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Michael Collins’s Monday News and Views


By now you likely know that today is the 40th anniversary of man’s first walk on the moon. The anniversary will be celebrated all day by film from the historic moment and is surely to be remembered as one of the moments in history when humans did what was previously believed to be impossible. Most remember that the first man to walk on the moon was Neil Armstrong and many also know that Buzz Aldrin went with him for the journey. But often forgotten was the third man on the mission, the pilot of the Columbia module, Michael Collins. I admit to having long been fascinated by the story of Collins. While Armstrong and Aldrin landed on the moon in the famous Eagle, and were able to experience that historic moment, Collins was left orbiting the moon by himself. While their names are forever etched in the minds of Americans, Collins is known to only the most dedicated trivia buff, and his part in the journey is almost forgotten. While Armstrong and Aldrin walked the moon, Collins was by himself in space, including a 48 minute period in which he had no radio contact with mission control in Houston. It has been said that during those 48 minutes, “no man since Adam had known such solitude” and ruminations on the loneliness of Michael Collins have even found their way into popular music. Collins has never expressed such feelings, but his role in American history is neverthless one of a footnote, rather than a primary storyteller. Thus on this day where we take the time to remember a time when the term “American Hero” had true meaning, remember Michael Collins as well. He may have been the original “third wheel”, but he had the best seat in the galaxy for one of America’s finest moments.

To the news….

(1): The big news of the weekend of course comes to us at the expense of our Orange brethren as 2010 Top 10 PG Josh Selby decommitted from Tennessee. Selby is one of the best players in America and had a great Lebron James Camp, which led his stock to rise even higher than before. I spoke with his mother this afternoon and she confirmed his decision to decommit. She said however that they were not going to “go through the full process” and that a decision might not come “until the late signing period.” She said that Selby really has no leader at this point and will be making a list but that “Kentucky will definitely be on the list.” The Selby situation is huge for the Cats and this may set up a scenario in which either he or Brandon Knight will be in a “first to commit” scenario for the PG scholarship next year. Oh yeah, and the Tennessee fans arent happy. Looks like a win-win for the Big Blue.

(2): The player that we once named the Razor is now a proud parent. According to his twitter today, Ramon Harris had a baby daughter this evening and said it was the closest thing to heaven he has experienced. Harris’s new child is doing well and we wish him the best as we welcome in the newest member of the Big Blue Nation.

(3): We talked a lot about Jodie Meeks and the Summer League, but what about Joe Crawford. Crawford averaged 8 a game for the Knicks in Vegas and is still looking to try and make the team for the next season. I actually caught a bit of a game involving Crawford and the announcers during the contest were saying that Crawford is basically competing for one spot on the roster with two other players. That was a similar situation that Joe encountered in LA and he ended up losing out in the end. I am pulling hard for Joe as he has put in a tremendous amount of effort since graduating from UK and I hope to see it rewarded this season.

(4): You know that Football Media Days is this week, right? Yes on Wednesday, the Cats take the stand at Football Media Days in Birmingham. While there will be circuses around the arrival of Lane Kiffin and the barbs that are sure to be thrown, it will be interesting to hear the UK coaches talk about the coming season as well. Watch for coverage as the week goes on here on the site.

More later today as we introduce you to the Blogger contestants and let you know just how World Wide our man Wes really is…..

Article written by Matt Jones