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Media Approval Ratings: Lachlan McClain


So Chip Cosby has to feel good….not the highest positive, but the lowest negative so far…..good for a man’s ego. We now move on to the sports voice for the most powerful AM radio station in the country, Lachlan McClain. Lachlan (as he is called by everyone) is on the radio from 7-9 pm and can be heard clear across the beautiful country of ours, ruminating on all that is good and bad about local athletics. He is not from the area, but unlike Chris Cross, has attempted to adapt and does a decent job of looking into local sports. He has a somewhat controversial style and is often critical of both the Cats and the Cards, but he does approach the show with humor, and while he isnt Chris Rock or George Carlin, he also isnt Margaret Cho or Dane Cook. Lachlan may be best known for reading the famous “Night Before Christmas” poem (written by our very own Turkey Hunter) that gave Willie Williams the hard-core bashing he deserved. In case you forgot, here was the Turkey post:

Twas the night before game day,
And all through the Ville,
Willie Williams’ brain sputtered,
“should I assault, kill, or steal?”;

The jerseys were hung by the Cards lockers with care,
Coaches praying that come morning, bail bonds would be fair;
The players were nestled, all snug in their beds,
While visions of Woodyard pounded their heads;

My cooler filled with beer, my flask filled with Beam,
My heart filled with hatred for the red and black team
Their bandwagon fans, shouted out in a chorus,
“Come on! You respect us! We drive a Ford Taurus!”

To the top ten in the nation, they arose like a flash,
Hoping that no one would notice, their defense was trash.
Just like all of their transfers, they don’t make a big fuss,
Whether its IQs or points allowed, they accept forty plus.

They traveled to Lex town, from their hot ghetto mess,
With B. Brohm, their leader, pounding his chest,
His leadership in question, can he run the show?
Will the team take his orders, from someone not their P.O.?

Kragthorpe and coaches and their fifteen minutes of fame,
Whistled and shouted, and called plays out by name;”
Now, Willie! Get the ball- it’s that thing that is brown
!If they block you, just resist em’, like when the police take you down!”

Pursuit give em’ chase, don’t quit til they fall!
Why does Willie keep screamin’, from the window to the wall!
D-Backs go to man, Willie, watch the snap!,
Does the director from Life Goes On have to deal with this crap!?!”

So to Commonwealth they came, fair-weather fans all in tow,
With degrees they obtained, from driving by campus real slow.
With Red on their sweaters, and shame underneath,
They all missed their exits, for shame, they can’t read.

Brohm’s uni was all tattered, with mud, chalk, and turf;
His face slightly less bloody, than when he came out at birth
His Heisman forgotten, his body in pain,
At the end of his performance, Britney Spears felt ashamed.

When the final horn sounds, look for the Cats with a win,
The Nation erupting, and Coach Brooks with a grin,
He’ll have three TDs passing and Woodson runs for another,
DLJ puts up two, and once with somebody’s mother.

Cardinals beware, you’re now in our sights,
And ya better tighten up those chin straps, its gonna be a long night.

Lachlan read that….and then got suspended for two weeks….courtesy of KSR….go figure. So I have a little sympathy for Lachlan as we put him in that position. Still there are pros and cons:


— Knowledgable about a variety of different sports

— Fairly funny….think Ray Romano

— Genuinely nice guy


— Not a big local guy….and when he is, tends to side with hometown Louisville.

— Sometimes a bit bland….certainly not edgy

— Lachlan is a weird name.

Still overall I like Lachlan….yes he is my competition on the radio (when I am on) and yes he has the power of WHAS behind him. But he is generally pretty good and does a fair job of being balanced in a city that likes to make you choose sides. I give the Lach man a “yes”….but warn him against ever reading a poem from this site again.

What say you? Use the comments to comment and vote in the poll. The standings:

Kenny Walker 84%
Chip Cosby 78%
John Clay 67%
Eric Crawford 59%
Darrell Bird 58%
Dick Gabriel 57%
Chris Cross 7%

Article written by Matt Jones