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Luke Kennard gets an offer from the Cats


Luke Kennard has been on Kentucky’s radar for a while now, but his impressive play at the Peach Jam this weekend was all that Cal needed to see to extend a scholarship offer. Last night, Kennard picked up an offer from the Cats, along with Michigan State and Duke. The 6’5″ shooting guard from Ohio is considered the 21st best player in the 2015 class, and has been in frequent contact with Cal and the coaching staff, who liked what they saw from him at the Peach Jam. He’s Kentucky’s sixth offer in the 2015 class.

Kennard is from Franklin, Ohio, just north of Cincinnati, and grew up loving the Cats. How do I know that’s not just a line? He says Tayshaun Prince was his favorite college player, and his father played basketball at Georgetown College. Yesterday, Andrew Cassady summarized Kennard’s history with Kentucky, which is now considered one of the favorites for his services. Oh yeah…he also plays football. Kennard’s father told the Courier-Journal’s Steve Jones that his son is “keeping his options open” about playing both sports, and may be taking a football recruiting visit to Louisville (!) at some point.

Don’t go to the dark side, Luke.

Watch him work:

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37 Comments for Luke Kennard gets an offer from the Cats

  1. Joan
    9:45 am July 15, 2013 Permalink


  2. Jen
    9:45 am July 15, 2013 Permalink

    Prince left for the NBA in 2002, so Kennard would’ve been about four or five years old.

  3. Lefties
    9:46 am July 15, 2013 Permalink

    Left handed shooters always look pure even the ones that aren’t that good. Anyway, this dude has a quick release, pretty athletic, and grew up liking the cats. What’s not to like?

  4. reedwizard
    9:48 am July 15, 2013 Permalink

    I need a highlight reel. Just from my old man games at the HS gym in tow, I hit about 40% from three and have some no-look passes. When spliced together to never miss or make a mistake, Cal may come look at me!

  5. Go Deep
    9:56 am July 15, 2013 Permalink

    I guess we do need to replace Jon Hood at some point.

  6. Terrence jones's shot
    9:57 am July 15, 2013 Permalink

    @3 have you seen me?

  7. Mike
    10:02 am July 15, 2013 Permalink

    It seems like we’re trying to build a class around kyle wiltjer for his senior year (assuming he comes back and redshirts).

  8. Lefties
    10:07 am July 15, 2013 Permalink

    Yes haha there are some exceptions I guess I shouldn’t have used always. Cliff Hawkins is another lefty whose shot was ugly. But for the most part, they look pure, good point though.

  9. Teachable Mo'
    10:15 am July 15, 2013 Permalink

    A very old fashioned shot. Almost a push shot from the 50s.

  10. Cr1spy
    10:25 am July 15, 2013 Permalink

    I thought the shot looked slow. There were no shots of him getting up a shot quickly and only one where there was a direct motion from catch to release. I didn’t see a ton of athleticism either. This kid is not that far from me, so maybe I will get a chance to check him out in person, but I didn’t see much in that video package that screamed Kentucky guard.

  11. KG
    10:32 am July 15, 2013 Permalink

    T.J. Walker of was the first to report. Guessing Tyler just forgot.

  12. Danny
    10:34 am July 15, 2013 Permalink


  13. Paul
    10:39 am July 15, 2013 Permalink

    Franklin, Ohio, hometown of one Buzz Baker.

  14. mudcreekmark
    10:47 am July 15, 2013 Permalink

    10)That is exactly what I was thinking. He looks like he brings the ball up from almost the floor on every shot.All we see in the clip is him shooting open threes.Looked as though he can barely dunk the ball, so he isn’t that Jeff Shepherd,Rex Chapman type of athletic white guard. I’m afraid he may be the next token white player.

  15. BAdams
    10:48 am July 15, 2013 Permalink

    10 you must not be payin attention cuz I agree with 3, he has a quick release.

  16. The Microwave
    10:53 am July 15, 2013 Permalink

    14) Doron Lamb was a great shooter but had a very slow release when he first arrived at UK. He also was 6’4 and never dunked in his UK career.

  17. OhioCat
    10:53 am July 15, 2013 Permalink

    The kid’s a good player…but has always struck me as more of a Big Ten type player. I had the misfortune of coaching against him as a 7th grader and he lit us up. At the high school level, the problem is that he doesn’t get any competition during the regular season. He’s a little more athletic in person and his release is better too. He’s a lights-out shooter and excellent passer. I’ve always had more concerns about him defending elite guards in college…but so far the kid always seems to rise to the occasion. Franklin’s sectional in the postseason tourney is the toughest in the state and he’s always competed well against the state’s top players in the tourney.

    We live in the same city and by all accounts he’s a great, humble kid. The local news reported last night that he picked up an offer from Duke. I can definitely verify that he and his whole family are Cat fans. Franklin has a huge amount of folks that moved up from eastern KY in the 50’s and 60’s. We actually have a UK convention every year that’s pretty big and well attended. He comes from a basketball family and I know everyone (especially his Uncle Todd) would love for him to be a Cat. But honestly, I’m not sure if he’s Coach Cal material…but would love for him to prove me wrong.

    Also, he’s a decent quarterback…but I don’t think he’s high level d1 material. He wasn’t asked to throw a ton as a sophomore last year.

  18. white guy
    10:55 am July 15, 2013 Permalink

    Another white guy to ride the pine.

  19. NL
    10:56 am July 15, 2013 Permalink

    He is not a token white guy! He’s ranked top 30 in the country. I hope he commits.

  20. white guy
    10:59 am July 15, 2013 Permalink

    @ #19

    What was Wiltjer ranked?

  21. Philuk18
    11:03 am July 15, 2013 Permalink


    Wiltjer was ranked right about where this kid is I think. Kennard seems to be a better athlete though, bc how could you not be?

  22. atlantacat
    11:07 am July 15, 2013 Permalink

    Before everyone gives up on this poor white boy, let’s remember he has two years left to continue his development.

  23. brain
    11:10 am July 15, 2013 Permalink

    @13-We won’t hold that against him.

  24. white guy
    11:19 am July 15, 2013 Permalink

    I can name the really talented white guys in UK history with one hand.

  25. come on
    11:28 am July 15, 2013 Permalink

    Drew, Luke and the dark side was just too strong to resist . Very appropriate and funny.
    Sometimes the comment section seems to be nothing but Dark. Get out of black and red and step into the Light.

  26. Bobbum man
    11:45 am July 15, 2013 Permalink

    7- yeah that’s exactly what he’s doing

  27. mudcreekmark
    12:00 pm July 15, 2013 Permalink

    24) I knew a guy who was born with 6 toes, but you probably hold the record for most fingers on one hand. You know what causes deformities like this don’t you? Incest.

  28. UK2K
    12:28 pm July 15, 2013 Permalink

    His grandfather is a UK season tkt holder

  29. Sam
    12:40 pm July 15, 2013 Permalink

    How is this guy’s defense? Why don’t these clips EVER show “non-block” defense? Like when somebody drives, the defender beats them to the lane first and the defender decides to pass it, or the defender is forced to take a bad shot?

    He can shoot. Yes, but can he defend?

    I would take a team of mostly Aaron Craft’s, for example, and sprinkle in a couple superstar offensive players. Defense wins championships. And only people who understand this by living it have a clue what I’m talking about.

    I guess that’s why we don’t ever see videos of defensive abilities and dedication to defense.

    And, I didn’t think his shot had that quick of a release. Wiltjer has a lightning fast release. This guy was average at best and only got 10 inches off the ground on his jump shot.

  30. CATNTN
    12:53 pm July 15, 2013 Permalink

    I’ve seen this kid play in person at Myrtle Beach Beach Ball Classic. He is the real deal with good athleticism. Not John Wall athleticism, but he does have a quick release. He is extremely smart and unselfish on the court.

  31. Jus Sayin
    1:44 pm July 15, 2013 Permalink

    We need a shooting white guy now that wiltjer is gone.

  32. Spotter
    1:59 pm July 15, 2013 Permalink

    Luke Kennard is a player. One that you hope will commit to UK. He can shoot it deep. Has a great feel for the game. Very high basketball IQ. His dad played at Georgetown, Ky. The older generations (grandfather) are from Paintsville, Ky. He has offers from Michigan and Ohio State, and those two have been on him the last year two years. He has a offer from Louisville for football as QB. That should speak volumes about his athletic ability. And get this, he is a left handed basketball shooter that throws the football right handed. I see him as a Doron Lamb type of wing player. One that you appreciate the more you watch him.

    As for competition, he played in the Flyin to the Hoop and the Beach ball classic and had dominating performances. Played against a 6’11” kid from neighboring Springboro that is going to Illinois. I hope for the young man and family he accepts the UK offer. Calipari will make him better and he will be a great addition to the program.

  33. tyrus
    2:41 pm July 15, 2013 Permalink

    A couple of big bodies underneath to work the ball into (please commit C. A.)and a 6’5 shooting guard…a nightmare to defend. He doesn’t have to have John Wall’s or Rex Chapman’s athleticism. The kid has a year to work on his weaknesses.

  34. Blue Leather
    6:35 pm July 15, 2013 Permalink

    For you people that question his athletic ability, Luke will play a high school game in Louisville during the upcoming season.

  35. Coach K
    6:53 pm July 15, 2013 Permalink

    Face it, 6 5 white kid… he’s going to Duke.

  36. BB
    10:34 pm July 15, 2013 Permalink

    There is a saying in Franklin, Ohio…..”Once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat.”

  37. Observer
    8:51 am July 16, 2013 Permalink

    Low release point and a flat shot means he will need a lot of space to get his shot off. At D-I level, players are quicker, taller, better jumpers, I am concerned he will not be able to get the space he needs to be successful.