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Links of the Day….

The links of the day have been on a bit of a hiatus, but they are returning with a fury. So here we go:

Not to get all scientific to begin the links, but I must say I find this story fascinating. Here we are in 2006 and a group of scientists recently went to an island that has never been visited by humans at any point. While there they found hundreds of new species of animals that have previously never been seen by human eyes. This story details some of the findings and I must say that it boggles my mind. We often think we have mastery over our world and all that is a part of it, but then you read stories such as this and it confirms the magnitude of our planet.

On a much less serious note, a reader sent me this timewaster of a gamewhich has become my obsession throughout this night. The object of the game is to keep the red block from touching the blue or black boxes. My best time is 22 seconds. What is yours?

The internet has raised the bar on videos that will blow your mind, and one of our readers sent me this link of a girl being thrown through a basketball hoop. I am about 98% sure that the video is fake, but I will hold out hope that it could be just an amazing example of the athleticism of cheerleaders….but I doubt it.

The weirdest story in the realm of international politics in quite some time is the controversy over the Muslim cartoon that has led to a spurt of violence on international embassies. Now to be fair, I can get worked up over cartoons. If there is a particularly controversial “Ziggy” or “Frank and Ernest”, I can be found getting my blood pressure raised. But in general, I tend to say that everyone should just calm down and not take these things so seriously. It turns out that Allen Iverson may very well agree with me on this issue.

A lot of people are turned off by fights in professional basketball games. I tend to be one of these people (although I do wonder what will happen if Shaquille O Neal had connected with Brad Miller a few years ago). But I am also a fan of pictures to music…..”One Shining Moment” often makes me emotional at the end of the NCAA Tournament. Thus this video setting NBA fights to rap music gives me mixed emotions. But it is worth watching.

This video from Wrigley Field may be the most disgusting thing I have ever seen.

Have a good night!!!

Article written by Matt Jones