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Marquis Teague’s role at the next level

One of the big question marks NBA general managers have about Marquis Teague, is if he is a starting point guard or a backup. His brother, Jeff, didn’t immediately start for the Atlanta Hawks, but eventually worked his way past Kirk Hinrich to gain the spot. Depending on how bad the team need is, little Teague might not have that luxury. If a team is thin at the point guard position, he may be asked to start sooner than later. Draft Express’ Joe Treutlein set out to find Teague’s niche in the NBA, by assessing his brief college career and here’s what he found:

Looking at Teague’s game, his fast break prowess is certainly the first thing that stands out projecting to the next level, where he’d be very well served to be drafted by a team playing with an up-tempo pace. Teague has relentless attacking instincts pushing the ball forward whenever it gets into his hands, and he shows a tight and controlled handle at high speeds with the ball. His nose for getting to the rim is excellent and he shows a pretty good feel for the game overall in transition, doing a good job of weaving through defenders and finding his way to the basket.

Teague’s passing game on the break is also impressive, though it’s prone to taking a backseat at times, as he knows he has the step to get around anyone once he gets a full head of steam. Still, he shows good vision on the move finding players both spotting up for jumpers and on dump-offs around the rim, and he did a good share of dishing out to all his teammates on the break this year.

In the half court, Teague is much more of a question mark, and he will likely have some transitioning to do at the next level in most situations he could be drafted into. Teague’s pick-and-roll game is the aspect of his offense most likely to immediately translate to the NBA, where he could actually benefit from the NBA’s stylistic differences from college.

Jeff Teague was picked 19th overall in the 2009 draft and NBA analysts are projecting Marquis Teague to be drafted right around there as well. Is he an immediate starter for a team? I think it depends on situation and talent ahead of him on the team’s depth chart.

Go “about to be drafted” Cats.

Article written by Rashawn Franklin

12 Comments for Marquis Teague’s role at the next level

  1. Real Talk at UK
    5:06 pm April 27, 2012 Permalink

    Teague is nothing like what Bledsoe was to end the season. Given both teams had different role players and tempo of offenses, but Bledsoe has developed into a decent player and now has a group of role model pg’s in front of him. (bad he wont get to start anytime soon though right)

    However Teague will get no significant playing time in 2-3 yrs unless he further develops his game. He was very bricky from 3 (most teams allowed him to shoot it and tempted him) and seems his best shot is driving to the basket. So what distinguishes him from the others in the league? Time will tell and hopefully he toughens up

  2. Dee Bost
    5:06 pm April 27, 2012 Permalink


  3. Dee Bost
    5:06 pm April 27, 2012 Permalink

    Ok 2nd

  4. SuperTroy
    8:08 pm April 27, 2012 Permalink

    I really think he would benefit playing behind an older former All Star, like Jason Kidd in Dallas or Steve Nash wherever he ends up. If Nash were to end up in, say Miami? They might be able to pick up Teague late in the first round, of course Dallas would be ahead of them and might pick him up earlier. I’d love to see him back up one of the better true point guards in the League his first year. Kidd and Nash are two of the best.

  5. Big Blue 66
    9:00 pm April 27, 2012 Permalink

    1. Im glad no one told rondo about having to be a 3 point shooter to run the point. Teague will do well, his biggest asset is dictating tempo, which is huge in the NBA, hes also physical and will be able to defend.

  6. Azubuike's Bicep
    9:11 pm April 27, 2012 Permalink

    Just got my commemorative Sports Illustrated signed by AD up here in NKY. His unibrow is majestic in person…..

  7. Paratrooper
    10:19 pm April 27, 2012 Permalink

    His role at the next level ? What role ? If you can’t get a play started and get the ball in the hands of a scorer in 35 seconds, how are you gonna do it in 24 seconds in the whacked NBA ? If he has a role it will be in the “D” league for 2-3 years and then MAYBE he can play point in the NBA. Any team that wastes a first round selection on him will regret it. He does have the potential; its his HEAD thats the problem. I’m happy to see him go and good luck, Marquis. You’ll need it.

  8. Real Talk at UK
    10:28 pm April 27, 2012 Permalink

    5- You really compare Rondo to Teague? How many 3’s did Rondo shoot while at UK? Ok to compare his vs Teague’s, compare one year’s (pick any year) of Rondo’s. Rondo is not a 3pt shooter and when he was drafted it was not for his shooting ability. However, Teague reminds me of Bledsoe…size/length and driving ability. The only difference is their shooting ability. Teague took more 3’s than he should and in my opinion it was because he didnt know what to do with the ball (that comes from inexperience – if opponent tempts you to shoot it doesnt mean you have to)

    Again Rondo transformed into the player he is now from coaching, (he would not be as good as he is now if he wasnt behind the big 3 and Rivers), so Teague will benefit from a great core group to learn from while he is on the bench.

  9. Big Blue 66
    11:20 pm April 27, 2012 Permalink

    8 you are a real idiot, you are the one that said he cant be a good point guard because he cant shoot the 3. And while bledsoe is a freak athlete, hes not an NBA point, Teague will be a better pro than Bledsoe. And if you think Rondo needed Doc and the big 3 to coach him, you are even a bigger idiot. Rondo immediately was able to handle the point as a rookie. real talk, should be crazy talk, you dont know much about the game or the players, and you think you do.

  10. tyson
    5:50 am April 28, 2012 Permalink

    Weren’t there statistics on this site towards the end of the season that pretty much refuted everything this NBA scout said about Teague? The stats showed that UK offense was more productive and efficient when the tempo was slowed and the half court game was utilized instead of fast breaks?

  11. bung
    9:20 am April 28, 2012 Permalink

    our fast break got us most of our big leads…then we slowed it down and tried to hold on…i hope we complete our blowouts next season…

  12. Wild Turkey 101
    5:26 pm April 28, 2012 Permalink

    Teague would be a good pick for the Lakers. Lakers need a point guard and their 1st draft pick will be middle-to-late first round.