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Michael “Hot Yoga” Bradley is Back!


So were you attempting to guess as to what Michael Bradley has been up to recently? Well if you said “hot yoga”, then you would be correct! According to this article from a Cincy newspaper, Michael Bradley has opened a hot yoga studio in Cincinnati with his wife and is doing fine helping the kids sweat away their angst. Bradley moved back to Northern Kentucky following his NBA career and now is settled in his Old Kentucky Home, helping all with their yoga needs. He and his wife seem happy and are enjoying Florence Ya’ll.

Michael Bradley’s time at UK is remembered by me for two things primarily. First, he was for a period of time, my least favorite player of the last 20 years. Now before you get up in arms, you have to understand that this stems from an incident at Penn Station in Lexington in which my friend accidentally grabbed him in his unspeakable area and he got angry, causing quite a scene. At the time I found that unreasonable…now maybe it is easier to understand. Either way, it caused me great turmoil at the time and led to my plot to bring about the downfall of Michael Bradley. Second, did you know he is the all time leading FG percentage shooter for Kentucky? I bet you didnt…but now you do. So use that to your advantage.

Regardless of his Penn STation ways, we wish Michael and his wife well and hope that hot yoga takes over the Northern Kentucky area with the same vigor that prostitution once did. Go Bradley!

Article written by Matt Jones