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May 1st — A Day of New Beginnings

Today is May 1. When you think of May 1, what do you think of? The beginning of Spring? Derby week? The official elimination of the Kansas City Royals from the playoffs? I actually had no real thoughts about May 1, until recently. But from now on, May 1 will always be a day of new beginnings to me.

You see beginning today, Matt Jones and Kentucky Sports Radio, are about to undertake the start of two large productions. First, I Matt Jones, am beginning a 15 week training session to build up to run a half-marathon in New Brunswick, Canada in August. Now you may read that sentence and think there are lots of oddities held within it. And you would be correct. If you know me, you know that running a half-marathon is not something that you would likely have forseen me doing. I dont like to run and am not in great shape, thanks to a couple of years of having DVR digital recording on my cable. But, I have decided it is time to change that, and training for a half- marathon will do it. Those who know me well insist I wont complete it. The best percentage chance of any of my friends that i will complete it is 30%. But I insist it will happen and May 1 begins the journey.

And as for Canada….well why not make it ridiculous in the process?

Here on KSR Radio, May will bring about the begining votes of the greatest UK player of all time tournament. I have started this on various occasions on KentuckySports Report, but message boards arent the best forum. However this is…..and this week a bracket will be unveiled and you, the readers will be able to participate. Look forward to this as it will help pass the summer months until my marathon….I mean UK football season.

Article written by Matt Jones