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Louisville: TitleTown USA?

I love this picture.

Just in case you’ve missed it, ESPN is kicking off the summer of 2008 with “Who’s Now?  City Edition“, also being referred to as “TitleTown USA“, where they are trying to determine, well….they don’t really say.  I guess they are looking for the city in the U.S. that is the most like Titletown, a mythical city that has no definition.  Since there is voting involved, I would say that it’s not just a quantitative fact-gathering party where they list the cities with the most championships.  So, there must be some sort of criteria for a “TitleTown”, but the best I can find is that it’s judged on pride, passion, performance, heritage, history and tradition.  That’ll do, I guess. 

Anyway, ESPN selected 19 cities for this contest and has saved the last spot for the fans to select.  Finding itself in competition with Artesia, N.M., Long Beach, Calif., and South Bend is the city of Louisville.  Louisville’s merits will likely rest with the Filthy Cards’ basketball team, the Derby and the great Muhammad Ali, but you can check out the fan essays here.  Even though there are a few parts of the essays that are in serious need of a reality check, which is typical of a literate U of L fan, but they provide a pretty decent synopsis of Louisville’s credentials.

Now, I’m not really looking to argue the merits of Louisville as a legitimate “TitleTown” or even to start the “Lexington better be in that group of 19, by God!” discussion either.  I’m pretty biased and firm in my stance there.  My question to you is:  As a Kentucky fan, how do you feel about the city of Louisville?  Does your hatred of all things Cardinal supercede any support you could have for the city or is there a distinct separation between the city and the school?  I’m from Oldham County, so I’ve always been the kind of guy who takes credit for the good and says “I’m from Louisville” when the Derby rolls around and then celebrates my Oldham County roots when something negative happens (usually involving a Cardinal arrest), but I’m not sure if that’s a common feeling.  Maybe it just means that I’m a top-notch A-hole.  I’m not quite certain yet.

Anyway, I guess what it really boils down to is that if Lexington is eliminated or isn’t included, does having Louisville mentioned in things like this give you a sense of pride as a Kentuckian or does it hurt your big blue heart?  Even if it wasn’t this super-lame ESPN contest and just a “top cities” list, would you feel the same way?  I’m really curious as to what you guys think.

Article written by Thomas Beisner