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Louisville Doctor Hilariously Unhappy About UK Football Billboards


pic via Beisner

This was an actual letter to the editor published in the Courier Journal today. I think we can all agree after reading this that Dr. Friedland would be about the worst person to hang out with imaginable.

UPDATE: Here is a picture of the good doctor


Article written by Matt Jones

132 Comments for Louisville Doctor Hilariously Unhappy About UK Football Billboards

  1. ribin
    3:47 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    Dude get a grip !!!!

  2. the poseyville pisser
    3:48 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    This guy is a joke!

  3. TheBurghCat
    3:48 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    The Doc was kind of eloquent in a bizarre sort of way.

    It’s just sports and all in fun so lighten up there Doc.

  4. NineWillBeFine
    3:51 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    Life isn’t a battle? Wrong. If you don’t fight for things you will ultimately lose. I would think a doctor would have a better sense of hard work and dedication to something, which was clearly the spirit of the posters. What an overly sensitive moron this doctor must be.

  5. ktmiln2
    3:51 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    And after we’re done expressing compassion we can sit in a circle and braid each others’ hair while we all sing Kumbaya

  6. NineWillBeFine
    3:52 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink


    He looks like as much of a p*ssy as I imagined from his whining, pathetic letter.

  7. athoff
    3:52 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    Pretty sure the MD stands for “Major Douche”.

  8. CatsFanFrankfort
    3:53 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    Even doctors can be idiots. There are several definitions of the word ‘attack’ to which he turns a blind eye.

    The best part is the ‘coach can urge his over-sized players to attack’…..As though the opponents are weak and fragile.

  9. JPhelps
    3:53 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    Little brother being a tattle tail… “Mommy, big brother is being mean…”

  10. Dr. Gokatz
    3:53 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    Why waste his time writing a letter to an editor about a 2-10 team?
    Why I aks, why?

  11. Bugz Bun E
    3:56 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    Ehhhh…whats up [your ass] doc?

  12. Musehobo
    3:57 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    I’m in shock. This is guy is the worst. I doubt he could find one UL player to (seriously) agree with him.

  13. Nacho
    3:58 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    I’m pretty sure when they made that billboard they were going with this definition: “criticize somebody or something: to subject somebody or something to strong or vehement criticism”

  14. Sheriff Buford T. Justice
    3:58 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    Escape goat?

  15. MikeMan
    3:59 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    I really like when people define common words to prove a point. It is both informational and original.

  16. DavenderCatTheSequel
    4:00 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    I heard a thousand doctors say a thousand times they are gonna “attack” someone’s cancer. My eyes are stuck because they rolled so much.

  17. Musehobo
    4:00 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    You know Dr. Friedlander, words influence our conscious and unconscious life in powerful ways. Calling our players “over-sized” could lead to eating disorders.

  18. Highway119
    4:01 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    So, the doctor is worried about the subliminal messages we send to the public in our billboard, and yet he is a doctor with the word “Fried” in his last name? Glass houses doc…glass houses. Go CATS…ATTACK (whiny loserville doctors) EVERYDAY!

  19. Dan
    4:04 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink


    You are assuming this guy is a UofL fan simply because he is from Louisville? I’m sure this guy has no interests in sports other than synchronized swimming and competitive ballroom dance.

  20. WRB
    4:05 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    Only thing I see here is another ul dumbass.

  21. asdf
    4:05 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    18, good observation. If chemo starts being compassionate to cancer cells instead of attacking them, society definitely won’t be better off.

  22. Dr. Freud
    4:07 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    I suspect that Dr. Friedland repeatedly had to turn his lunch money over to the high school bully. That bully was probably a football team member. Hense the intense trauma created by a simply sports billboard. Furthermore, Dr. Bob was almost certainly sucking his thumb when he penned the letter, longing for the days when mama would protect and feed him.

  23. JTurn4
    4:07 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    He probably would’ve also hated my basketball coach yelling “Stick it in ’em!”, complete with the twisting thrusting hand motion.

  24. jvice
    4:08 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    Lotsa hate here for what was clearly a well-intentioned letter.

  25. lamesville
    4:09 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    He sounds like the type of guy who only eats salads and bird watches. I guess he doesn’t like our fight song either. TILL THE BATTLE IS WON…..

  26. Dr. Theo
    4:09 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    I have to disagree with my counterpart. Life is a battle. Coming from a Dr. I am surprised he expressed himself like this. Truly surprising. Wait, he’s a UL fan. All ok! All is good on his side I guess. Go Big Blue!

  27. lamesville
    4:10 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    @29 – clearly this is your first time to the site.

  28. Them cats is good
    4:11 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    He one of them
    doctors that go see The Vagina Monologues before he see a football game

  29. Moose
    4:12 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

  30. lamesville
    4:12 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    I meant 26

    4:13 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink


  32. MustangCat
    4:14 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    wonder if he’s a liberal democrat? Wonder if he supports the racist, violent responses of the left concerning the Zimmerman verdict? I wonder if he supports the violence of the occupy movement, that goes unreported by our mainstream media? I wonder if he’s pro-abortion? I hope the answer to each of these is no…… (i wonder if this gets past the censorship on KSR here?)

  33. Andrew Cassady
    4:14 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    No fun allowed

  34. Algebra III
    4:17 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    ZaDerius and Mister

  35. Sir Brandon
    4:17 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    Shall I compare thee to a Summer’s Eve…

  36. He's bout to get a phone call!
    4:17 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    Gonna call his office and describe how his life isn’t a battle line is bullshit. This is why I hate upper class people who flaunt. Just because they don’t have to worry about bills doesn’t mean the rest of don’t. Football players should attack their goals everyday just as the rest of should. Don’t see how he thinks Coach Stoops and the marketing department are inciting violent. Obviously this man got “attacked” quite a bit in school.

  37. jcatron
    4:17 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    34) seriously… you kind of remind me of this Dr. Friedland. Kin folk?

  38. Young Gun
    4:19 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    Vince Lombardi would get a good laugh from reading this guy’s letter.

  39. Mike Ranney
    4:21 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    Do you think this guy’s serious or just another typical UofL fan bashing on the Cats?

  40. ricky
    4:24 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    Go BigBlue!!!!!

    4:26 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    Probably a democrat!

  42. Brad Peavler
    4:27 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    Nerd Alert.

  43. Joni
    4:28 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    This is so laughable. Go cats!

  44. Kbo24
    4:28 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    If that billboard is the most offensive thing he sees all day, I’d say he lives an extremely sheltered life.

  45. Sir Brandon
    4:29 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    He hath a logical inconsistency. Compassionate people useth not thinly veiled ad hominem attacks (labeling our good Cayts “over-sized players”). Shaketh my head.

  46. Bald Guy
    4:29 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    UofL fans only have the two extremes… linebeards or weirdos of this character. Small game in town… After Bridgewater leaves and the cheaters are exposed the paper empire will burn faster than toilet paper soaked in gasoline.

  47. RealCatsFan
    4:29 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    Wonder if he is related to the late Mister Rogers?

  48. Magnum's Mustache
    4:31 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    Anyone notice that the cowardly doctor failed to identify himself as a UL faculty member in his editorial. Proving once again that UL doesn’t believe in integrity

  49. Joni
    4:31 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    He is afraid his little birdies are going to get defeathered soon!

  50. lssel's two front teeth
    4:33 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    He looks like Chevy Chase! So maybe he’s just kidding?

  51. me
    4:36 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    matt probably one of your democrat buds

  52. Hypocrasy
    4:36 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    Had this guy as a professor in med school. He has every student read one of his manuscripts and the key word in it is “fierce.” He asks us the next day, what the key word in the manuscript was. The implication is to be fierce about advancing our education. How he can have us use an aggressive word in an otherwise benign phrase and then turn around and chastise Stoops for using an aggressive word for an otherwise benign activity is hypocrisy at its finest, Louisville fan or not.

  53. Hypocrisy (not an a)
    4:38 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    how I can misspell my username is also in poor form…oops!

  54. Jason
    4:38 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    Has the good doctor picked on Horace for “carpe diem”? defines seize as “to take hold of suddenly or forcibly; grasp: to seize a weapon.”

    Shouldn’t Horace have spared us this aggressive language, or is the doctor unhappy with a 2,200 year old philosophy of life?

  55. this guy for real
    4:39 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    He’d prefer his messages be more positive….like u of L’s tenants:

    No guns.
    Dont rape women.
    Dont harass women.
    Hold the door for people.
    Say please and than you
    Dont rape people
    No guns (or real sharp knives)

  56. Raleigh Cat Fan
    4:39 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    Life is a battle. What kind of elitist is he. For people in his own city it is a battle. Maybe he should read “Stamina” byt Derek Anderson. Then tell me he doesn’t think life is a battle.

  57. PennsylvaniaWildcat
    4:43 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    Clearly Dr. Friedland is “spreading the love” in his message. Wouldn’t be surprised if a cease & desist letter is on the way.

  58. this guy for real
    4:45 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    No…seriously guys….PLEASE no guns or rape…..I’m begging you …..pretty please…with a cherry on top. Thanks fellas.


    Charlie Strong

  59. Ready 5
    4:46 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    By writing this nonsense, the good doctor has basically announced to the world he is still a virgin.

  60. this guy for real
    4:47 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    No guys….I mean it this time. I mean…..I know you play for Louisville and your getting pulled in many directions. Rape someone….shoot at someone….rape someone….shoot someone

    Its tough guys….I get it. But lets try not to do either of those things the next few months.

    Long live u of l.

    Thanks for your time.

    Ps- please think of our 5 tenants when you are about to grab a gun or harass a woman. Peace out fellas

  61. ky_cats_fan
    4:48 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink


  62. Magnum's Mustache
    4:49 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    For happy hour tonight, you will likely find Dr. Friedland having a stiff one at Connections. He is going to have a FABULOUS time trying to forget about those scary billboards.

  63. UKLooavillian
    4:56 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    I’m sure Coach String isn’t asking his players to show compassion to their opponents either. If so, there would be no football, no competition. Let’s just suit these boys in bubbles and give them all participation trophies just for showing up.

  64. Gross
    4:57 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    He probably was the one who performed the sex changein Jurich and ate his foreskin on a crumpet.

  65. Ron Swanson
    4:59 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    Everything is a battle. My mustache alone has more manliness and testosterone than Dr. Friedland’s body

  66. Ozzie
    5:01 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    It said in his biography that he transferred from UK med school to Mount Sinai
    What conference is Mount Sinai in?
    They must be an NAIA med school
    My advice to him is to go get a medical degree from a BCS med school before we can take you seriously

  67. Craig
    5:02 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    And he thought Obamacare would be what ruined his practice…

  68. UKLooavillian
    5:03 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    I had a battle with a turd just about thirty minutes ago. It was really ATTACKING my sphincter

  69. larrythecg
    5:03 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    I bet my 7 year old can kick his ass. Hey, he’s a doctor, he can afford to show compassion, the rest of us have to survive!

  70. UKLooavillian
    5:07 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    I was so hungry today, I ATTACKED a Big Mac but I really didn’t mean it any harm.

  71. Mark
    5:07 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    Goober alert!! Goober alert!!

  72. UKLooavillian
    5:09 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    Over-sized players? They’re not fat, they’re husky! Actually can’t wait to see the beasts Stoops and Co. have turned them into.

  73. arlo
    5:14 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    life is not a battle? maybe not if your mommy and daddy paid for you to go to school and become a doctor so you could make millyuns of $$ off insurance companies, and not have to battle for a paycheck alongside the likes of people named arlo.

  74. Dr JD Esquire
    5:17 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    What a bookworm dork! A disgrace

  75. KG
    5:19 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    He probably is a great Doctor but he’s also a lousy philophoser

  76. Spoonamore
    5:22 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    Go choke yourself out

    How’s that for aggression?


  77. Ogre
    5:24 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink


    Nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd

    He’s probably anti belching contests but I bet he loves the Omega Moos!

  78. Mugsy
    5:30 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    He wrote it so Tim Sullivan wouldn’t. Thank goodness

  79. Michael Dyer
    5:36 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    I’m going to absolutely run all over your poor, puffed up, fat little Cayts this year.

  80. Jen
    5:49 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    Dear hateful dullards and inane twits of the BBN, the author of the letter makes a good point. Life is not a battle. Of course if you have a low level of consciousness, as so many of you do, that statement won’t make a lot of sense. I simply hope one day your perspectives will broaden enough to see the sense in the doctor’s letter.

  81. Can you
    5:55 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    Liberal Logic.

  82. PhilUK18
    5:57 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink


    If you think that little of your fellow Cats fans, then why don’t you just go be a UL fan? What am I talking about though, I’m sure you are already. And no, the doctor’s letter doesn’t make any good points. It’s pathetic, passive aggressive, and misses the entire point of the billboards due to the obvious Cardinal coloring of his glasses. I can see from your post that you’re a weak, overly sensitive creature just like the doctor. Why don’t you just go suck him off then and leave the rest of BBN alone?

  83. theSkinny81
    5:57 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    37 (Sir Brandon) Wins!!!

  84. paintsville'sdairyqueen
    6:05 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    81. Dyer will be in jail before Sept 14 so…

  85. Bec
    6:24 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink


    While we’re teaching compassion, how about some lessons in context?

    Someone needs to get out of the classroom a bit more.

  86. Kacee
    6:28 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    Doc is a major hypocrite. He preaches compassion yet resorts to name-calling by using the “over-sized” term. What a Douche.

  87. yearsendingin9
    6:28 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    He is correct. Billboards pollute public space. Some of the most livable cities in the U.S. have banned them. They can superimpose their message over our current thoughts. If a person just left the meditative cushion, for example, and was practicing tonglen – breathing in aggression and out compassion, such a billboard would be an unwanted intrusion. However, one zen master was known to travel with his nemesis, just to be reminded to stay mindful, so perhaps the Dr. could look at the billboard as a trigger to return to his breath. I am glad he had the courage to speak up, in Lexington, KY.

  88. Dr. Grudge
    6:38 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    His bio states he “attended” the University of Kentucky. Must still be carrying a grudge because he didn’t get a football scholarship offer to be the waterboy.

  89. Bradley
    6:42 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    69. Doubtful. This guy is clearly a liberal. No chance he didn’t cast his vote for the Messiah.

  90. Beatle Bum
    6:50 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    Compassionately Attack Every Day!!! Suckah!!!!

  91. PhilUK18
    7:00 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    I find it extremely funny that he uses the literal definition of attack throughout his whole, pitiful little letter (seriously, who writes letters to the editors of papers these days? people like this guy, I guess) but then at the end makes us all aware that he gets it’s a metaphor. You can’t have it both ways, doc. Either you’re so stupid that you literally think the billboards are a call to violence, or you get that it’s a metaphor. Either way, he fails on pretty much every level with his ridiculous crap.

  92. Beatle Bum
    7:02 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    Spare the metaphor, ATTACK the messenger!!!!!

  93. Paula
    7:28 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    I’ll betcha Dr Freakazoid write his little letter while sitting in his tightie-whities!! What a complete douche!! Doc, write yourself a script & pray for legalized marijuana-you sir need it!!

  94. Do whut?
    7:47 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    Lighten up Francis.

  95. just another "rube"
    7:57 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    hey…without even bothering to read any of the other comments yet…and I will…but this much I can tell you from the get go…liberal socialist…if not worse…and these ARE the people educating our kids these days as well…and not only that, but- at the same time- filling their heads with the idea that the rest of us are nothing more than a bunch of uneducated “clinging to our guns and religion” rubes…for those of you who do not know what a “rube” is, it is basically an uneducated hick…you young folks had better wake up and smell the coffee and realize that you have been taught revisionist history…systematically poisoned to believe that Capitalism is “bad”…and God only knows what else…and that this has all been done very much on purpose and with a specific agenda in mind…hell, just what I am saying here is going to cause a lot of folks veins in their head to bulge…if not pop! And these are the “tolerant” ones? Yes. They are tolerant. As long as you agree with them 100% of the time, they love you. But have an opposing view or opinion? You best watch your back. And I am D O N E DONE walking around on eggshells to accommodate their idea of what is “politically correct”…at some point, those of whose who know better are either going to have to stand and fight for what’s right…oooh…I should not have said the word “fight”! OMG! I am sending the “wrong message”! What I mean by that is to stand up and speak out for what we believe in…ok? Ya know Obama…Mr. “reach across the aisle” and “work together”…lol…what a joke…when he got elected the 1st time…said stuff about if we want to show up for a knife fight, then he’s bringing a gun…and also…when he was 1st elected…said that the “rest of us”…meaning us who are Republican and Conservative…we could “go along for the ride” if we want…but we would have to sit on the back of the bus…well I- for one- Mr President…am not about to sit on the “back of the bus” anymore than Rosa Parks should have…and did not…and btw…for all of you “educated” folk…it was Republicans that fought for and pushed for Civil Rights…and the Democrats who fought it…and if you’ve been taught different? Then you were lied to about that as well…along with everything else…so lay down your Blind Faith…and seek the truth…I could go all night…but I won’t…but I could…easily…but let me wrap THIS up with THIS…the game of football is already under Liberal attack folks…and those of us who are paying any attention at all, such as myself? I don’t believe that football as we know it will even still exist as a sport in America within the next 20-25 years…it’s too violent…too inhumane…too many rich white folks getting richer on the backs (and the multiple concussions) of the black man…well, someone please ask Randall Cobb if he wants for football to be banned and to give up his multi-million dollar contract with the Packers…and all his ednorsement monies as well…so he can go get a “real, regular job” and live half-assed like the rest of us…I am telling you people…you better wake up…and stop allowing these liberal “elites” (self-proclaimed I might add) tell the rest of us how to live our lives…whether it be not being able to purchase any larger than a 16 Oz soft drink in NYC under Mayor Bloomberg’s RULE…the First Lady’s attack on the Big Mac…stay out of my damn stomach and out of my kitchen and don’t tell me what I can and cannot eat thank you very much…I am telling you…all you leftist Obama supporters had better wake up…what’s that? Huh? What? Oh, so it’s fine because you agree with everything Obama is doing, huh? Are YOU really THAT naive? Let me tell you folks…it does not give me one ounce of pleasure in knowing that in the near future everyone will regret all of this…I just want to stop it from happening…before it is too late…I will end with this…all of you who believe that America is some “bad” place that was “unjustly founded”…and that Capitalism “sucks” and that “collectivism” (the new word apparently for Socialism these days) is “good”? Just ask yourself this one question. If that all is so…then how on earth did America become the most prosperous and free nation in the history of planet earth??? With everyone else around the world desperately trying to come here? And how is that every Socialist/Marxist/Communist nation on earth has failed miserably? You leftists talk about the so-called “one percent”? at least we have a middle class…for now…but if we keep going down this present road? The real one percent will be the “ruling class”…the government…the President, the Senators, the Congressman…and the rest of us? We will be come the majority underclass as exists in every socialist/marxist/communist nation on earth…at least check into it folks…seriously…do not wait until you wake up one day and the government both owns you and rules you…you will regret it very badly…but it will then be too late…and you have my word on that…and THIS folks is why Matt wants to expand KSR and have other forums…such as a political forum…to keep this sort of stuff out of the sports area…as it should be…and if this post lasts more than ten minutes before Matt, Drew, or Tyler remove it I will be in shock. If you do remove it tho guys and gals…do it bvecause of the length…and not because of the message…please…or has Obama outlawed Free Speech yet? I know he is working on it…just wondering…

  96. Jen
    8:03 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    84. Genius, I didn’t refer to the entire BBN, but rather the inane twits and hateful dullards, of which sadly there are many but not all.

  97. Jen
    8:04 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    97. You’re not even wrong. It’s like you took a math quiz and answered “apple.”

  98. Jen
    8:07 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    84. Actually, I’m fairly certain that if I wanted to do the damage to my soul, which I don’t, I could end your life with my bare hands.

  99. Jerns
    8:24 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    Im not going to even bother reading all these comments, I’m on my break and literally do not have the time. But this post was seriously hilarious. Thank you for sharing this.

  100. biff switters
    8:34 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    this guy probably got beat up on the playground very frequently probably even as recently as last week. What a *&^#tard. It’s football jack and in case you were wondering, Yes Alabama probably mentally views their task as war requiring an aggressive mentality. But hey maybe UK should start a non contact debate team opening and closing each match by joining hands and singing koombaya. Mitch could even spearhead a statewide effort to reappropriate Commonwealth for this USE ONLY but move ahead with the $160 million renovation. Yep I’d get season tickets to that.

  101. Strong
    8:38 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    Either way, you inbred are going to get the beating of a lifetime. 56 to 3. Stoops poops!

  102. PhilUK18
    9:30 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    Jen, after insulting lots of people within your own fan base you’re now resorting to making outlandish claims about how tough you are? Jesus, call it a f*cking day. If you genuinely believe that this man makes a valid point you’re either A) A Louisville fan troll or B) an incredibly soft person who’s lead an amazingly sheltered existence. Along with option B, I think it’s safe to assume that if you think life isn’t a battle you’ve never actually accomplished anything on your own, because anything worth accomplishing is worth fighting for (metaphorically, I don’t necessarily mean that literally, since you and the doctor seem confused on that distinction). So, which one is it? Are you option A or B?

  103. UKBlue
    9:36 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    Another liberal Dr. Spock everyone gets a trophy BS. This thinking is why kids are fat, lazy, entitled cry babies. It’s always funny to watch these people when they get hit upside the head with reality.

    Not that everyone doesn’t know this already; if UL takes Dyer, just shows UL hypocrisy. If it’s predictable it’s preventable; this kid can’t stay out of trouble, it’s in his blood. I hope UL does take Dyer, that way we can laugh at them when it inevitably blows up in their faces.

  104. PhilUK18
    9:43 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    And for the record, due to your pseudo intellectual, holier than thou attitude, I don’t think your soul needs much damaging. You already seem like a massive c*nt to me.

  105. Wildcatsteeler
    10:31 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    I agree with the doctor on this one. It takes an enlightened mind to think that way. Unfortunately 90% of BBN are close-minded, hate-filled, ignorant, racist, bigoted, wingnut Cons. As I sit here and watch the replay of “Hatfields and McCoys” on History Channel I see we haven’t progressed much in the last 150 years.

  106. Wildcatsteeler
    10:39 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    Want proof? Go look at all the other posts before and after this and the low 5 to 30 comments on them. Over 100 here. Nothing rouses the knuckle-draggers like hate.

  107. PhilUK18
    10:52 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink


    On the one hand you talk about what an enlightened mind you and the doctor must have, touting the advantages of civility. You then rip on 90% of the fans of the team you supposedly support as being hate filled bigots. Your entire post was the definition of bigotry, claiming everyone else is a fool for not agreeing with you (and not actually bringing any of your own, original thoughts to the table). Does the word hypocrite mean anything to you?

  108. C.Howitt Fields
    10:54 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    In my younger days I thought I was not smart enough to be a Doctor. Now I realize I was wrong.

  109. NineWillBeFine
    10:57 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    Jen, WildcatSteeler and the Doctor should go have a threesome and leave the rest of us alone. I bet Steeler is so miserable bc he lives in Pittsburgh. What a disgusting pit of despair that city is.

  110. BBN = Largest Troll Base Ever
    11:22 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    #109-Does the phrase “Full of Sh!t” mean anything to you? This entire post is ripping on a guy that is man enough to give his opinion.

  111. Yeah...
    11:24 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink


    Of course that’s what this entire post is. Here in the real world, when your opinion is stupid and blows something WAY out of proportion, sometimes people will laugh at you and mock you. Sorry, but that’s reality

  112. Jack
    11:27 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    Only the fair-minded C-J would run an anti-UK letter from a UL Professor and not identify him as such. Ass does neurological research on the effects of aging and apparently doesn’t have to go far to find subjects. Whoops, is that an attack?

  113. Next Billboard
    11:31 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    The next billboard UK puts out for the football team in Louisville should read

    “Kindly suggest every day that all your problems, obstacles, and competitors remove themselves from your path. Meanwhile, explain to them that you understand their plight and sympathize, and feel horrible about even attempting to defeat them”

    Because, you know, that isn’t at all ridiculous…

  114. NotFirst
    11:31 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    First, let me state that I bleed blue. Second, I have played and watched and love basketball and football.

    That said.. some of the good docs from UofL Neurosurgery saved my life a few years ago when I was suffering from a subdural hematoma (bleeding in the skull) after taking a blow to the head. When I say suffering, I mean I was unable to sleep, eat, or even think clearly for 3 days, the pain was so intense — all I could think about was how much pain I was in.

    Now I realize Neurosurgery and Neurology are different departments, but understand this. These are not just teachers.. these are doctors that see patients and treat patients, and these doctors see people suffering from brain injuries every day, several times a day. Some of them are without question injuries from football and other sports. While I personally think his letter is silly, maybe we could all stop and realize that people do get hurt — some in a life altering way — while playing contact sports and that these doctors and their associates are the ones that heal and rehab them. Or in some cases, tell patients that they’ll never have use of their arm again. Or tell families they will taking care of vegetables for the rest of their lives.

    Call me whatever you want, but after having to tell a parent that their child is severely brain damaged a few times, I might write a silly letter too.

    And, I mean no offense to KSR because I love this site.. but “outing” a doctor by posting his pic on the site is pretty f***ing low, IMO.

  115. Next Billboard
    11:36 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink


    I understand your sentiment, and thank you for explaining your thoughts on the matter rather than simply saying “I’m with the Doctor, if you aren’t you’re really stupid!!!!!!!!!”. However, I and many others feel that the guy is blowing the whole thing out of proportion. It’s an ad for a football team/season for God sake. If something that trivial really has such an effect on the doctor’s day, perhaps he should take up a hobby or something, because his mind is too free to wander in his off time.

  116. Clam
    11:38 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    I think the guy is over reacting in a nerdy way to a billboard, but reading these dipshit comments make me sad to be a UK fan. Please get find something else to do on Friday night.

  117. Next Billboard
    11:39 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    Further, I would suggest that a doctor should encourage his patients to try their best to fight/attack/whatever any illness or malady they may incur. The whole slogan “attack every day” seems more like an inspirational “seize the day” kind of thing to me, which is why I find the complaint from Dr. Friedland so bizarre and pointless.

  118. Bluetruth
    11:50 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    Some of you all are writing too long of posts. No one is going to read those. Let’s just say screw this idiot doctor. He’s the kid who got picked last in gym class

  119. Bluetruth
    11:52 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    118 – Something else to do? You’re here too idiot.

  120. I'llGetYou
    11:52 pm July 26, 2013 Permalink

    This Doctor, and anyone who agrees with him, is going to face my wrath. I have like 8 samurai swords, 3 pirate era flintlock pistols, 5 katanas, 12 throwing stars and a bow staff. Yeah. So bring it, Doc. I’m going to attack YOU every day!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!

  121. NotFirst
    12:07 am July 27, 2013 Permalink

    Next Billboard – As I said, I thought the letter was silly. And personally, I like the billboards. The billboards are clearly trying to pump the fans, not encourage players to hurt one another. And I didn’t like that the doc took a pot shot at UK and ignored the fact that UofL is just as guilty.. I mean just the mantra “L1C4” should be an insult to anyone with a 3rd grade education, much less a degree in medicine. But, UofL students do need to work on their letters and numbers, so…

    Anyway, I just feel a personal obligation to doctors, as I’ve been a patient and seen the bad shape some of their patients are in. All I’m saying is, if anyone has a right to express their feelings on violence in sports, it’s the guy who’s job it is to help those who were unlucky enough to get hurt. Even though I personally disagree with him.

  122. YSR2KSR
    12:24 am July 27, 2013 Permalink

    since the good dr is so focused on compassion im sure he refuses the crazy money doctors make off the illness of others. the number one cause of personal bancruptcies r medical bills. im sure the compassionate dr is working diligently to make sure his pay is more in line with others care givers like firefighters, paramedics and nurses

  123. CatInTheVille
    1:40 am July 27, 2013 Permalink

    This guy is the Neurology Chairman at UofL Medicine.

  124. chris
    2:22 am July 27, 2013 Permalink

  125. MyWay
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    #124 – The student loans for a neurosurgeon are a bit higher than a fireman or nurse. How much were your loans to become a sandwich artist? Because I can make my BLT much cheaper at home.

  126. jerns
    6:12 am July 27, 2013 Permalink

    After finally reading all the comments (whew)… I have come to this decision. UL fans/trolls, you stink. Like the bad B.O. you play against in a game and it screws up your game. Eff you, I personally hate you. This fair doctor/anyone else who wants to analyze an “attack evey day” philosophy as barbaric and not a basic principle of life would have darwinized themselves out of existence 50 years ago. Peraonally I love the fact that our new coaching staff wants to inspire us as a fanbase and in ou

  127. jerns
    6:20 am July 27, 2013 Permalink

    Ourselves* I will not attack this fella but please do not attack our coach’s philosophy on how to handle day to day life. Aggressive, not violent. Get used to it.

  128. Mack Abeese
    8:11 am July 27, 2013 Permalink

    #4….thanks for the info link.

    Perhaps, Dr. F. dislikes UofK since he transferred away from the med school back to NYC.

    #97…..bullet points.

  129. Gotta say it
    9:04 am July 27, 2013 Permalink

    I wonder if MustangCat still wears a gender-bender.

  130. fairfan
    9:19 pm July 27, 2013 Permalink

    I bet he is not unhappy with all the money UOFL is making off of the Yum center…