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Michael Strahan’s Wednesday News & Views

We’re nearing that time of the year where we start making those annoying annual “(Blank) of 2012” lists. If I were to make a “WTF of 2012” list, Michael Strahan being named as Regis Philbin’s replacement on “Live! With Regis and Kelly” would be up there. Now, I don’t follow morning television (something that will probably change once I start working from home), but Strahan’s co-hosting gig seemed to come out of nowhere. Turns out Strahan has a pretty extensive IMDB page, ranging from his regular stint on Fox NFL Sunday to the TV show “Brothers” (tagline: “When it comes to family, no one plays fair”). And here I thought Strahan was just a regular ole record-breaking Pro Bowler with a 14-year NFL career. Silly me.

Because Wednesday is Michael Strahan’s birthday (happy 41st! Did you know that’s the new 21st?), I decided to look up some YouTube clips of him on “Live with Kelly and Michael.” He’s actually not too bad, although I spent most of the time gawking at just how much taller he is than Kelly Ripa, who for many reasons, I don’t believe is human. (Seriously, the man must be three feet taller than her.) Anyways, when I got over the height thing, I saw that Michael is funny, goofy, and really has that whole “I’m a big football player but am still scared of snakes!” thing down pat:

Happy birthday, Michael. No snakes, I swear.

Lets news it and view it.

— First up, your Boone’s Butcher Injury Report: Ryan Harrow is feeling “better” and returned to practice on Tuesday. Cal said that he would decide whether or not Harrow would play Wednesday night based on how he did in practice, which means we’ll find out in the morning. He mentioned once again that Harrow has lost seven pounds and looks thin, which means that Ryan will be the one person I know that will have a guilt-free Thanksgiving feast.

— Another reason for the seven-pound weight loss: Harrow shaved the flat top. Was the flat top really just a parasite, feeding off Harrow’s energy? If so, good riddance. Also, @NoelsFlatTop, I’m watching you.

— On Tuesday, we finally shut the door on Sean Woods’ comments from Monday. If you’ve had your head buried in the sand, Woods told reporters that he got a bad vibe from the current crop of Cats at the Hurricane Sandy telethon and that to him, they didn’t seem like Kentucky players. Woods quickly backtracked and apologized for the comments, even coming on the radio show Tuesday morning to further express his regrets. When asked about the comments in his pregame press conference, Cal brushed them off, saying that it was no big deal. As for his players’ behavior during the telethon, Cal said they were nothing but humble, “hugging employees” and helping out. In fact, Cal said he “loves” what his team is about, and that being in the Big Blue Fishbowl is a hard thing, but that they’re all dealing with it pretty well. He said Woods simply misspoke, and said that he tries to ignore “all that stuff”:

“Do you know how much is said about this program and me personally? Oh my gosh. You’d think I look like that [throws up devil horns]. I don’t listen to it. And then the other stuff is I walk on water. Guess what? I don’t. I’m a regular guy…

…I wear pajamas

…and eat chicken on my recliner.”

— So enough about Sean Woods’ comments…what about his actual team? Morehead State is known for their full-court press, which the Cats have been working on in practice this week. Even so, Cal doesn’t think they’re ready: “We’re not prepared. We don’t scramble and if the game is allowed to be physical they’ll turn us over a bunch. But it’s what we need.” Morehead is 12th nationally in defensive turnover percentage ( and even though most fans have written this game off as a blowout, the Eagles play a high-tempo style than may give this young group fits.

— Cal said that although he hasn’t had time to watch any SEC games yet, he has confidence in the league: “The league is fine. [Author’s note: Except for Mississippi State.] They’ll be fine. I wish ’em well unless they playing us. Then I hope they get smashed.” #calswag

— Willie Cauley-Stein’s rise from project player to star has been one of the best storylines this season. WCS’ progress has been so impressive that Adam Zagoria mentioned him as a potential dark horse for the number one pick in next year’s draft. Whoa. Even better, after Cal praised Noel as being the “energy guy” during practice a few weeks ago, apparently “Willie got mad and he said ‘I’m an energy guy too, I’ve just been sick.’ I said okay, I’ll be watching.” I admire Cauley-Stein’s drive, but can we PLEASE get everyone healthy over there at the Wildcat Coal Lodge. Hear me, Chef Chris? Chicken noodle soup eryday eryday!

— Tuesday was a busy day on the Dakari Johnson front. The 2013 big man is still considering six schools (Florida, Georgetown, Kansas, Kentucky, Ohio State and Syracuse), and now he finally has an offer from the Cats. According to his mother, the Cats are pretty high on the list. Dakari’s mom, Makini Campbell, told ZagsBlog that because the family’s connections to Lexington (they lived there for three or four years during which Dakari attended Sayre Middle School), they are paying close attention to the Cats. Johnson’s mother maintains that they will wait until the spring to sign, which means he could end up picking the Cats before fellow 2013 big men Julius Randle and Aaron Gordon.

— Speaking of Gordon, his mother had some nice things to say about the Cats to a San Jose newspaper on Tuesday. Gordan’s mother spoke fondly of Kentucky, saying Cal and his staff were good people she could trust her son with and that he plays best under bright lights. Gordan, who is still considering Arizona and Washington along with UK, says he review how each team does over the next few months and how they utilize versatile players, like him. (And several players on the current Kentucky squad.)

— Did somebody say versatile? Remember MKG? According to Grantland’s Zach Lowe, MKG’s current offensive rebounding rate is 2 percentage points higher than any small forward put up last season. #WWMKGD

— What? Of course you want more recruiting news. Over the past week, all signs have pointed towards 2015 (possibly 2014) phenom Karl Towns picking the Cats on December 4th, but Adam Zagoria says not so fast: Duke may be a serious contender as well. According to “sources close to the situation,” Towns will decide between Kentucky and Duke. Zagoria spoke to Towns’ mother, Jackie, on Tuesday, who said that Towns has a great relationship with Coach K, and Towns himself says he is encouraged by the work Coach K has done with big men such as Ryan Kelly and Kevin Love (on Team USA). Not to pooh-pooh Zagoria’s sources or anything, but after Towns’ AD basically spilled the beans that Karl was picking the Cats, I’m not that worried. **knock on wood**

— One last recruiting tidbit: Tyus Jones, the top ranked recruit in the 2014 class, is getting ready to set a date for his visits to Kansas and Kentucky. Jones, who many believe is the best point guard in the country regardless of class, wrote in his USA Today HS blog that he’s down to eight schools: Baylor, Duke, North Carolina, Michigan State, Minnesota, Ohio State, Kansas and Kentucky. Also, his favorite Thanksgiving food is sweet potatoes.

— Hey, there’s a football game on Saturday! On Tuesday, the coordinators faced the media to preview the matchup against Tennessee, but ended up mostly reflecting on their time at Kentucky. Randy Sanders said that the win over Tennessee last season was a highlight of his career at UK, and that he sees the irony of his last game as a Kentucky coach taking place in Knoxville, where he both played and coached. He also endorsed Maxwell Smith as next season’s starting QB, if that matters at all to the next staff.

— In “As the Coaching Carousel Turns,” another name surfaced on the UK coaching radar: Dirk Koetter. Pat Forde mentioned Koetter as a potential candidate back when the job first opened, but until now, we haven’t heard much more about him. Koetter, currently the offensive coordinator for the Atlanta Falcons, is a proven college head coach with an impressive record as an offensive coordinator (have you seen the Falcons’ offense this season?). Also atop the list is Butch Jones, who reportedly told the Fox TV station in Cincinnati that he has not heard from the Cats yet. Just two names to keep in mind heading into the final game of the season.

— Holy SEC coaching rumors, Batman! According to Ron Higgins, who writes for the Memphis Commercial Appeal and, Arkansas reportedly offered Jon Gruden the head coaching job, but despite the glory of the “Hey Grude” video, he turned them down. Why? Private donors at Tennessee have put together a “mind-blowing” offer for an eight-year deal with Gruden. Until Chucky puts on a coonskin cap and rides Smokey around campus, I’m not believing a word of it.

— One former football Cat is having a rough night. Winston Guy, a safety for the Seattle Seahawks, has been suspended for four games by the NFL for use of a performance-enhancing substance. According to Sports Radio KJR, it appears to be an innocent mistake by Guy from taking a workout supplement that contained a banned item. Guy has owned up to the mistake and will not appeal the suspension.

— Let’s not end on a bad note. As we all know, the Big Blue Nation is everywhere, including Maui for the Butler/North Carolina game:

I knew Elvis was alive! See you in the morning.

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

No, I will not make you a sandwich, but you can follow me on Twitter @MrsTylerKSR or email me.

50 Comments for Michael Strahan’s Wednesday News & Views

  1. 1catfan
    11:48 pm November 20, 2012 Permalink

    That guy at the maui classic is from Richmond. Huge cats fan that lives there now.

  2. Bob Cobb
    11:50 pm November 20, 2012 Permalink

    Kentucky will not hire Bobby Petrino. Arkansas will not hire Bobby Petrino. Tennessee will not hire Bobby Petrino. Auburn will not hire Bobby Petrino.

    Maybe if Lane Kiffin is fired USC would be sleazy enough to hire Bobby Petrino, but they probably wouldn’t sink that low.

    Stop embarrassing yourselves.

  3. DickieMe
    11:50 pm November 20, 2012 Permalink

    Dickie V just called out Calipai for ending the IU v. UK series. Put the blame completely on Cal’s shoulders.

  4. Bob Cobb
    11:52 pm November 20, 2012 Permalink

    You’re watching the game with volume? Didn’t you get the memo?

  5. Dr. PinDyke
    11:54 pm November 20, 2012 Permalink

    Our football fan base is so across the board it’s mind blowing, it seems to be 65% Petrino and the rest is a crap shoot and from what I have been reading,seems to be Mitch hiring a “ringer” which will not bring the fan base together but send them further apart, the poor bastard (new coach)thats brought in other than Petrino has an uphill battle

  6. tdogg40330
    12:05 am November 21, 2012 Permalink

    8) I’ll support whoever they hire, Petrino isn’t the only good coach in football.
    I just think they need to pursue it, the program/fan base needs rejuvinated.

  7. Beaty
    12:06 am November 21, 2012 Permalink

    How many players does IU have on there fu€k!n$ team

  8. Dickieme
    12:11 am November 21, 2012 Permalink

    7- lol…good point. I’ve heard a 15 minute montage on each about each and every IU player’s passion for the game.

  9. j a brooks
    12:11 am November 21, 2012 Permalink

    Mrs. Tyler Thompson… yes Dirk Koetter has a very impressive resume. His record vs the top 25 is particularly impressive, but I’m guessing you didn’t actually read much about Koetter… you just know the name and that he’s in the NFL so I guess your right… At ASU he was 40-34 including 21-29 in conference and 2-19 vs ranked opponents … golly that’s impressive

  10. Dickieme
    12:13 am November 21, 2012 Permalink

    10- 8 (5 in red 3 in black & white). FT attempts 32-2

  11. fake #1
    12:24 am November 21, 2012 Permalink

    10- one good one, 5 decent ones, 8 walk-ons, zero one and dones…. aka champions

  12. fake #1
    12:26 am November 21, 2012 Permalink

    champions being talented one and dones coached by cal… not champions as in indiana’s team. i am not a troll.

  13. OnceAgainAgenda
    12:32 am November 21, 2012 Permalink

    Cal certainly did NOT just “brush them off” in regard to Woods’ comments. As a matter of fact, he said what a lot of us knew all along “maybe someone didn’t know who he was” if reference to maybe Sean just had his feelings hurt because current players didn’t have a clue who he was. Quit trying to save this guy and act like Cal did mind. He minded alright, and took a chance to call Woods out essentially.

  14. Maybe
    12:35 am November 21, 2012 Permalink

    Maybe harrow should stop trying to gain weight and just stay in shape

  15. dave
    12:46 am November 21, 2012 Permalink

    love that you’re sticking to the “butch jones says he hasn’t heard from UK”. since the fox news station is lazy & just assumes so can you…..

  16. WhatSheOrder?FishFilet?
    1:23 am November 21, 2012 Permalink

    only way cal’s swag could be turnt up in that pic even more is if he was eating popeye’s

  17. WhatSheOrder?FishFilet?
    1:24 am November 21, 2012 Permalink

    oh and 14….lol

  18. Lane kitten
    1:50 am November 21, 2012 Permalink

    Honest question…is Lane as bad as Joker? Lanes had more talent and good assistance but always chokes. Not a bad on field comparison. Joker is a class act and Lane is well…a douche.

  19. Jeremy Foster
    3:57 am November 21, 2012 Permalink

    Yeah!! BBN! That’s me! I’m originally from Richmond,Ky but I moved to Maui and I am a huge UK fan! Yes I know UK wasnt playin out here but that doesn’t mean I can’t represent my family(BBN) in Lahaina! I’ll be in the same spot tomorrow for the final day of games. Keep ur eyes open…#BBN

  20. BPsycho
    5:35 am November 21, 2012 Permalink

    #16 Haha “Popeye’s makes a nice 6 piece I enjoy eating”

  21. Joe
    5:54 am November 21, 2012 Permalink

    New football coach = Guy Morriss. He may be the only one that will accept the job.

  22. Gary Anderson
    6:19 am November 21, 2012 Permalink

    I can’t wait to bring UK football back to prominence.

  23. Kumberman
    6:37 am November 21, 2012 Permalink

    Hey Tyler, thanks for telling me to move on from the comments Woods made. I didn’t know if I could ever get over them, but I appreciate you helping me do so. Nevermind the fact that he called out players he didn’t know and never explained the comments. I guess coming on the radio and being lobbed softball questions is good enough for you. So, I guess I will follow all these other people and be like the sheep you want us to be. You word is gospel and never should be questioned. Forgive me for ever doubting what I should do. Amen

  24. Larry
    7:00 am November 21, 2012 Permalink

    It pains me to think that the window for grabbing Petrino has passed. I am trying to be somewhat positive about keeping an open mind about some of the other candidates. It helped me form some preferences watching some YouTube clips of each person’s playing style along with their press conferences. I think the lack of ability to communicate effectively is one of the reasons Joker failed to motivate the fan base. He did not seem to have the media savvy that even Mumme possessed (and Hal lost a lot of games). That being said I currently think Kingsbury is my leader at this point. Sure he is young but that seems to help when relating to players these days and he is a great offensive mind. He reminds me if a young Urban Meyer. Go check for yourself.

  25. old_school
    7:44 am November 21, 2012 Permalink

    Great night of college basketball last night – other than publicity stunt where the small college guy scored 138 points in a game where defense and integrity of the game took the night off.

    First – Butler upset North Carolina. Two things in that game. First – Butler completely dominated the first 25-28 minutes of that contest. They once had a 29 point lead. Granted, UNC staged an impressive comeback, but then Butler withstood the storm, and did what good teams do in holding the lead at the end. Butler has a very impressive college basketball program.

    Second – Indiana got a good test from Georgetown and prevailed. Georgetown was the much more physical of the teams (indicated by the foul calls) but the Hoosiers were able to stay on their game. In the overtime period – it was no contest.

    Jordan Hulls reminds me a lot of Travis Ford. Deadly outside shooter, nearly automatic at the free-throw stripe (89 percent last year) savvy passer, better defensively than he gets credit for – and what makes him most valuable – is his ability to make others on his team better.

    I know there’s a lot of hate on this site for IU – but I see this IU team and I see a really great team. Their NBA picks might be limited to Zeller – but this is a team excelling at a team sport.

    I hope UK and IU resume their series at some point. IU is back, UK is back. Forget Duke-UNC – IU and UK should be the clash of the basketball Titans every year.

  26. emlang08
    7:45 am November 21, 2012 Permalink


  27. UK2001
    7:55 am November 21, 2012 Permalink

    26. Type first mistake was buying san iPad. Don’t support flash. Take it back, get either a Motorola or Samsung android tablet and you’ll find a those and wed to watch the game.

  28. UK2001
    7:56 am November 21, 2012 Permalink

    Find a thousand ways. Sorry

  29. tdogg40330
    7:59 am November 21, 2012 Permalink

    25) Indiana does have a good team, I just dont think they can win 6 games in a row
    outside their home gym. Thats why Calipari likes the neutral court idea so much,
    Tom Crean needs to take a few lessons …..

  30. Axe Cop
    8:21 am November 21, 2012 Permalink

    26. Don’t listen to 27., that is bad advice. Get the ESPN3 app and you’ll be all set. Flash is overrated. I’ve had an iPad for over two years, can’t name one time where flash was an issue.

    Played with some Samsung garbage tablet this last weekend, what a joke. They should be embarrassed to sell that trash.

  31. knightynight
    8:23 am November 21, 2012 Permalink

    Gordon really needs to watch the upcoming months to see how we handle versatile players? Did he just start watching college basketball this season?

    MKG is a beast.

  32. josh
    8:26 am November 21, 2012 Permalink

    when cal gets up in the morning i bet his hair still looks the same.

  33. josh
    8:27 am November 21, 2012 Permalink

    move louisville to the SEC.

  34. old_school
    8:30 am November 21, 2012 Permalink

    I am actually Robert Montgomery Knight posing as a UK fan posting on KSR.

  35. barn
    8:40 am November 21, 2012 Permalink

    34-good to know. suck on it general

  36. Ashley Judd
    8:49 am November 21, 2012 Permalink

    I think for next season, Mrs. Tyler Thompson should carry on in my footsteps and bring back the sexy hockey poster pose. Anyone else agree?

  37. RealCatsFan
    8:56 am November 21, 2012 Permalink

    You know, I never have understood the somewhat illogical excessive fear that a lot of people have for snakes. Never been scared of them, even as a kid – in fact I used to catch them when I was 9 or 10 for entertainment. Now spiders – that’s a different matter! Not deathly afraid of them, but sure don’t want to hold one or have one crawling on me.

  38. barn
    9:00 am November 21, 2012 Permalink


  39. Big Lead posts say...
    9:01 am November 21, 2012 Permalink

    So Tennessee is getting Gruden? That’s wonderful.

  40. xxx
    9:07 am November 21, 2012 Permalink

    Leave Sean Woods alone. For the most part he spoke the truth…..although we did find out during our last election that people don’t like the truth.

  41. BPM
    9:15 am November 21, 2012 Permalink

    Hey Old_School, no one here cares about your opinion on anything. I thought you were going to stop posting after we won the Championship you said we would never win with Cal.

  42. this is why we can't have nice things
    9:34 am November 21, 2012 Permalink

    ‘On Tuesday, we finally shut the door on Sean Woods comments’ . . . and then proceed to a long paragraph that describes it all yet again. LOL

  43. Keeper
    9:38 am November 21, 2012 Permalink

    I gues tyler has some self esteem issues. I see a post criticizing putting her on a poster and it gets deleted immediately. That’s sad.

  44. HeyLoser
    9:50 am November 21, 2012 Permalink

    43 What’s sad is that guys choose to criticize a female’s appearance on a sports website…or any website for that matter. Let’s see a pic of you so we can break you down for everyone to see.

  45. Rife with enthusiasm
    9:57 am November 21, 2012 Permalink

    44 — I’m not attractive and I know it. So, I won’t get upset because an anonymous person says something. Have a good day.

  46. UhOk
    10:09 am November 21, 2012 Permalink

    45 so if you were attractive then would you be upset bc an anonymous person says something? It doesn’t matter, really. The negativity does nothing good for this site and doesn’t have anything to do with UK sports so who cares (besides you) if it was deleted. Grow up and have a nice day as well.

  47. Mr G
    11:35 am November 21, 2012 Permalink

    I think TT is a cutie pie:~)
    I’d buy an Ashley-esque poster if TT was on it!

  48. Walsh is Gay
    2:14 pm November 21, 2012 Permalink

    TT is very attractive, but having said that, she’s married. I’m all for lovely ladies wearing next to nothing posing provocatively, but assuming she is up for it, you’d then also want to run it by Mr. TT. Guys who are gung-ho for the idea, if your I’m-sure-very-lovely wife was asked to pose in an Ashley-Judd-esque poster, for other men to buy and then gawk at in their man caves, would you just be chipper with that? It’d at least give me paws. Excuse me, pause.

  49. Larry Dukes
    4:01 pm November 21, 2012 Permalink

    Micheal is GREAT on the Kelly show. Very good personality and very funny. I always wonder why people make negative comments about a show and add “I don’t watch it”. First negative comment ever Ms. T, love your posts.

  50. Larry Dukes
    4:03 pm November 21, 2012 Permalink

    I also wonder why people pop off and make comments before reading the whole piece. My bad. Sorry Ms.TT