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Louisville Fan of the Month


pic via GYERO

Some pictures are worth a thousand words….

Article written by Matt Jones

111 Comments for Louisville Fan of the Month

  1. Ohio Cat
    9:33 am April 16, 2013 Permalink

    Of all people, how is this guy not throwing up his L’s???

  2. really
    9:33 am April 16, 2013 Permalink

    really more louisville posts. You do realize we cant talk shit to them until next year because they just one a NC just quit posting about them.

  3. uknbama
    9:34 am April 16, 2013 Permalink


  4. Azubuike's Bicep
    9:35 am April 16, 2013 Permalink


  5. Harlan Guy
    9:35 am April 16, 2013 Permalink

    I didn’t know Vanilla Ice was a louisville fan

  6. My keys were victim to alien probing
    9:36 am April 16, 2013 Permalink

    When I close my eyes and picture Louisville fans…. This is how I see them, is that wrong?

  7. Matt @ EKU
    9:36 am April 16, 2013 Permalink

    Is it bad that this is how I see every Louisville fan?

  8. wow
    9:39 am April 16, 2013 Permalink

    does this guy actually think he is cool?

  9. OralHygene
    9:41 am April 16, 2013 Permalink

    I know whats wrong !!! He has ALL his teeth!! He CAN’T be a yew kay fan!!

  10. the ghost of Bill Hicks
    9:42 am April 16, 2013 Permalink

    Meth. Not. Even. Once.

  11. BobKYCats
    9:42 am April 16, 2013 Permalink

    What the hell is that?

  12. brain
    9:43 am April 16, 2013 Permalink

    It’s worth nothing like every other UL post on this blog.

  13. MKG
    9:43 am April 16, 2013 Permalink

    Seriously, they all look like this. I’m sure this guy has a masters degree from UL and therefore is just supporting his alma mater.

  14. Rick's Tattoo Artist
    9:43 am April 16, 2013 Permalink

    I’m ready when you are Rick. Let’s get this thing done so we can show those UK fans who is Boss.

  15. btowncatfan
    9:44 am April 16, 2013 Permalink

    BTW, this picture was taken when Pitino, like Cal’s bus tour of the state, went on tour with the Championshiop trophy. Only Pitino’s tour only took 1/2 hour and encompassed the trash heep surrounding the UL campus.

  16. Andrew
    9:44 am April 16, 2013 Permalink

    what’s sad is this isn’t a student, it’s a 35 year old grown man.

  17. Loserville
    9:44 am April 16, 2013 Permalink

    Looks like white lebron James

  18. #stoopspoopsicecream
    9:45 am April 16, 2013 Permalink

    2) “they just ONE a NC”? They really “one” it huh? Nice try posing as a UK fan. Move along.

  19. SexnNursinHomes
    9:46 am April 16, 2013 Permalink

    He photobombed the National Championship Trophy. Typical tard.

  20. RealCatsFan
    9:47 am April 16, 2013 Permalink

    Well, at least he’s not rockin’ a line-beard.

  21. blueblue
    9:49 am April 16, 2013 Permalink

    Need to shave that thing back to line beard status to be considered a real UofL fan!!!

  22. Jen
    9:49 am April 16, 2013 Permalink

    The smarmy lawyer who posts pictures of girls two-thirds his age thinks he’s better than this guy. Plainly they didn’t teach tact at Duke University.

  23. Django
    9:50 am April 16, 2013 Permalink

    Cause lord knows we don’t have a single fan with tattoos and oversized jerseys

  24. New Sheriff In Town
    9:51 am April 16, 2013 Permalink

    Looks like a Bushwacker!

  25. Aaron Craft's Rosacea
    9:54 am April 16, 2013 Permalink

    White Andre Woodson.

  26. Blueycat
    9:55 am April 16, 2013 Permalink

    If that’s not your typical looking line beard fan I don’t know what is.

  27. catGrad7072
    9:57 am April 16, 2013 Permalink

    #1: If he was throwing up L’s, you wouldn’t be able to see his knuckle tats.

    My guess is that, on next payday he’ll complete the look with a tongue piercing.

  28. Rockfield, KY
    9:59 am April 16, 2013 Permalink

    How is everyone supposed to see your awesome neck tats with all that beard in the way? I just now figured out why they like line beards so much.

  29. But...
    10:00 am April 16, 2013 Permalink

    There’s this, but our fan base is covered in redneck welfare drawing holler dwellers and white trash so…tit for tat I guess

  30. J in Orlando
    10:04 am April 16, 2013 Permalink

    lol. The tats on his fingers say “HIGH LIFE”…perfect

  31. Dave
    10:07 am April 16, 2013 Permalink

    looks like a dude having fun and enjoying his favorite teams success to me

    nothing more nothing less

  32. TheRealHambone
    10:12 am April 16, 2013 Permalink

    SnNHs… you’re still an idiot.

  33. Morehead Calln'
    10:16 am April 16, 2013 Permalink

    Amish reality show?

  34. SexnNursinHomes
    10:17 am April 16, 2013 Permalink

    32- yep. Proud of it too. Got a peter that is bulging in idiocy.

  35. barn
    10:19 am April 16, 2013 Permalink

    heh heh

  36. jlewis
    10:25 am April 16, 2013 Permalink

    If it helps…I totally know this guy…he goes by Buddha 🙂 lol…I think it makes this funniee

  37. BlueKolonel
    10:25 am April 16, 2013 Permalink

    UL fans always on here trolling. Why do you waste your time? I guess that massive fan base that encompasses about one half of Jefferson county is so small that you come here to get your UL news. We get it, you’re inferior, you cheer for UL because your entire family loves UK and you have to be the one that’s different, etc, etc. We’re rivals, we don’t like you, and a large portion of your fans are complete tools (not all, but a large portion). Therefore, if you don’t want to be made fun of stay in that small corner of the playground that belongs to you with your three trophies.

  38. Lonnieb
    10:28 am April 16, 2013 Permalink

    It’s funny that UL fans always talk trailor trash and such….. There is a small part of e ky that lives that way, but majority are in around the Lexington area which is a signfcant upgrade from the ville. There is a ton of money in lex, probably more per capita than in the ville. Also there is a distinct line in Louisville that separates majority of fans….if you go west of I 65 (the crappy parts of Louisville) it’s mostly card fans. If you go to east louisville( the summit…etc where the money is). There is 50/50 or more uk fans. There is a trashy appearance about a lot of cards fans. The straight bill cap needs to go for everyone.

  39. C'monMan
    10:47 am April 16, 2013 Permalink

    C’mon, there are tons of UK fans that look 100x worse than this. This particular UL fan is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Sometimes the responses on here make me sad to be a CAT fan.

  40. TJ
    10:50 am April 16, 2013 Permalink

    White trash thug. That sums up what a UL fan looks like.

  41. you mad?
    10:54 am April 16, 2013 Permalink

    We “trolls” come here to get our UofL news, since KSR so frequently posts about us. But just to be clear, UofL won their conference and the National Championship this year, correct? UK was upset in the first round of the NIT, right? If poking fun at a few of our fans helps lessen the pain of your HORRIBLE season, then be my guest. Doesn’t change where the banner’s hanging. And yes, we know that 8 is greater than 3. But this year is more relevant than last year or next. “Wait until football season!” Gotta love the big blue bandwagon that goes from 4,500 at a spring game one year to over 50,000 the next.

  42. Nah, not mad
    11:02 am April 16, 2013 Permalink

    The twins are coming.

  43. A Different Drew
    11:08 am April 16, 2013 Permalink

    The Tard fans crack me up … coming over to talk smack. Can’t even spell “won” or “hygiene” correctly. It sounds like “you mad” more than we are. This year’s banner is hanging in Looserville alright, but it’s only AS relevant as the one hanging in Rupp from last year … maybe less relevant, as this year’s tourney field was a joke. Win a couple more and we’ll talk, and maybe beat some 1 seeds along the way to earn it. Oh, and quit crawling to big brother seeking approval and validation … you won’t get it.

  44. you mad?
    11:19 am April 16, 2013 Permalink

    @A Different Drew – Well, you got us. We don’t proofread our work as well as you do. That burns. Yes, the previous championship is more relevant than the current one. Uh, makes total sense. If the tourney field was a joke, then why didn’t UK make it? Perhaps because your Cayuts were the biggest joke of all? Hard to take on 1 seeds when we were the overall number one, dumbass. Not our fault the others couldn’t keep up. But please, tell us more about all the trophies you won prior to your parents’ birth. Gotta go…I need to check if there’s another UofL post yet from Matt and the gang.

  45. Blueycat
    11:19 am April 16, 2013 Permalink

    I bet that dude lives in the projects, is on disability for his “nerves”, and drives an 86 Cadillac on 22’s with spinner rims.

  46. UofL Fan
    11:27 am April 16, 2013 Permalink

    I actually sit next to this guy at home games. He does look crazy and fits the mold of KSR’s stereotypical Cards/Tards fan, but if this dude was in Rupp wearing blue, you guys would love him. He cheers louder than anyone I’ve ever sat around, and his passion for his team reminds me of the UK fan base’s insane, and enviable, fanaticism.

  47. CATandMONKEY
    11:53 am April 16, 2013 Permalink

    #1; Because L is also the first letter in the word literacy.

  48. C'monMan
    11:54 am April 16, 2013 Permalink

    @44, that dude is far from the project type and works hard for a living. Take your BS and go elsewhere. People like you give UK fans a bad rep

  49. CATandMONKEY
    12:00 pm April 16, 2013 Permalink

    UofL fan;
    Thanks for the sane perspective. As UK fans we must remember we have “Helmet Guy” ..who is AWESOME but I can easily see him being lampooned by rival sites….if those sites exist.

  50. Greg
    12:10 pm April 16, 2013 Permalink

    @you mad. That was a pretty lame comeback when you were the one who first said that “But this year is more relevant than last year” So you sound pretty silly making a comeback on somebody who said yours “may be less relevant”. If you guys are such high profile athletic program why don’t you have sports websites dedicated to your teams that you can go and talk trash about how awesome you are? And once again, another lame comeback you have on the 8 vs. 3. of course when you have no past, you don’t want to discuss the past. I guarantee when you go and talk to Michigan, ND, Texas, etc. football fans you DO NOT have the balls to tell them their NC from the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s are irrelevant. So just deal with it, you won a title enjoy it. The “biggest joke of all” is your new found belief that your basketball program has somehow reached and passed Kentucky. But enjoy it, you won it and no one can take that away from you. But, like Drew said give it up with the little brother talk reaching out for some sort of approval.

  51. Mike UK
    12:23 pm April 16, 2013 Permalink

    First, I know this man, and he is one of the best souls I have ever encountered in my life. It is a shame today that cowards can post whatever they want.

    Second, I graduated from UK, which most of the UK fan population cannot say. We carry ourselves with dignity and respect. To do otherwise defiles our rich history and tradition. Hop off of our bandwagon and humiliate some other school. Your comments are as worthless as you are. Congratulations to U of L, we will see you next year.

  52. TentaclesGZ
    12:25 pm April 16, 2013 Permalink

    I graduated high school with this dude he just turned 30. Not only is he the fan of the month he’s probably the fan of the decade. He is well-known and well-liked in louisville you shot yourself in the foot with this one. One of the hardest working people I know anf a true gentleman.

  53. TAXman
    12:28 pm April 16, 2013 Permalink

    51. cool story bro

  54. IIX
    12:36 pm April 16, 2013 Permalink

    51. Did you both graduate high school at 30 ???

  55. Bojangles
    12:38 pm April 16, 2013 Permalink

    Also know this dude. Super nice guy. Unnecessary post. Just because he doesn’t fit into the “generic-looking-white-person” mold as displayed and clearly valued by the KSR staff, that doen’t make him blog fodder. Ignorance.

  56. Cat Fan in Georgia
    12:41 pm April 16, 2013 Permalink

    I believe the posts from 50 and 51. It’s Matt and the majority of posters who look like jerks on this one, not the fan. If this guy wore blue we’d all be talking about what a great fan he is.

  57. Buddha
    12:42 pm April 16, 2013 Permalink

    I know this dude is a Jesus loving Christian….
    Whom doesn’t care what any one of you couch athletes think…
    Thanks for making ME famous!!!
    Warm regards and much Love to the haters,

  58. Buddha
    12:45 pm April 16, 2013 Permalink

    And love my Big Blue Nations fans that love me!!!!

  59. Shane McNasty
    12:56 pm April 16, 2013 Permalink

    Hahaha, I knew my man Buddha would get on here today. As a loyal member of the #BBN I think you’re a swell guy. Keep on keepin on….”famous” might be a stretch.

  60. C'monMan
    1:03 pm April 16, 2013 Permalink

    BUDDHA- Glad you finally jumped on here. You one of the best people I know, proud to call you a friend. I’m ashamed of what KSR has done here and ashamed to be a UK fan today because of most comments.

  61. TL
    1:05 pm April 16, 2013 Permalink

    This guy doesn’t fit the “BBN” standards? Please. This man is a Christian, who cheers his heart out for his team. Just because that team isn’t Kentucky, you feel the need to try to belittle him. I’ve seen this guy help out all kinds of people in need, including UK fans who have been too intoxicated to walk to their cars at games. I understand that poor Matt Jones wants to poke fun at Louisville, and Louisville fans, because honestly, what has he had to actually cheer for this year? All you did was give Buddha more publicity, so for that, I thank you. Way to go BBB, out-trashing U of L once again.

  62. TL
    1:06 pm April 16, 2013 Permalink

    *BBN. My bad, some of us have to work.

  63. TentaclesGZ
    1:21 pm April 16, 2013 Permalink

    52> no story bro! but we have a lot of good ones together
    53> haha! no we were 18!!! with honors!!!
    Shoutout to Bojangles and cat fan in Georgia! And of course my guy TL!!!!!!!!
    More importantly i ask MAtt Jones, how pretty is that trophy in this picture!!!!
    frikkin awesome picture man!!!

  64. HawaiianCat
    1:25 pm April 16, 2013 Permalink

    Give MJ a break…as a Duke grad, he obviously comes by his snarky attitude honestly.

  65. nEWTon
    1:35 pm April 16, 2013 Permalink

    I actually know this guy. As a PROUD member of the BBN, and a resident of Louisville. I can say this guy is a top notch dude. He actually volunteers at the same church as me, watching kids during the church service. So even though he is a U of L fan, I have to stand up for him.

  66. Brad
    1:44 pm April 16, 2013 Permalink

    That guy is my dentist.

  67. Dustin
    2:19 pm April 16, 2013 Permalink

    His name is Mike Belluchi, AKA “Buddah.” 50 & 51 are absolutely right. If this guy was wearing BLUE & White you would love him. He leads the cheers for half of Papa’s every game. Don’t be so judgmental. His appearance might not be what you prefer but as a person it get’s no better than this man.

  68. Mike w
    2:31 pm April 16, 2013 Permalink

    I know this guy HahA. Budah

  69. Mike w
    2:42 pm April 16, 2013 Permalink

    And 50 51 you are right great fan. Why hate?cool cat go real.

  70. Mike w
    2:43 pm April 16, 2013 Permalink

    I know this guy. And 50 51 you are right great fan. Why hate? Fans on here sounding like little brother. Don’t hate congratulate.

  71. HAHA
    3:05 pm April 16, 2013 Permalink

    That dude went to Trinity and used to be in a rich white kid gang called the T-Mob.

  72. BILLY F
    3:07 pm April 16, 2013 Permalink

    I know this dude…he is a standup guy. He Loves his Cards, I’m a Big Blue fan and we have went back and forth at a couple of cookouts…good times. Quit the hate…he’s nothing like the Joe Dirt guy at the airport when Cal showed up in Lexington the 1st night. GO CATS! BRING ON #9!

  73. HAHA
    3:08 pm April 16, 2013 Permalink

    He might be a good dude now, but they all used to do drugs and run around trying to start fights with people.

  74. TheNewOriginal
    3:11 pm April 16, 2013 Permalink

    KSR, once again, an embarrassment to UK athletics. Any one of the writers would be screaming for security if they ever met the guy face to face.

  75. bigbluebulldog
    3:21 pm April 16, 2013 Permalink

    Db fans only reason for being is to hate us/spend a fortune to win solely to try and show us up. They will not accept reality or will make up lies/act as one of us belittling the program in the hope of turning recruits against us. It is clear that when you spend more time worrying/hating about/a rival you can’t love your own team. We know we are the best,as does anyone else that can handle reality. Just look at the pic and you can tell they live in a bad MTV slimy shady video . Sad really. I’m sure when we once again dominate both major sports they will be in full blown denial,once again,and back in the ‘Krag’ where time stops and all memory is lost until such time as they can manage a winning season in the only 2a conference given a BcS bid. And act like it was comparable to the NFL B league we play in. Right.GBB!!!

  76. Buddha
    3:25 pm April 16, 2013 Permalink

    A: We all make mistakes….
    I have a long past….
    I’m sorry I’m not a perfect human being like yourself…..
    If you don’t mind me asking.. What’s your name..?
    I’m not the person you knew in High School and all praise to our Good Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for that!!
    B: T MOB never existed and was what the upper classmen called us because we were into friendship drugs and fighting… I’m not ashamed for who I am and an Ambassador for my Lord an Savior every day and evey way!!!

  77. TentaclesGZ
    3:41 pm April 16, 2013 Permalink

    Haha, i feel you are just that, haha…
    not all kids that go to trinity are rich and a lot of parents who work hard to send their kids there would resent that statement. furthermore, t-mob was coined by Grant Rueff and the class of 99 because we were a large group of rowdy individuals who happened to be friends, only lost kids actually claimed it.. and people such as yourself. everyone wanted to fight us, can’t control that. haha indeed!

  78. Mike W
    3:45 pm April 16, 2013 Permalink

    Buddha that just shows your on the right path. Cause the enemy is trying to attack you. Keep your head up and your faith in Christ. All they are doing is making you famous. I have been a Cats fan all my life. This post makes me sick. Why don’t you people profile him for being black Mexican or Jewish why your at it. And don’t forget to bro g in your rebel flags tonight. Heard it might rain.

  79. Big Buff
    3:53 pm April 16, 2013 Permalink

    Is his last name Syphier?

  80. BluKudzu
    3:58 pm April 16, 2013 Permalink

    Buddha, you rock. Never let those that think coarseness and prejudice is acceptable behavior. People amaze me when they think wit is defined by rudeness developed by spite.

    You are a great Amabassador for your Lord and Savior. You are a great Amabassador for all those who seek a different path from what they had. Be proud of your team, and the success of the Louisville atheletics program, they are having a stellar year.

    Go Big Blue. BBN, time to step up and be the class act we should be.

  81. FL
    4:02 pm April 16, 2013 Permalink

    This kind of judgemental trash talking crap is so aggravating and disappointing to me. Pretty pathetic when, what I assume to be, full grown adults anonymously post hateful comments on a website. Who cares if he is a current student or not? You have to be a current student to have school pride? I’m no longer a U of L student, I don’t even live in Kentucky anymore, should I not support my team anymore? And who cares what he was like in High School, that was many years ago and some people change. I’m sorry for you, #73, that you are still dwelling on the past. You should get over that. Everybody is an ass in highschool, I was, and you probably were one too. I’ve known him since 1999, through his family member, and he has always been nothing short of kind and genuine. This is an amazing man who has changed his life for the better, has devoted himself to God, and has the BIGGEST HEART OF ANYONE I KNOW. I’m happy to see that he isn’t letting any of this get him down. He knows who he is and what he stands for and I’m sure that’s more than what can be said for anyone posting those nasty comments. We love you and support you here in FL, Buddha!!

  82. GZ
    4:36 pm April 16, 2013 Permalink

    this post really backfired!
    goes to show BUDDHA is the fan of the month!!! not only in some of these BBN folks eyes, but in cardnation eyes as well! well done matt jones… what makes it even better, my guy BUDDHA will probably still shake your hand with a smile!!!!
    God Bless BUDDHA

  83. buddha4mayor
    5:01 pm April 16, 2013 Permalink

    KY fans are so pathetic it really is unfathomable. Speak of illiteracy, and bad hygiene, and trailer trash…..hmmm…Buddha is the coolest, most REAL dude you will ever have the pleasure of meeting! Buddha is a true success story, a true story of what the Grace of the Lord Jesus does with a person’s life who repents and turns to Him as Lord & Savior…Buddha is a walking, breathing, miracle!! KY fans, you outdid yourself with this one! I wonder if incoming recruits TRULY knew how racist you all were, would they really even CONSIDER coming there? Playing for a fan-base who, deep down, hate black people, but FRONT as long as they come and play basketball?? My goodness, and btw KY will NEVER be good at football!!! HAHAHA are you serious??? talk about a pipe dream! S/O to the dude who previously that said they would dominate both major sports!!! LOLOLOL what are you smoking bro? UK fans, including Matt Jones punk a$$, just proved how racist, how prejudice, how PATHETIC they really are, once again!! I’m ashamed to call myself a UK fan at this point, what up UL I see ya doing big things!! Matt Jones deserves to be punched in the mouth, and man do I hope he gets it!!!! If I ever see him, I may be the one!! Where were all these diehard, bleed blue jokes of a fan during the Gillispie years? LOL wow, they really do come out of the woodwork!! Buddha you rock!! I know you personally, and I know you Bless, not Curse, but I guarantee any of these internet slick talkers wouldn’t say ANY of this to your face!!! Bunch of “hide behind the computer” bullies!! Let’s face it, it’s all about “What have you done for me lately” and if I recall, THAT’S THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHY BEHIND BUDDHA!!! We lost to Robert Morris in the NIT, FIRST ROUND!!! Come on guys, you serious?? Louisville 10, KY minus 50 for this one….And remember what our #1 recruiting class did for us last year??? So don’t be so sure to count your chickens on this recruiting class!!! KY EXPOSED for what it truly is!! Not a real college bball program, not real fans, FAKES FAKES AND MORE FAKES….tell me which was more of a TRUE team, this year’s LOU team or last year’s KY team?? LOU wins by a wide margin!! I hate KY fans, and I am officially going to the side that keeps it real!! LOUISVILLE BABY!!!! #BUDDHA4MAYOR

  84. GREEDO
    5:03 pm April 16, 2013 Permalink

    Just another PROUD UK fan and Louisville resident here to say that BUDDHA is the man. I think his response to all this hating speaks for itself. I don’t even get what’s so bad about the picture. The tattoos? The beard? Really? This is a stand up dude that LOVES his Cards. No shame in that.
    Stay up BUDDHA. Congrats to your Cards but you better bring it in 2014.

  85. Ruppeat Offender
    5:23 pm April 16, 2013 Permalink

    A CHRISTIAN who calls himself BUDDHA? Mmmkay. Lots of UL fans trolling around on here pretending to be UK fans. Get a grip, little bros and act like you’ve been there before.

    For those who are having a good time with UK’s downfall this year, let’s remember the Dirty Birds from 1987. One year after winning their last National Championship, the Cards go 18-14 and…you guessed it – they missed the tourney. Shiz happens. Talent moves on and leaves the cupboard bare. Talent like Deing, Siva and Smith.

    5:27 pm April 16, 2013 Permalink

    u r so stupid^ another UK fan living in the past!!!!! hahahaha, he took it back to 1987!!!!

    5:27 pm April 16, 2013 Permalink

    that may b the most recent one yet lmao

    5:29 pm April 16, 2013 Permalink

    we just remember the NATIONAL CHAMPIONS from a week ago, that’s all that matters!!! and next year with the talent we got coming, guarantee LOU makes the tourney, and goes far

  89. diehardUK
    5:34 pm April 16, 2013 Permalink

    The ignorant comments on here are a small representation of the UK fan base, every fan base has them, I personally know Buddha and can say he’s a good guy, when UK is on top he didn’t hate, he’s just an example of what a true fan is, catch up w u at Dre’s Buddha

  90. bluegrassjimmy
    5:49 pm April 16, 2013 Permalink

    #65 so he is a pedifile, sure looks like it to me!

  91. Josh thomas
    6:09 pm April 16, 2013 Permalink

    I go to church with this guy. He’s one of the best dudes I know. Literally one of the most selfless, caring guys around. Just my 2 cents.

  92. Marshall
    6:52 pm April 16, 2013 Permalink

    Clowns… your mothers should have swallowed. Buddha, you are a solid dude, these characters don’t represent any CATS fans I know.

  93. WJCOE
    6:56 pm April 16, 2013 Permalink

    Buddha is a friend and a gentleman. He has a different style than you, wears different clothes, etc- doesn’t make him a bad dude or ignorant. Ignorance, by definition, is trivializing a culture you don’t understand- something many, but not all UK fans here, have done. Stay up Buddha.

  94. Propheter
    7:03 pm April 16, 2013 Permalink

    One of greatest people I have ever met in my life, someone that everyone can take a page out his book and learn how to be a better person. Sad idiots hate to try to bring someone else down when all they are doing is making them selfs look bad. Some of these people are really making BBN look bad. Way to go! #buddhaformayor.

  95. Uncle Sam
    7:31 pm April 16, 2013 Permalink

    Conceived at the State Fair, White Trash Carival Circus worker.

  96. LoveThisPic
    7:38 pm April 16, 2013 Permalink

    I work with this guy and it’s true to say he is the biggest fan louisville’s got, and by half the crap I have read on here he has more class then most of you. In fact anytime you watch louisville play, and don’t lie cause you do, he is sure to come across your screen so quite hating and go back to planning for next year, first round NIT butt hurts cause Robert Morris raped me LOSERS……

  97. KSR lost here...
    8:23 pm April 16, 2013 Permalink

    This is one if the most sad and disappointing posts I have ever seen on any website.

    I have two degrees from UK but this post makes me ashamed of the fanbase. Buddha has one of the best stories in this state but I guess this site didn’t care to look into that.

    I have some stories about the guys that run this site but you don’t see another site airing out your dirty laundry.

    Shame on you KSR. Shame on you.

  98. binnngo
    8:50 pm April 16, 2013 Permalink

    So UKKK fans on here think tattoos are “ghetto” but 80% of their players are covered in them.

  99. L1C4 Buddha
    8:51 pm April 16, 2013 Permalink

    Buddha you are my hero!!!! KSR and Matt Jones you should be proud. You officially made a complete A$$ of yourself. Your credibility has now sunk to the lowest of lows. I don’t know this guy personally but I can promise you this. He is the loudest and proudest card fan I have ever seen. BBN you should tell Mr Matt Jones he has embarrassed your school to the hilt. HAHAHAHAHA THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!! BUDDHA !!!! YOU DO WHAT YOU DO AND KEEP THOSE L’s UP!!!! I SEE YA!!!

    8:53 pm April 16, 2013 Permalink

    Get over yourselves people. No way all of you know this guy. Go back to ul and enjoy your first title in a while. BTW, congrats.
    As for this guy dressed like a damn fool, THANK YOU KSR for posting it. He should be made fun of daily.
    It is exactly what ul fans look like and it is hilarious.
    Now, isnt it time for an appt at the abortion clinic?

  101. HAHAHA
    9:12 pm April 16, 2013 Permalink

    Hey 100…to bad you weren’t aborted!! Hey your baseball team is playing HAHAHA…take that BEAT DOWN!!!! GO BRUSH YOUR TOOTH HILLBILLY!!! I KNOW!!! WAIT TILL FOOTBALL SEASON>>>OH WAIT>>>>WE HAVE MORE CHAMPIONSHIPS>>>OH OH WE HAVE THE TWINS COMING!!!!LMAO!!!! HILLBILLY TRASH!!!

  102. Me
    10:51 pm April 16, 2013 Permalink

    Not one other person thinks he looks like Fred Durst? Really? Just me?

  103. Feesh
    12:02 am April 17, 2013 Permalink

    Matt Jones is the most insecure person I have ever seen or heard in my life. His entire shtick is to make fun of the way other people look. Meanwhile, he’s fat, balding, 38yrs old and single, and doesn’t have an athletic bone in his body. Not to mention the foaming at the mouth that he is admittedly known to do on occasion. So, what does he do? He posts pictures of people on his website making fun of the way that other people look. Pathetic. Flat out pathetic. But I guess when you run a sports blog and the program that you blog about is getting run over by their rival on the fields of play, then you’ve got to resort to the same old tired crap… Line beards, flat bills, tattoos, hair plugs, or whatever physical feature of another human he can come up with. Not to mention Jones’ complete and total obsession with anything and everything UL.

  104. HEY 101
    12:11 am April 17, 2013 Permalink

    HEY 100!
    First of all, I would much rather be a hillbilly than anything you baby killing, thug loving, probably fudge packing promoters stand for.
    Thanks for the automatic replys of what i would say but as usual you are wrong. Better luck next time. Hopefully it wont take 26 yrs for you to be correct again.

  105. Buddha
    1:38 am April 17, 2013 Permalink

    I can’t lie… All day it felt like BBN stood for Buddha’s Broadcast Network!!!
    All I can say is…..
    UK excels in certain areas as does UL!!!
    As for the insults, I just hope you or your children don’t have to deal with judgemental people
    We live in a disturbing world and without the will to grow, change and Forgive… (No matter what school you root for), it will remain disturbing and dark
    I.e. Boston Marathon etc…
    Get off the Internet and make changes in the world!!
    Grow as men and women!!
    And as to who I look like….??
    I think I look like George Clooney!!! Haha
    To all my folks that stood up for me on this zany day!!!
    Love each and every one of you times 10!!
    And to the ones who were just Havin fun..I wish you the best of lives!!!
    Soli Deo Gloria!!!! To God Alone be all the Glory!!
    Yes I am a Christian named Buddha!

  106. GO AWAY
    4:20 am April 17, 2013 Permalink


  107. CrakhedBill
    9:34 am April 17, 2013 Permalink

    Lets have a picnic!

  108. CrakhedBill
    9:37 am April 17, 2013 Permalink

    106, do you like sandwiches?
    this guy has a nice tongue!
    big buddha network, would look nice in the blue and white!

  109. Russ Meredith
    1:53 pm April 17, 2013 Permalink

    Buddha, I’m glad I waited to post something on here just to see how far some of these fans would take it. I hope Matt Jones has the spine to come out and apologize for some of his fans comments but I won’t hold my breath. We’ve been friends for a long time now and it’s amazing to know how many lives you’ve touched throughout the years, including my own. Keep up the positive attitude brother, much love!

  110. Feesh
    3:00 pm April 17, 2013 Permalink

    Matt Jones isnt going to come on here and apologize. Hes an asshat of epic proportions.

  111. The Two- Headed Dog Boy
    7:49 pm April 18, 2013 Permalink

    Yeah I know this guy too!! I work with him…we are both side-show carnival freaks….I am the two-headed dog boy and he is….ah well just look at him and you will see. Funny thing is, as strange as I look, people say I look more normal than he does…go figure.