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Little Lamb News…Little Tweeting News

Just had a few bits of recruiting info that I wanted to pass along today. Things are “on and poppin'” around the University right now, most likely due to the fact that we are still riding the wave of Big Blue Madness and have all week to bask in our football glory after the Auburn win. Maybe it’s that, or maybe it’s just the fact that basketball season is finally upon us but either way, I’ve found myself to be in a rather chipper mood all week. I just couldn’t keep myself away from the blog, so I’m bringing you guys a little update, a little early.

– I spoke today with a few New Yawkas and found out that Lamb’s visit this weekend will be starting on Friday and that Doron plans on being in town early enough for the Student-Only Practice on Friday. While I’m not a student, I still found this to be pretty exciting  news because I like you guys and I like to see you happy. Lamb’s visit should be a fun one for him since the crowd filled with students is sure to be a rowdy and enthusiastic bunch. We’ll have more coming later in the week on the trips that UK targets are taking this weekend.

– I’m the type of person that is completely against self-promotion. Because of those strong feelings, there’s no way that I’m ever going to tell you guys about my Twitter account. I’m also not going to tell you that I use that account to give you guys some updates on UK’s recruiting efforts and the like. Since I started taking some recruiting questions and giving some answers to you guys through that account, one of the most consistent questions that I get is whether “insert UK recruit name here” is on twitter somewhere. Terrence Jones seems to be a lot like myself in that he isn’t really into self-promotion either, choosing not to do a lot of recruiting interviews or participate in social networking sites like Twitter. He may have swayed a bit to the dark side though, because Terrence Jones has now added himself to the ever-growing list of Tweeters. You can follow Terrence here.

– Off Topic: A friend of mine, we’ll call him Matt Scott from, thought it would be fun to ask me if I could find him a picture of Illinois Head Coach Bruce Weber using Google’s Image search. Only he didn’t want me to use “Illinois Head Coach” in the search…just the name Bruce Weber. While I thought the request was odd, I figured I could help him out anyways. Maybe you guys could do the same for me? Go ahead and search Google Images for “Bruce Weber.” (IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT DO THIS SEARCH AT WORK OR WHILE HANGING AROUND BUDDIES THAT ARE JUST WAITING FOR YOU TO DO SOMETHING WHICH GIVES THEM THE OPPORTUNITY TO RIP ON YOU)

Article written by Dustin Rumbaugh

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