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Live Blog Interview with Scott Padgett

While we did our Derby Classic Live Blog, we let you folks ask questions to Scott Padgett throughout….here were some of his comments:


[Comment From BCR]
What was your greatest memory as a Wildcat?

Scott: Winning hte championship in 1998….especially after being so close in 1997

What does Scott think of the dribble drive offense?

Scott: I think its an exciting style of offense especially the way it will help bring in talented players and people will be able to use their skills and show their skill set and fans will love the up and down style

please dispel that tubby won with pitino players theory

Scott: We were Pitino’s players but Coach Smith had to make decisions all year and throughout the tournament and those decisions helped us win. His coaching was a big reason we won and made great decisions during the tournament. He is a great coach and calling the plays during the Duke and Stanford games, Tubby did his thing. We were Rick’s players but we were Tubby’s team

[Comment From Houston Matt]

Scott, How closely do NBA players in general follow their alma maters? What about you?

Scott: At the programs with the big time history, those players follow them really tightly….some guys who went to the other schools dont….UK, UNC, UCONN and Kansas…those guys follow them

Comment From Lucky Charms Leprechaun]

Scott, any aspirations of coaching on the college level someday? 😉

Scott: YEs thats what I want to do more than anything. And I would love to coach at Kentucky….my dream is to be a head coach somewhere at the college level

[Comment From Heshimu]

Scott – What are your thoughts on Meeks’ NBA potential

Scott: I think it isnt a bad idea to test the waters…but there are things he needs to work on…one is his decision making and two is his ability to set up for others…if you put him in Calipari’s system he will improve on both. I dont believe unless you are a first round pick that you should come back so I believe Meeks will be back

Comment From LigginsLovesSAT]

Scott, favorite story from the “road” during the 98 team…safe for work of course, but funny

Scott: We were all big into wrestling…and it started because of me. Stone Cold and Goldberg were the big guys…and it became a Monday Night thing where the whole team watched Nitro and Raw….we all got into it big and then Cameron Mills and I came to an event at Freedom Hall right after we beat Duke the week before the Final Four. Kevin Nash came by us and talked trash to us in the front fow because he played at Tennessee… was great

Comment From Chuck]

Scott – Your performance in the 1999 Sweet 16 game against Kansas was sensational…

Scott: That is my personal favorite game ever….although it was in the second round

[Comment From uk fanatic]

who was the better player. Antoine or tony?

Scott: The best guy I played with is probably Tony because he was a great defender as well as a three point shooter….Antoine was probably a better offensive player and could do everything but Tony was better all around because he was a better defensive player

[Comment From bigbluenation24]

scott-do you think former uk players will be back to lexington more now with calipara than they did with BCG?

Scott: I think they will feel more welcome so they will be back. Billy never did anything straight up to me and be rude but I just think there was a tension and guys werent comfortable and when you arent comfortable, you dont come around as often

[Comment From Wrestling partner]

Scott &/or Matt: Who would I be if you could chose ANYBODY?

Scott: If it were a non-wrestler, I would pick Bobby Brennan who played for Cincy…we used to talk about it back when we were playing

[Comment From Jon]

Scott…why did you let Maglorie do that to WoJo…you are a sick man…LOOK WHAT HE’S DOING TO HIM!

Scott: I am the one that pulled Jamal off of him….at the time I was upset with him but every time I watch now, I love it

[Comment From kywildcats7]

Scott, I have your KWO pic with Lex Luger and Wayne and Heshimu

Scott: The Kentucky World Order! I love that picture! His son came to Tubby’s camp

[Comment From Story]

Scott, I watched the Rockets comeback win over the Spurs a few years ago where McGrady went off in the last minute, but I know it was your steal and dunk that set the stage.

Scott: Tracy had 13 of the last 15 points and I had a steal and dunk at the end for the other two. Good memory!

[Comment From Big Love]

Scott, how was living and playing ball in Utah?

Scott: I got to learn under some of the best players playing with John and Karl and Jeff Hornacek. Also played with Danny Manning and Mark Jackson and a Hall of Fame Coach…..first two years when I wasnt playing I was miserable, last two years I was playing and I loved it. Playing time cures a lot of things

[Comment From I Hate Louisville]

Scott, what was your favorite memory during your UK vs ul games?

Scott: My favorite memory was 85-51 in 1986-1987 “the big Brother, Little Brother game”… a player, my first start ever was in Freedom Hall against Louisville

[Comment From Rick Pitino]

Scott: Do I still bleed blue?

Scott: No, Rick Pitino bleeds wherever he is at. He gives his heart to that program. I think he still thinks it is the best job he ever had but he is a Cardinal now.

Article written by Matt Jones