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MLB Road Trip, Day 3: New York


One third of the way there! Yesterday we were in New York, the concrete jungle where dreams are made. We watched our Marlins win again in our first night game of the trip but not before we drove over an hour in the wrong direction in Pennsylvania. Matt called the detour sightseeing, D.J. and I called it driving over an hour in the wrong direction in Pennsylvania. It is what it is…

Famous last words: Let’s go off the beaten path…

When we left Punxutawney and its abundance of groundhog statues, we were just over five hours away from our next stop on the trip, Queens, New York. Almost two hours later, after following a Nabisco truck south through the backwoods of PA, we were just over five hours away from our next stop on the trip, Queens, New York. The worst part? No 3G on my iPhone. That’s just messed up.

The Seldom Seen Coal Mine

The hottest tourist attraction in BFE, Pennsylvania has seldom been seen, maybe because it’s only open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. So much for an unforgettable undergound experience. The trip is wasted.


Lunch at Uncle Phil’s General Store

Anyone on a road trip can pull over and eat at a Cracker Barrel, but not everyone can get lost and run into a hidden gem called Uncle Phil’s General Store in the middle of nowhere, Pennsylvania. Do you like potato wedges? Do you need a CD of squirrel calls? How ’bout some camo dust, a porch swing, or a pepperoni pizza and dozen wing combo? Uncle Phil’s had it all and it took a lot of self-control to keep from buying the place out. I really wanted to buy the “I need a man with a VCR – a Very Cute Rear!” license plate but Matt said we couldn’t put it on the Journey. I thought it would’ve made a great theft deterrent for when we got to New York. Think about it, who would carjack a Dodge Journey with that plate on the front?


Fist Pumping on the Jersey Shore

We didn’t really do that. It was discussed, though.

A missed exit in Queens landed us at 106 & Park

They say everything happens for a reason. So when we got caught up in our Jay-Z lyrics and missed our exit to the Robert F Kennedy bridge, our feelings of frustration didn’t last long before we found ourselves on 106th street in Harlem. Now we can say we’ve been to 106 and parked.


Citi Field is concerned about your vehicle.

We were a little weary about parking in Queens, until we pulled up to Citi Field and saw the massive fenced in parking lot. The area that was once Shea Stadium is now a safe place to tailgate and leave your Dodge Journey parked with all of its MacBooks, UK shirts, and Ruffles bags inside. Thanks, New York!

Joe joins the trip for one game.

We met up with our friend Joe in New York City for the game. It was great to have some company, but I think he was disgusted by the smell of two-day old grilled cheese from Chicago that clings to our bodies. Sorry, Joe.

Grading The Dog (7.0)

The Shake Shack’s “Shack-Cago” Dog: $4.25… Vienna all-beef dog on a poppy seed bun topped with mustard, Shake Shack relish, onion, cucumber, pickle, tomato, sport pepper and celery salt. D.J. compared it to Sonic’s Chicago dog, but for three times the price.

Bud Light: $5.75… Served in a shot glass.

Ronnie gives Matt the Mutombo finger

A foul ball was hit directly to Matt in about the 6th inning of the game. And when I say directly, I mean DIRECTLY. Joe and I even stepped out of the way so it was just Matt, his Burt Reynolds t-shirt, and the baseball. This was his moment. But just as the ball came flying down to our empty section and into Matt’s soft moisturized hands, Ronnie from the Jersey Shore came out of nowhere and swatted the ball away. It was cold-blooded. Cold. Blooded.


BBN is everywhere.

We found another UK fan at Citi Field. That’s 3-for-3 on the trip. Who is going to be in Baltimore?

Mets 1, Marlins 4

We’ve seen three games and the Marlins have won two of them. We’re their good luck charm and we expect some form of compensation from management.

Princeton, NJ is full of rich people.

We spent the night in Princeton and everyone in town has more money than us. But that’s okay. I bet they’ve never been to Uncle Phil’s grocery. Moral victory.

Up Next: Baltimore…

Time to get that Billy Ripken $#@% face baseball card autographed!

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

18 Comments for MLB Road Trip, Day 3: New York

  1. douggercats
    12:20 pm July 19, 2011 Permalink

    Now you know why it is called “Pennsyltucky”.

  2. Andrew
    12:20 pm July 19, 2011 Permalink

    Great read as always Drew. Always wanted to take a roadtrip like this myself. Im still trying to figure out how to win the the ticket for the Braves games (notice I didnt say the Reds)theyre garbage. Please let me know!

  3. boyd crowder's bible
    12:24 pm July 19, 2011 Permalink

    how bout them fish…. going all the way this year

  4. JT'sgoldenvoice
    12:29 pm July 19, 2011 Permalink

    Good read, so all the dogs have been about the same, pretty good, nothing to write home about? Thats somewhat dissapointing, and I always thought there was hype around the NY dog, and you got a chicago dog there…?

    Keep em coming, go braves.

  5. bball
    12:31 pm July 19, 2011 Permalink

    It’s really sad that the areas around the legendary baseball fields have become so dangerous.

  6. Sexington
    12:39 pm July 19, 2011 Permalink

    Are al the fresh prince of bel aire references intentional? Uncle Phil, Princeton cmon man

  7. Boogie456
    12:55 pm July 19, 2011 Permalink

    These are great. Wish I were there

  8. Travis
    12:59 pm July 19, 2011 Permalink

    I’ll be in Baltimore, live right across the street from the Stadium.. Lived here the last two years, originally from Northern KY.. GO BIG BLUE!!!

    Make sure you guys hit up Pickles across the street from the stadium before the game, the pre-game party there is a pretty good time and there are plenty of good looking women to look at. If you guys need any help throw me an email.

  9. WoolworthsAtEastlandShoppingCenter
    1:00 pm July 19, 2011 Permalink

    Nice mention of the ‘ol ’89 Fleer Billy Ripken *#[email protected]% card.

  10. iWantToGrowUpToBeTheDrewFranklin
    1:03 pm July 19, 2011 Permalink

    This has become the best part of my week.

  11. facey
    1:53 pm July 19, 2011 Permalink

    There’s 2 for 5 any beer at the California tortilla across the street from camden

  12. nybrasky
    2:02 pm July 19, 2011 Permalink

    Did your old school atlas say Triboro Bridge instead of RFK? I don’t get why they’ve just recently renamed it. No one calls it RFK Bridge.

  13. Hey Hon!
    2:25 pm July 19, 2011 Permalink

    Find the 2 orange chairs in the entire stadium….. Find where Ken Griffrey hit the Warehouse in the Allstar game… a hot pretzel shaped like an O….dance and sing “Thank God I’m a Country Boy” at the 7th inning stretch…and tell Nick Markakis to hit a homerun for me!!! Okay..I’m a girl and a huge Orioles fan. You will not find nicer fans(Sox fans suck though) or a better venue than Camden Yards…EVER!

  14. Cat fan in TN
    3:36 pm July 19, 2011 Permalink

    Camden Yards is awesome…went there in Ripken’s last season and had a great time. Found some pizza joint owned by a guy originally from KY and he let us drink beer and eat pizza until 5am there.

  15. kenny H
    4:29 pm July 19, 2011 Permalink

    Mrs H and I will be at game tonight in section 15.

  16. cox in ur mouth
    8:27 pm July 19, 2011 Permalink


  17. Canadian Refugee
    8:42 pm July 19, 2011 Permalink

    UK grad who moved to Toronto from the ‘ville. Toronto is a amazing city, but will put you in the poor house quick. Good luck buying 2 beers at the Skydome and getting change on your $20.

    Give me a hollar if you need to know places to go out here.

  18. Katenotupton
    11:11 am July 20, 2011 Permalink

    Was just there last Friday! If you make it back to Citi Field you should eat at Mama’s. Better than any sandwich place in Lex. #BBN.