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Lofton Saves the Vols Again


Now that was a fun game. With a loud crowd, a great deal of orange and the comedy commentary of the Mosley/Barry Booker beside me, watching the Tennessee-South Carolina game was one of my better basketball experiences of the year. Most of our early second half watching was focused on the Tennessee cheerleader with a lisp, the fat Tennessee basketball player and making Dave Odom jokes (did you know he coached Tim Duncan?), the end of the game was pure entertainment. Chris Lofton, after throwing up a clunker for most of the day, gets the last play drawn up for him again and he hits the big three to give the Vols the win. Of course there was controversy as Tyler Smith threw a South Carolina player on the ground for a no-call, which led the referee to make the oddest decision of all time (because the South Carolina player was out of bounds, Tennessee got the ball). But in the end, the back and forth between the two teams made this a great SEC Tournament game. Crowd loud and energy in the building….the Vols are bringing something to the table here.

— The SEC legends for this tournament are a fairly weak bunch. UK brings Kyle Macy to the table, which is great, but other than that, I am left with Bernard King as the only one that is exciting. Seeing Hugh Durham again is good I guess, but have we really already dipped deep enough to include Barry Goheen and Stacey Poole?

— Lot of UK buzz around the place today as we get ready for the big game tonight. UK media is everywhere, which is cool to see. Everyone ranging from Tom Leach to Jerry Tipton to John Clay to Larry Vaught to Mike Pratt to Martin Newton is stalking the sidelines. UK media are just like UK fans, they like the sport and come, even when they dont have to be here.

— Crazy security guy today is wearing a white shirt unbuttoned down almost to his nipples….dyed tips to his frosty hair and an intense look on his face that is indescribably funny. When the teams are about to run onto the court, he actually leads the group, which means you get to see him at the front of the line of a number of basketball players…..he really is one of the most absurd people on earth.

— Just like Charles Barkley, there is no one nicer than his former coach Sonny Smith. Been here for every game and just eating up the basketball. My kind of guy….

— Going to go catch the Bruce Pearl press conference. More later, including an interesting conversation I had with one of the non-Kentucky media members here about Tubby Smith’s recruiting struggles….

And here for your listening pleasure is our Thursday Podcast from the CNN center

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Article written by Matt Jones