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Live Blog Highlights: The Day After

This wasnt anyone at the Live Blog….but it made me laugh, so here we go:

Yesterday was a massively long day. For the third straight year, Tomlin, Mosley and I blogged BracketBuster Saturday, this time for eight hours. We were joined at various times by Beisner, Dufresne, the Turkey Hunter and Bomani Jones and over 6,000 of you spent at least five minutes as part of the process. Unlike in past years however, this was a true “Live Blog”, meaning it was not just us putting up posts every fifteen minutes, but it was a running commentary for eight hours straight……a feat which is one of the more exhausting things I have ever been a part of…..especially considering that I was sick during the whole process. It was however a tremendous amount of fun, as we covered Wright State-Northeastern/Kentucky-Tennessee/Siena-Northern Iowa/Maryland-UNC and Utah State-St Marys without really figuring out who won any of the non-UK games. In fact, if one were to read the live blog again, you might not even know that we were watching basketball at all. Some of the highlights you missed…..

(1) As the UK game started, the fans were asked to bombard John Clay’s blog live from the Kentucky game with comments…..however they all were to be themed around the country music stylings of Tracy Lawrence. Clay then received hundreds of comments, the best of which was:

Iis it bad that I’m getting used to the pain of a Kentucky loss? I can’t break it to my heart that Jodie and P-Patt may leave, but my Tennessee fan friends keep telling me. It’s all just sticks and stones until they actually go I guess, but can you offer some words of comfort to today’s lonely fool, John?


If the Texas Tornado Coach Gillispie loses this game, I wonder what kind of alibis he’ll have afterwords? If he continues this he will certainly find out who is friends are as time marches on

John came on afterwards and joined us for a few minutes….noting that he was a bit frustrated at the bombardment but applauding our effort. Way to be a good sport John Clay….and brush up on your Tracy Lawrence catalog knowledge

(2): During the UK game, the conversation shifted to Gene Shalit (as it always does) and we quickly realized via a poll that only half of our audience knew who he was. So we requested viewers’ phone numbers and began calling the readers, with Dufresne talking to them in a Gene Shalit voice. Very few people got to experience this (only two I think), but it was one of my highlights of the year.

(3): Tomlin is soon to have a kid, so we played the game name Chris Tomlin’s kid. Some of the better answers:

Jared Carter Tomlin
Mao Tse Tomlin
Boutros Boutros Tomlin
John Cougar Tomlincamp
Kige Tomlin
The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Tomlin
Solei Moon Tomlin

And the winner…..LaDanian Tomlin’s Son.

No word on whether he will go with any of these.

(4): A very interesting debate as to who would win in a one-on-one game between Jared Carter and Larry Bird ten years from now. Opinions surprisingly varied….

(5): We asked you the best looking woman currently living in Kentucky is and got a host of answers. When Valeria Cummings and Barbara Bailey were named, we decided to move on.

In addtion, we hit on Scotty Hopson’s lack of likeability, the best movies by a SNLer, our favorite old shows on the USA Network (did someone say Silk Stalkings?), the career path of Rhonda Shear, Dick Gabriel’s beard, Mark Morrison, Alan Cutler and baked beans, the girl “Six” from Blossom and many other topics… truly is a whirlwhind tour of a little bit of everything. If you havent seen it, click below….and if you want to relive the memories, enjoy…..its another year until brackets can once again be busted.

Article written by Matt Jones