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Louisville Football’s Core Values’ Thursday News and Views


Let me start this by saying, I like Charlie Strong. I have always found the former Florida Assistant to be a stand-up guy and I think he will be a very good coach at Louisville before all is said and done. However his comments in the Courier Journalabout the 5 CORE VALUES OF LOUISVILLE FOOTBALL were well….interesting:

Strong also went over the five core values the program will live by: honesty; treat women with respect; no drugs; no stealing; and no guns. He said players who break a core value are “telling me they don’t want to be a part of this program.”

Now think about that for a second. How many of those “core values” are not really core values, but simply assumptions about about how a person lives his life that every person in America should take for granted? Honesty I can understand…but the other four are, no drugs, no stealing, no guns and be nice to women? REALLY? Charlie are you telling me that Louisville football was so far off the path from normalcy in society that you had to remind your players of THOSE four values? Intensity, honoring God, Hard work, Strong in the Classroom, Stand Up for your Teammates, Love your school, Community service…all those I can understand. But dont steal, do drugs, have guns and hurt women…those are the core values needed? And honestly Charlie, if the team does all those things, do you really think they have accomplished all that much? Chris Rock would even look at those goals and ask, “what you want, a cookie?” We have all made fun of our Louisville brethren for their players’ but even we could not have made this up. Bookmark this post and remember, the FIVE CORE VALUES OF LOUISVILLE FOOTBALL:

1. No Lyin
2. No Stealin
3. No Druggin
4. No Shootin
5. No Hurtin the Women

Louisville football…you couldnt make it up if you tried.

To the news:

(1): With Canada behind us, the thoughts now go to what type of team does UK have. Not a lot can be really determined about the team going forward because it was without three big men that will play key factors. Judging this Kentucky team without Enes Kanter (assuming he gets eligible) would have been like judging last year’s team without Demarcus Cousins. But we do know enough to know that Kentucky has a rock solid point guard, a veteran leader and a young gun on the outside who can light it up. Last year those roles were Wall, Patterson and Bledsoe. This year, it is Knight, Miller and Lamb. Replace Cousins with Kanter and you have a similar set to last season, at least in terms of roles. There will be a couple of important differences however. This team is going to take longer to gel. The last team was better suited for immediate college success and had (as is often forgotten) a lot of lucky breaks early. Add in three future lottery picks, and quick success was possible. This team will take some lumps early on. But it is, according to Calipari, the smartest team he has coached and one that he thinks can be a very good February team. We will hammer this theme a lot in the coming months, but Calipari is judging this team by February and March…so dont expect too much in November…except to win in Maui since I will be there and will be disappointed if they dont.

(2): The news coming out of the football camp has been relatively thin. Most of it is of the “this player looks good, that player is struggling, offense looked good, then defense looked good”, etc. However some things have started to stick out. The defensive secondary was the focus today with comments that suggest Randall “We Aint Superman no mo, we Just Spiderman that…” Burden and Martavious Neloms the likely starters at Cornerback. In addition, Mychal Bailey is making a move to be the starter opposite Winston Guy at Safety and Joker Phillips praised Bailey today for his hard hitting ways. The Secondary could end up being the strongest part of the Defense for UK this year and those four guys will play a key role in elevating the group to a unit that can help win games on the most friendly SEC schedule in years.

(3): The UK Women’s basketball team announced their schedule today and it includes seven games against Top 25 opponents. One of those is an out of conference road game at Duke in Cameron Indoor Stadium, a game that I may try to attend. UK will also play Notre Dame at home and with the roster they have returning, are set to be a consistent Top 20 team all year long. This is as much anticipation as the UK Hoops team has had in a generation and one has to be excited for Coach Matthew Mitchell and the young women who have helped make this program a true national player.

(4): If you havent read his tweets, then you might not know that John Calipari took his fly club look to Vegas this week for the Michael Jordan Baskeball Camp. I have no idea the specifics of the event, but it involves he and Ben Howland drafting players and likely reading a book about spirituality. There was a report late today that Kentucky has already contacted Deandre Daniels, the Texas decommitment whose Top 10 credentials make him a target for a lot of teams. Kentucky will be in the mix for Daniels if they want to be, but my guess is that you see UK hold steady for the next little bit, with three players they are very happy with going into the fall season.

(5): Finally, a little national college news as it seems BYU is headed to be an independent in football and Fresno State/Nevada are moving from the WAC to the Mountain West. I admit that those conferences have always seemed interchangeable to me and I have never really known which teams were in which league. But the BYU deal is interesting as the school has a real chance to make an Independent status work in football, due to the national following of their Mormon fanbase. BYU will struggle to make a BCS deal, but the reality is that it would have been tough for them to make it anyway. But what they can do is schedule really good games (against teams like Notre Dame, Miami, Florida State, Oklahoma, etc)…have a top-notch national schedule and reestablish the program as a national brand. It is tough to leave the safety net of a conference but BYU might make it work…it will be interesting to watch how it develops.

More all day as Beisner lets you know what is going on in the UK world and we all attempt to live by the Louisville football core value creed….

Article written by Matt Jones