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Michael Clarke Duncan’s Tuesday News and Views

“Your name is John Coffey?”

“Yes sir, boss. Like the drink. Only not spelled the same.”

Just like that, Michael Clarke Duncan won the hearts of everyone in his breakout role in The Green Mile. The gentle giant, John Coffey, was intimidating in stature but as kind and compassionate as one could ever be. The role won Michael Clarke Duncan a Best Supporting Actor nomination and put him on the map as one of Hollywood’s biggest and most likable personalities. He would go on to star in over 50 other projectsincluding box office hits Daredevil and Planet of the Apes.

But before Michael Clarke Duncan was filling up the big screen, he used his 6-foot-5, 300-pound frame in several other ways. He dug ditches for People’s Gas Company; he bounced at Chicago nightclubs; he stripped under the name Black Caesar; and he eventually moved out to Los Angeles, where he provided protection for the stars while looking for work as an actor. Some of his former clients include Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, Jamie Foxx, LL Cool J, and Notorious B.I.G.  The latter would be the one to to change his life. Duncan was assigned to protect Notorious B.I.G. the night he was murdered. It was the last time he worked as a security-man-for-hire.

Like the star he was assigned to protect, Michael Clarke Duncan’s life ended too soon, when he passed away Monday morning at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Duncan had been in the hospital since suffering a heart attack on July 13. A statement said “he suffered a myocardial infarction and never fully recovered.” He was 54 years old.

RIP John Coffey.


Now let’s get you some News and Views so you can be on your way…


 There isn’t a lot left to say about Kentucky’s abysmal performance in the Governor’s Cup on Sunday. I’m afraid we’ve already beaten the “defense was awful” horse to death. At this point, all we can do is hope for a better showing on Saturday against Kent State. It seems most of Big Blue Nation has already given up on the 2012 football season, as the “Fire Joker” message board comments and tweets are at an all-time high. Some are more vocal than others, but I wish we would all try to still be supportive of this team, not for Joker, but for the players. Joker’s situation will work itself out and I think we all know how it’s going to end. The players, however, still deserve some love and encouragement. If the negativity gets out of hand, we could see some of Kentucky’s young talent transfer elsewhere. There is a lot of young talent on UK’s roster to be excited about, too. Let’s not run them off because something beyond their control. Towles, Whitlow, Mobley, Taylor, Sweat, Collins — we don’t know how those guys will react if the fan base completely disappears. I’d hate to lose any of them.

 Kentucky opened up as a 7-point favorite over Kent State. Free money?

 Future Kentucky basketball star, I mean, class of 2015 star, Karl Towns tweeted Monday evening that he has officially received an offer from Coach Cal to play at Kentucky.

The entire world saw it coming.

 Dez Wells is expected to announce his decision within the next 36 hours and The Washington Post believes he’ll choose Maryland after “a source” said Wells was very excited while visiting the Terps. The source said he heard from Wells “every two hours” when he was at Maryland, but never heard from him during his visit to Oregon. The source also pointed out that Wells tweeted a lot while visiting Maryland, but he didn’t tweet during any of his other visits.

If Wells does pick the Terps, it’s very unlikely that it’ll affect the Harrison twins’ decision, but ya never know. Every little bit helps.

 UCLA athletic director Dan Guerrero said on Monday that the reports of an investigation into the recruitment of UCLA’s top three players were misleading and inaccurate. According to Guerrero, only two players are currently ineligible — not three, as originally reported. A source told ESPNLosAngeles that the two players still caught in the NCAA’s grip are Kyle Anderson and Shabazz Muhammad. Tony Parker has been cleared.

 Billy Gillispie is still in a Lubbock hospital, where he has been since early Friday when he called 911 to report a possible heart attack or stroke. Gillispie told the dispatcher it “was the worst he had ever felt.” He will remain in the hospital to receive treatment for high blood pressure.

 Some of you will say it’s not a good time to make fun of Louisville. I, on the other hand, think it’s always good time to make fun of Louisville. It’ll take more than a football loss to keep from laughing at Card Nation.

Is this the world’s worst tattoo? Or is it the world’s biggest steeplechase fan?

 Tickets are still available for the Sept. 15, UK basketball Alumni Charity Game at Rupp Arena. All seats are reserved and priced at $100 (premium lower level), $40 (lower level) and $20 (upper level). Tickets can be purchased only at the Rupp Arena box office, online at, at any Ticketmaster Outlet or by phone at 1-800-745-3000. There is a four-ticket limit per person. Online orders and phone orders will have additional fees attached. All proceeds from the game will go to charity.

Julius Randle will be in attendance.

 Mark your calendars for this Friday, September 7th for The Cardinal Hill Kentucky Bash. Join fans of UK Football for a spirited evening benefitting Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital. There will be bourbon tasting, a sophisticated southern menu, live music by The Johnson Brothers, the Jim Beam Quarterback Challenge, and an exclusive live auction. Visit the event’s website for more information.

Matt Jones returns to the airwaves Tuesday morning to discuss Sunday’s loss to the birds.

Go Cats.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

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  1. Cat's Balls
    11:22 pm September 3, 2012 Permalink

    R.I.P. Michael Clark Duncan. A nice guy gone too soon.

  2. schwing
    11:22 pm September 3, 2012 Permalink

    free money? yes. bet on kent state to come within 7 or win the game. there. there’s your free money.

  3. KentuckyJared
    11:36 pm September 3, 2012 Permalink

    2 problems with the tat: 1. The bird has teeth 2. The bird is facing the wrong way

  4. carnifex
    11:36 pm September 3, 2012 Permalink

    I don’t know if he was a nice guy or not, but he was fun to watch and bigger than life. RIP Mr. Duncan.

  5. iucansuckabigblue...
    11:44 pm September 3, 2012 Permalink

    Loseville tattoos are dumb. They are funny when they are backwards.

    Dumb dirty chicken fans.

    Go Big Blue!!!

  6. carnifex
    11:56 pm September 3, 2012 Permalink

    And know. no it’s never too late to beat this dead horse. We had to listen to the ish Barney blathered last year, and I for one am going to beat this horse into dogfood. Anyone with a modicum of football sense knew Joker was an utter(yes utter) failure as a coach. Last years team looked like a dumpsterfire in a chinese whorehouse, no offense to chinese whores. To expect Joker to suddenly get a clue was ridiculous. He’s at best a halfway decent OC. Just decent.

    Romney/Ryan have come out with a slogan…”If you don’t get new leadership why would expect anything different?” The same with Joker.The scary part is that it goes double for Barney. The weasallylittle bean counter really couldn’t care less about football. See, the less UK spends on football, the more profit margin they have. I am sure he knows to a tee how many season tickets he can loose and still make his mark.

    So, when this year, useless as it is(Joker needs more time to be fair. What rubbish. This is a business. Do you think other business’ think about fairness? Or do they fire the dead wood?)and Joker gets fired as he will(unless Barney is dumb as stump, like most people think) he’ll have to hire another experiment at coach, ’cause they’ve already proven that they won’t support a real team, and no decent coach would work for the little tightwad. It’ll be the next decade before this cluster foxtrot is cleared up. Thanks Joker. Thanks Barney.

  7. Hmmmm
    11:58 pm September 3, 2012 Permalink

    @3 – I’m with you on it being backwards, but the Cardinal logo does usually have teeth or am I missing your point?

  8. Mack
    12:11 am September 4, 2012 Permalink

    Just watched Duncan on a rerun of Two & a Half Men, funny stuff. RIP!

  9. This TEAM IS GOOD!
    12:12 am September 4, 2012 Permalink

    Guys calm the heck down! We had one bad game. Our offense was great, our special teams were awesome and the only thing lacking was the Defense, but a lot of that could be due to wet conditions on a visitors field.

    GO BACK AND WATCH THE GAME AGAIN! Players were having trouble following routes and holding on to tackles due to wet conditions. We will be fine and could be a great team this year.


  10. bill
    12:19 am September 4, 2012 Permalink

    Don’t you put that evil on me Ricky bobby

  11. Dean
    12:20 am September 4, 2012 Permalink

    Take UK and give the 7 points..It’s free money..I have 2 dimes on the game

  12. Sheriff Buford T. Justice
    12:29 am September 4, 2012 Permalink

    Michael Clarke Duncan was a great actor and by all accounts, a friendly guy and great human being, RIP. Go to hell UofL, go cats.

    12:46 am September 4, 2012 Permalink

    #9 I watched that mess one time and that was enough. I do not need to re-watch the Hindenberg burning to know it was a disaster. This team looks as bad as the previous years. When are people going to realize that until we get a new coach, we will not improve. Look at it this way. Joker and Strong both took over at the same time. UK was in a good place and UofL was down. Now look at the two programs. UofL went up and UK has gone down. There is only one person to blame and that is the head coach. It’s not like Joker took over when the team had scholaraship limitations or was coming off a 2-10 season. Brooks had built a pretty solid foundation and now look at this team…a disgrace. WE NEED TO MAKE A COACHING CHANGE NOW. Joker’s post-game press conference was sad. There was no emotion, no anger just the same mumbling and making excuses. I am done with this team. Bring out the basketball team.

  14. Bobbysueflay
    12:58 am September 4, 2012 Permalink

    It was one game against a ranked team guys. I mean come. The cats will beat kent state by more than 7.

  15. yao ming
    1:01 am September 4, 2012 Permalink

    13. its too late to make the change now. what good is it to have an interim coach for the rest of the year? there’s no candidate out there that is gonna come in the middle (figure of speech) of a season, and definitely not at UK. I don’t have a clue who they’ll hire, we already sat back and whiffed on hanging curveballs down the plate when it came to potential hires (Leach, Rich Rod) last offseason. For those wanting 1 Tressell, 2 Petrino, 3 Gruden etc. Get real. 1. The LAST thing we need is another football scandal to set us back even more than we already are (and he has a show clause for like 4 more years). 2. I’d rather deal with potential NCAA violations from someone like #1 than deal with a sleezy morally questionable scumbag. 3. This one was the most laughable, as Gruden has a GREAT cushy deal with Monday Night Football and ESPN…he won’t even consider going back for NFL money..why would he come to a construction job at UK?

    With all that being said, I’m still going to support the team simply for the players. Most of the team is really young, so maybe they’ll be able to get experience one way or another this year and get a coach that can develop them properly. In my eyes, Joker would have to pull a Jesus rising from the dead miracle and get a 8 or 9 win season to save his job with only 1 year left on his contract.

    1:09 am September 4, 2012 Permalink

    Everyone needs to be rational. We lost to a really good UofL team, I know it hurts to say that, but they are very underrated. They will probably beat a lot of other teams worse than what they did us. That is opinion, but here are the facts:

    1. Fact: Our special teams played excellent.
    2. Fact: Our Offense played great except in the red zone.
    3. Fact: Our defense stunk, but it was wet and the first game of the season.
    4. Fact: Josh Clemons was not in the game.

    Okay, we need to improve the defense and everything else will come around. Don’t give up on this team!

  17. Jen
    1:14 am September 4, 2012 Permalink

    Does anyone remember how stupid UL fans looked during the last 2 kragthorpe years? I remember thinking What a bunch of fair weather wanna be die hards. Support this UK team, seriously ESPN was dogging the rivalry yesterday. Win or lose, football or basketball ~ #weareuk

  18. Jen
    1:21 am September 4, 2012 Permalink

    We stood by Gillispe until the end so why in the hell shouldnt we stand by one of our own in Joker?

  19. carnifex
    1:31 am September 4, 2012 Permalink

    Ya’ gotta’ love the sunshine pumpers! Bless theit hearts. “It’s just 1 game!” “You have to wait for more time!” “It’s not fair!”

    Let’s look at these bromides.

    “It’s just 1 game!” No. It’s not just 1 game. It’s the losing to a Pitt team that didn’t have a coach. It’s punting on 4th and 4 at Tennessee. It’s watching Newton sack himself. It’s the whole miserable ball of goo that has been UK football for the past 3 years. So don’t give us “It’s just 1 game” crap.

    “You have to give Joker more time” Why? Are his last place rated recruiting classes going to magically get better? You do realize that every senior that graduated was known to be graduating, but no replacements were recruited. Or if they were, they left/flunked/disappeared/were kidnapped by aliens. We’ve got freaking walkons starting! This is a clue that your worlds greatest recruiter, ain’t!

    “It’s not fair!” I actually love this one. Not fair! Not fair! What’s not fair is Paris Hilton being richer than Crossu s.(look it up) What’s not fair is watching “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” What’s not fair is me not being in a love quadrangle with Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears, and Kate Upton. With Sofia Vergara as my mistress. In otherwords life ain’t freakin’ fair. Big boys get over it. Joker is making 1.7 mil. a year to watch other people play a game. Is that fair?

    I hope that ends the sunshine pumper schooling for the day.

    1:40 am September 4, 2012 Permalink

    19 AMEN

    15 Let’s make a change now, how much worse could it get?

    16…Did you watch a different game than the one I did???? Special Teams excellent??? I guess you didn’t see the missed field goal???

    Offense was great except for the red zone…I guess you didn’t see all those fumbles and since most points are scored from the red zone, don’t you think that is a problem???????

    Defense sucked but it was the first game of the yr and the field was wet. Wasn’t this the first game of the year for UofL also? They seemed ok on defense and the wet field didn’t seem to bother them…

    We didn’t have Josh Clemons…yeah if we had Josh we would have won by 4 touchdowns I guess…GET A CLUE THIS TEAM SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By the way, UofL is not as good as we made them look.

    1:41 am September 4, 2012 Permalink

    @19 You know we almost got rid of Rich Brooks? He had terrible seasons too. We’ve got to let the rest of this season play out, okay… We had a bad DEFENSIVE game against a Heisman level QB,a team ranked in the top 25 and on a rainy day on their field. Chill bro, chill.

    1:45 am September 4, 2012 Permalink

    18 See if we had kicked BCG out sooner and hired a real coach, we would have started to win sooner instead of later…see the logic? Out with the crappy coach who can’t win and in with a coach who can win….why wait for years?? Make the change now!!

    1:51 am September 4, 2012 Permalink

    21 Rich was a different situation. He came to program on a downhill slide, on probation, loss of scholarships etc…of course you give him some extra time. What is Joker’s excuse? Why does Joker need more time? So he can drive us deeper into the ground? I love all of your excuses…what’s next…”well the sun was too bright….or the sun wasn’t bright enough…or we played on a day that ended in the letter “Y”…etc. Just keep making up silly excuses for why this team sucks all you want to but I know the reason why and it is coaching. I don’t think Bridgewater is Heisman level talent just yet. Let him play against a GOOD team and let’s talk then. Our defense would make any QB look like a Heisman level QB.

    1:56 am September 4, 2012 Permalink

    1. Special teams did play excellent. They had ZERO yards on punt returns and only 15 on kick returns! We missed a field goal, IT WAS WET! What more do you crazy fans flippin want! That was a dang near flawless special teams performance GESH!

    2. We had almost 400 yards of Offense against a Charlie Strong Defense. That is good, I’m sorry! If we had Josh Clemons then we might have gotten more. They had two fumbles and we had two fumbles the only difference is that we didn’t recover ours…that is just unlucky.

    3. It was the first game of the year for UofL also, and guess what…????? Their defense sucked too.

    4. If Josh Clemons played, we don’t fumble, we are on the field longer and we score more then the score might have been real close.

    1:59 am September 4, 2012 Permalink

    @23, You’re not even giving credit where credit is due. You can say a lot of things bad about this team, but they didn’t play terrible in all areas.

    2:03 am September 4, 2012 Permalink

    24,25 All you little Miss Sunshines can keep drinking the Kool-aid but get back with me after Thanksgiving and tell me how the season went. “well we went 1-10 but we played hard we just have to give Joker more time”

    2:04 am September 4, 2012 Permalink

    25 you say they didn’t play bad but the scoreboard said something else. Had Strong not called off the dogs, that could have been really ugly.

    2:12 am September 4, 2012 Permalink

    @27 That is exactly what I am saying. This is a good team that played a bad(not terrible) game.

    2:13 am September 4, 2012 Permalink

    24…which is it? You say our offense had 400 yds and did great against Strong’s defense but then you turn around and say UofL’s defense sucked too…which is it? Was our offense good or did UofL’s defense suck? You can’t have it both ways.

    2:16 am September 4, 2012 Permalink

    28 what part of my statement in #27 agrees with what you said in #28? You say “@27 That is exactly what I am saying…” but our statements do not agree.

    2:16 am September 4, 2012 Permalink

    @29 Sure I can. When an offense plays well then you say the other team’s defense play bad. What you can’t say is that UK’s offense and UofL’s defense played bad. Which one played well in your opinion?

  32. Matt
    2:18 am September 4, 2012 Permalink

    Dude, the tattoo, it is an older guy. That refers to basketball championships in the 1980s. Aren’t you tired, moderator? UK lost to the Cards in PJCS. Own it man. Love this website;/ Cannot wait until Mitch tries to hire Bobby Petrino.

    2:18 am September 4, 2012 Permalink

    @30 They did play bad. The defense played bad and I agree with you on that. I don’t agree with you that this is a bad team. I think there are just somethings we need to work on in the defensive area. That is all.

    2:23 am September 4, 2012 Permalink

    31 What you are saying is that our offense played well because UofL’s defense was poor. That doesn’t mean we have a good offense that simply means the team we played was poor on defense. If you play a team that has a great defense and plays good defense and you still find a way to score, that is when you have a great offense. I think UofL’s defense was adequate.

  35. Matt
    2:26 am September 4, 2012 Permalink

    “We’re better than that”. Jokes as a football team. Pun intended.

    2:28 am September 4, 2012 Permalink

    33 like I said earlier, get back with me at the end of November and let know what you think of this team? They will not win a game in the SEC…MIGHT beat Kent St..not a given. Could lose to WKU. We need to make a change sooner than later. Do you really think the defense will magically get better? I cringe at the thought of that defense going up against an SEC offense. I can see some blow outs on the horizon.

    2:33 am September 4, 2012 Permalink

    @34 Adequate? C’mon man. Just to give you some perspective. This is a defense that was ranked in the top 10 last year in many areas. A defense that has second string 4 and 5 star linebackers, an SEC caliber corner that was robbed from Florida and a line that sacked us 6 times last year. You may think they played “adequate”, but I can tell you that Charlie Strong will be ripping those guys a new one on this week b/c of how well our offense played.

    This is what I’m talking about, not giving credit where it is due.

    2:34 am September 4, 2012 Permalink

    @36 and you don’t hop on the bandwagon when we go to a bowl this year.

    3:18 am September 4, 2012 Permalink

    #37 You are making no sense at all. I said they were adequate and you said in post #24 they sucked and now in #37 you say they were great. Which was it? Was UofL’s defense great or did they suck?? You are so inconsistant. You are truly delusional if you think we played well enough to deserve credit…credit for what???? Not losing by 40 points???? DO YOU REALLY THINK WE ARE GOING TO A BOWL GAME THIS YEAR?? WHAT SIX GAMES ARE WE GOING TO WIN??? NAME THEM NOW. YOU DON’T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT ANYBODY JUMPING ON JOKER’S BANDWAGON BECAUSE THE WHEELS FELL OFF ABOUT 2-3 SEASONS AGO.

    3:21 am September 4, 2012 Permalink

    #37 Do you also believe in the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus?

  41. Santa Claus
    4:24 am September 4, 2012 Permalink

    I’m much more real than the possibilities of a UK bowl game this year. Ho Ho Ho!

  42. Jezz
    6:10 am September 4, 2012 Permalink

    KSR needs to stop the moral high horse routine.
    KSR needs to stop thinking they’re our parents.

    You’re just sports bloggers. You’re nothing without the fans and you should be their representatives. In that regard, someone at KSR should be the voice of the angry part of the fanbase.

    KSR is NOT affiliated with UK in any way. So stop your fake optimism, thanks.

    Some of you at KSR are probably tired of this team as much as the fans and need to stop acting like you’re not because “it’s the right thing to do”.

  43. Joe
    6:55 am September 4, 2012 Permalink

    Karl Towns – yep he will put the K in Kentucky. Gotta like it!

  44. Tim
    7:12 am September 4, 2012 Permalink

    #18 Are You serious???? “we stood by Gillispie until the end” What planet were you living on???? Gillespie was trashed in every way possible starting with Gardner-Webb loss and continuing until he was fired!!

  45. James K
    7:32 am September 4, 2012 Permalink

    Duncan was a reasonable dude, from everything I’ve always read about him. Really young. Such a shame.

  46. JayCee
    7:38 am September 4, 2012 Permalink

    I can’t wait for the posts telling us how good WKU’s defense is after they beat our heads in too.

    Oh, and they’re coming. They’re coming.

  47. Grasp of reality
    7:45 am September 4, 2012 Permalink

    1. Rushing three will not put the heat on a QB or stop the run. Especially with no one trying to shoot the gaps.
    2. QB’s with all week to throw will find an open receiver.
    3. WR screens do not loosen up the D for the run.
    4. Max Smith needs a little time to throw the ball.
    5. A downfield pass is NOT defined as a 10 yard slant.
    6. A D line is NOT supposed to back up when the ball is snapped.
    7. Our coaching staff is truly awful. The players deserve better.
    8. Louisville is NOT a legit top 25 team.
    9. Both teams played on a wet field.
    10. After we scratch out a win vs. Kent and lose to WKU, Joker must go.

  48. JayCee
    7:49 am September 4, 2012 Permalink

    47- excellent post. No punches pulled and everything you said is correct.

  49. crackerhillbilly
    7:49 am September 4, 2012 Permalink

    Stephen King closed “The Green Mile” with: “We each owe a death. There are no exceptions.” MCD seemed larger than life, just like his character John Coffey. You couldn’t help but smile whenever he took the screen. RIP, big fella.

  50. stan
    7:59 am September 4, 2012 Permalink

    I agree with #13! I watched the game the first time,I refuse to put myself through that again. The final straw for me was the players laughing and joking around on the sidelines at the end of the game,along with no emotion from Joker at the press conference(what part I could understand). Yes,Joker played here. He has been given his pass for that,can’t use that one forever. Has anyone on here ever saw a top tier coah lose a game and his players were clowning around on the sidelines? Not me,never have. Just one more example of his lack of respect from the players. Let’s face,the fans, are fed up and deserve better for our money. Until a change is made, I will never go to a game again. I think there are thousands who feel the way I do and the stadium will show it starting this week.

  51. asdf
    8:06 am September 4, 2012 Permalink

    We’re back into the traditional Kentucky football position of never having the offense and the defense be good in the same year.

  52. Steve Back
    8:07 am September 4, 2012 Permalink

    Matt Jones hid behind his Mamas Skirt this Sunday at PJCS!! I suggest he remove his lace panties and walk up to that same Cards Fan and say someting like a MAN would instead of a cowering little POS that he is.
    Chicken Little is a Chicken Chit!!

  53. mr. white
    8:08 am September 4, 2012 Permalink

    RIP MCD.

    I actually think the UofL tat was decent. Most UofL fans have jail house tats or tats of their baby moma’s name or children they don’t pay child support for. That tat was a major step up.

  54. 3 fan
    8:45 am September 4, 2012 Permalink

    Why is everyone saying the offense was so great? UL pulled their starters in the second half. Smith took 51 passes for only 280 yds? Dink, dink, dink. First offensive series, twice we had 3 and 7 or more, and both times it was a 2 yd dink pass that the WR made into a first down.

    Neloms sucks. I mean he is awful. Who is #97? I didn’t know a big man could be pushed backwards so easy.

    I notice Drew said we all know how it will end. I assume word is getting out?

  55. CatGrad7072
    8:59 am September 4, 2012 Permalink

    Tattoos; Jimmy Buffett said it best:

    She said ‘a tattoo is a badge of validation’.
    But the truth of the matter is far more revealing.
    It’s a permanent reminder of a temporary feeling.

    Permanent reminder of a temporary feeling
    Amnesic episodes that never go away.
    It’s no complex memento, it’s no subtle revealing.
    Just a permanent reminder of a temporary feeling. …….

  56. thewaitfor8
    9:05 am September 4, 2012 Permalink

    #54 Our offense is much improved. Unless we assume that we will fumble twice every game, we are really looking at a 28 – 31 pt day. I’m not sure about the defensive starters being pulled in the second half, but we were moving the ball well in the first half as well. Points don’t reflect how well the offense did.

    While I don’t like an offense that just chips away at yards, it might be what we have to do this year. String together 10+ play drives, and convert rather than fumble or miss FGs. While I don’t love it, we all saw that defense Sunday and we need to keep it off the field as long as possible. An offense that takes up a lot of clock may be what we need this year if we want any chance at winning more than 2-3 games.

    I was really pulling for this team this off season and truly believed the offense would be decent. I didn’t know what to expect from the D. Turns out, it’s awful. No tackling, quitting on plays, zero coverage in the secondary. If we give SEC offenses time on the field, they will post 50 points on us. In theory, Minter’s defensive schemes are good, but his defense doesn’t work with the talent level at UK. He must adjust.

    And there is no way to know if UofL is really good yet. The scored at will, but against a terrible defense. Their defense couldn’t stop us, so either we have a good offense, or their defense stinks. Trouble is, we may never know given their schedule.

  57. JayCee
    9:09 am September 4, 2012 Permalink

    It was UL. Hard to say the offense is going to do anything that the defense doesn’t give them- just like UL handed UK the underneath routes which weren’t producing many points.

    Line up against SEC schools. They’ll take away the deep ball, cut off the short dump routes in the flats and force UK to try to run. If they can move the ball at that point, then we can all slap each other on the back about how improved the offense really is.

  58. Al's IndiCats
    9:12 am September 4, 2012 Permalink

    Ok I’ll try the glass half empty/full thing…….

    Half Full: Two fumbles in the red zone and a blown field goal could’ve given this team a little more confidence to beat the Dirty Birds. On side kick in the second half, the fake punt deep on our side of the field. Actually I like the play calling in this game.

    Half empty: Bridgewater could’ve grilled a turkey in the backfield he had so much time to find an open reciever. An old lady in a wheelchair could’ve rolled through that line with noone touching her.

    This isn’t going to be pretty in league play unless the defense doesn’t step up

  59. cats1068
    9:29 am September 4, 2012 Permalink

    The last time I checked, the object of the game was to score more points than your opponent. A good offense scores more than 14 pts. You know what gets me about the sunshine pumpers. They are glass half full for moral victories in football and glass half empty when basketball “only” wins by 15-20 pts. Wins are all that matters. Basketball wins and football doesn’t. We need the same scrutiny and standards for football like we do for basketball. I’m not saying we have to be BCS bowl good but top 25 isn’t asking for much. That’s definitely attainable. But as long as the sunshine pumpers(fans, administration and media) keep accepting moral victories, incompetent coaching and subpar football, this what UK football will always be and that is a disaster.

  60. Dee
    9:42 am September 4, 2012 Permalink

    47….Nail….Head…..Hit….by You…..Great post…..( We won’t lose to WKU..btw)..

  61. barn
    9:44 am September 4, 2012 Permalink

    9–we scored 2 td’s and we have a great offense? then i guess ul’s offense is nc caliber. charlie called off the dogs after only 1 half of play. have you got your head in the sand, or some other dark place?

  62. Dee
    9:45 am September 4, 2012 Permalink

    Bottom line is this…Joker’s style would be great at Alabama…..but not at UK…Joker is a Modern day Bill Curry…..the only way UK wins is with a “gimmick” offense….”Air Raid”…Triple Option…etc, etc….Bring back a Hal Mumme type as O.C…..and then get a Defenseive Coach (I actually like Minter)….and we will be fine…Fans will be fine with 50-38 type games….with consistent 7-8 win seasons…and once every 4 or 5 years rattle off a 9 win season….a coach that does that…would be Mayor of the State…

  63. Rackem
    10:49 am September 4, 2012 Permalink

    The tattoo is backwards..yes..but it’s freakin outrageous to put the American flag in with it..
    Champions of suck

  64. Reality
    11:05 am September 4, 2012 Permalink

    #59 and #62: “but top 25 isn’t asking for much” “Fans will be fine with…consistent 7-8 win seasons…and once every 4 or 5 years rattle off a 9 win season”

    When has either of those things (top 25, consistent 7-8 win seasons) ever happened for UK football? I think UK has been ranked once in the last 30 years, and UK hasn’t ever had consistent 7-8 win seasons. If those are the fan expectations for UK, there is not a coach in America that will actually take the job that can meet them.

  65. Katdaddy
    12:05 pm September 4, 2012 Permalink

    Thats why i say joker is just the fall guy, fans act like this program just got bad because of joker! This fb program historicly sucks.

  66. Dee
    1:56 pm September 4, 2012 Permalink

    64….UK could easily get there…we just have to beat the MSU…USC…every year….and that we could do….if you bring in the right system….the problem…UK HAS NEVER WANTED TO HAVE A GIMMICK SYSTEM…(yes…mumme…but he was a jackwagon when it came to defense)….it is possible…no reason why UK shouldn’t have the same success as South Carolina…

  67. Dee
    1:58 pm September 4, 2012 Permalink

    65…Not true….Rich Brooks had the program on the right track…..I am a Joker fan…btw…I really really want him to win…I just think he is a little in over his head….(he still does a better job than I could ever EVER do.

  68. Terry
    2:29 pm September 4, 2012 Permalink

    National champs? Maybe in Dubai!!

  69. Flacatz
    4:49 pm September 4, 2012 Permalink

    Why in the hell is there a University of Michigan volleybal add on the cover of this site???