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Media Approval Ratings: Jim Tirey


So our last rating was our man Lachlan, who scored low on the approval scales, but even lower on the disapproval scales….meaning most folks dont know who he is (bad sign WHAS). So we move on to another member of the radio/internet community, the man, the myth, the legend Jim Tirey. Tirey began his radio career in Lexington, where he hosted the radio show currently ruined by Dick Gabriel on 630 AM. Tirey had success at that show and, along with Alan Cutler (who came after him and did great in the ratings), made that show the pre-eminent UK sports radio show in the state (as opposed to the snooze fest it is now). Tirey was early on the train of getting recruits on his show and was very good at guests, having some big names on for a small market. After leaving that show, he moved on and has done some web work for the Cats Pause and now hosts a nightly show in Frankfort, Kentucky. With Tirey still going, it is time to break him down:


— Entertaining personality. Being on the radio is all about engaging the audience and making them want to hear what you have to say on a daily basis. Jim has always been good at that and it was the secret to his on-air success.

— Emphasis on recruiting. Before the whole world realized how important recruiting was in the post-Patterson/Lucas era, Jim was calling the Gidels and Joneses of the world to get recruiting scoops. He was recruiting before it was cool.

— Great guests….some of the best this state has seen.


— Tough personality. What makes Jim great on radio has also been his downfall at times. Very combative and a tendency to be harsh to those around him.

— Internet work has suffered. Not the most diligent about keeping up on his internet work….which has led to lack of reports often over the years.

— Hair

All in all, Jim is a very talented radio voice and in a world where Dick Gabriel, Chriss Cross and Joe B/Denny have shows, there is space for him. I owe a great deal to Jim, who helped us get access to radio studios in the old days and was a valuable resource for advice and help. Jim’s work on the internet sometimes leaves much to be desired, but like me, Jim has another career which can make things difficult. I have always liked Jim a great deal and think he has a lot of talent. Thus for me, this is a simple “yes”.

What say you? Use the comments to talk and the poll to vote…..

Article written by Matt Jones