next two weeks. One of my sources has said that he is taking one other visit while another says he is having his knee examined as he has a history of knee problems. However both say that he is ready to sign the papers after the visit last week. What is my opinion of this? IT is good if Williams is the 5th (or 6th) member of the class that we have as a long term project. If he is the 2nd or 3rd member, then it is much less good.

(5) The mystery of JJ Hickson continues. I still am getting WILDLY different information about this kid….ranging from UK is not in his mind to UK thinks they can get him. I have always said that UK is likely on the outs with Hickson. I still think that. However I just dont understand why other info exists when all public comments by Hickson suggest otherwise. A visit apparently occurred last week, so maybe some news will surface.

(6) Adelye Coker will be visiting Kentucky on October 27th according to a source I spoke with on Saturday. I havent confirmed this and have not followed Coker’s recruitment a great deal. I will now.

Much more as the week goes on (including another name that we havent discussed), but that is all for tonight. Get ready for Episode 7 as Victoria Sun will join us, Joey Lucci of the great, the Morris Twins’ coach Dan Brinkley and a review of the UK-Florida game in roundtable form…..all that and Hubby reads Carlos Toomer’s ode to Travis Ford. Should be nice…

Article written by Matt Jones