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Mark Krebs, Know Thy Name


This weekend Calipari held a coach’s clinic of some sort at UK (I feel like there is a clinic going on at UK every few weeks…and there has yet to be one that involves blogs) and the news coming from it was fairly scarce. There of course was talk about how much Cal loved the team, how hard they played, etc. But the only “newsworthy” tidbit of the entire affair may have been his high praise for Mark Krebs and his potential role on the team. Calipari said that he was surprised when he saw Krebs play and that the kid has “real game.” He knew he wanted him to be part of the team this year, but when he called him in his office and said that there could be a scholarship, Krebs replied “you dont have to do that, I just want to be a part of the team.” Calipari said at that moment that he knew Krebs would get the scholarship and that he wanted him to be a part of the UK basketball program.

For those of you that dont know Mark, he is as nice of a player as you will find. Over the years, I have gotten to know him just a bit and he actually reads this site quite a bit (which we like). But some dont realize that Krebs also has real game. Before he came to Kentucky, he was a very good player at Thomas More and it is likely the case that he is either the first or second best shooter on the team. Last summer, Billy Clyde would tell anyone that would listen that he believed Krebs would get “serious playing time” last season and that he could be the team’s “secret weapon.” When the actual season started, Clyde never really came through with that playing time (likely because of his love of Landon Slone’s toughness), but the talent Krebs showed was still there. Now the same time of whispers are coming from Calipari. He told the coaches clinic that you might see Krebs in some games and I talked to a source at UK that tells me that Krebs could “easily see playing time if the team needs a shooter in certain games.”

We learned at his press conference that Calipari isnt a fan of walk-ons and the days of the scrappy guy coming off the bench at the end to hit a three with a crowd roar may be over. But Mark Krebs is now on scholarship. Whereas guys like Matt Pilgrim, Kevin Galloway and AJ Stewart are gone, Mark Krebs remains. And it may be the case as the year goes on, that you will get to know Krebs a bit more than you do now. On a team thats only weakness seems to be outside shooting, Krebs can light it up. All of UK’s coaches love him and he gets a lot of run with the second team in practice. We talk about the new stars and for understandable reasons. But dont forget about Krebs….he hasnt forgotten about you.

Article written by Matt Jones