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Media Approval Ratings: Dick Gabriel


We continue our path down the UK media stream with a ubiquitous face across the UK landscape, Dick Gabriel. Dick, who was once known primarily for his well-maintained goatee, has in recent years gone facially hairless and may now have had a Samson-like loss of power. Dick is part of the “official roster” of UK reporters….those given their approval by the University to be part of all the UK network broadcasts. That means that you hear Gabriel as the UK Network’s “Erin Andrews”, doing his sideline reporting during football games. He also finds himself occasionally on WKYT, the host of coaches’ shows and the host of a nightly sports talk radio show in Lexington. In many ways, he embodies the official “reporter” of UK sports, never deviating too far from the party line and doing his best to say nothing controversial or alienating to the masses.


— Unlike his “Inside the Huddle” counterpart, Gabriel does generally give good information from the sideline. At UK football games, he can be seen stalking the sidelines with his antenna on his headphone, chasing down the story. While Gabriel may not have the look of Erin Andrews (except when he wears tight pants), he does the job relatively well.

— Facial hair. When you think Gabriel, you think goatee….and not just a goatee, but a thick one. You got to bring it back….the ladies love it.

— His first name. Always good for a smile


— Boredom. Gabriel’s radio show is essentially the only radio voice in Lexington, and it is….to put it nicely….hideously boring. Over the last few years, the 6 pm slot in Lexington has been filled with two guys who knew what they were doing, Jim Tirey and Alan Cutler. Both are controversial and a bit opinionated, but that is what works on radio. Gabriel’s talent is taking official stances and reporting news….that is simply mind-numbingly boring on the radio. Lexington sports radio is truly out-of-this-world bad, and Dick’s taking over of that talk show (with the goal of providing a statewide “network”) has been excruciating.

— The scowl. Gabriel is known for the scowl that he provides on a daily basis at sporting events and being notoriously unfriendly to those trying to break into the business. As a whole, the UK media folks are very protective of their roles….and that is understandable. But none moreso than our man Dick.

As a whole, Gabriel is a tough call. He does two things, one very well and one fairly bad. I like him in his role as sideline reporter, but his radio show is hard to handle. He is also strongly in the “doesnt talk to Matt at games” camp, and has occasionally been known to drop some good Matt Jones slams on his colleagues. However, if that were the standard, it might be hard to give anyone a “yes” grade. It is a close call, but since he is on radio more than on the sidelines, we have to give a “soft no” from our end. What about you? Comments on Dick and vote on the right hand side.

The final results for John Clay were:

YES: 67%

NO: 18%

Vote early and often……

Article written by Matt Jones