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Michael O’Brien makes a career decision


I would assume that Michael O’Brien of the Chicago Sun-Times got out of bed this morning, had a bowl of Cheerios and started stretching himself for all of the mid-afternoon patting of his own back that he was sure to do after he spun the world on its tail with a super-awesome blog entry on Anthony Davis. 

Well, mission accomplished. 

O’Brien, some sort of high school beat writer at the Sun-Times, wrote a little story about hometown hoops star Anthony Davis today that said his sources and a UK site called “Nation of Blue” have said that Davis is headed for the Cats.  And, oh, by the way, sources say it’s because UK paid him $200,000.  But, no big deal.  We’ll just tuck that down in the end of the story.

In a summer where Eric Bledsoe’s transcripts have been questioned anonymously with a New York Times story citing no one of relevance and talking about an inquiry that netted no investigation, O’Brien’s statement easily takes the case as the most wrecklessly irresponsible piece of journalism yet.  He cites no sources, although his decision to lean on “Nation of Blue” surely shows he only consults with experts, and tries to provide a vanilla quote of “sometimes there are rumors” as justification for esssentially accusing a school and a player of what would rank among the most insanely stupid and expensive violations in NCAA history.  But, hey, he had sources too.  And they heard rumors too.  And those rumors said $200k for Davis’ commitment.

It might be mildly appropriate (though surely not worthy of comment) if it came from a message board poster or if it got whispered to you by your brother’s neighbor’s cousin during a poker game, but the notion that a newspaper – you know, the guys scowling and shaking their heads at us from that perch up there – would write something so horribly irresponsible and insanely flammable puts Michael O’Brien and the Chicago Sun-Times in territory that might be previously uncharted.   In fact, any bonus points for potential “UK200K” jokes and/or t-shirts are negated by O’Brien’s complete idiocy and incompetence.  Let’s make this clear, Michael O’Brien.  You just shamed the recruiting world and embarrassed a publication that employed Jay Marriotti.  Think about that for awhile.

So, congratulations to you, Michael O’Brien.  You’re the type of stupid that might never be topped.  And I look forward to you screaming at you to serve my hot dog faster the next time I’m in Chicago because, well, I’d assume that you might not be getting the best info on the ole recruiting trail now.

Here is a screen shot of the story:


Article written by Thomas Beisner