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Mitch strikes back

Hours after his head coach made his first direct comments regarding the leaked transcript of former Wildcat Eric Bledsoe, UK athletic director Mitch Barnhart took to the Nashville airwaves and shared his thoughts on the subject with Tennessee’s head cheerleader, Clay Travis.  Barnhart stuck with the company mantra of “haters wanna hate”, but used that fancy M.S. from Ohio University to church it up a bit.  Barnhart told Travis that  “The flag always blows really hard at the top and so it’s blowing hard up there. And if you want to to be at the top of the flagpole, you’ve got to understand how hard it blows,” before adding that “It’s unfortunate in our world there will be people who will be jealous.”  He went on to say that he would be “hot” if someone released his son’s transcripts to the media and that he believes there could be “legal implications” in the unauthorized release of Bledsoe’s grades.

Barnhart didn’t stop there, though, and opted to not take the “no comment” rout when Travis asked him if the New York Times story was fair in its reporting.  Here was Mitch’s response:

“I guess I’m not a real good, from an unobjective position, [person] to talk about fairness,” he said. “I think that’s in the eyes of whoever is talking. I know that we go through it at UK, work real hard at it. Sandy Bell in our compliance office does a marvelous job. She’s really good at what she does. We went through every review at our level, at the NCAA level on Eric’s academics and they were comfortable with it, we’re comfortable with it. [The NCAA] cleared him. He fought hard for us for a year, we wish him all the best. He did everything down the stretch academically we needed him to do. So I’m not going to get into fairness. People have to live with what they do and we’re comfortable with where we are with Eric Bledsoe and wish him all the best as a pro.”

When he finised, he grabbed his polo at the top button with both hands and ripped it wide open, letting out a primal scream the entire time before biting off the top of Travis’ microphone and spitting it back in his face.

Listen to brother Mitch speak the good word here

Article written by Thomas Beisner