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Let’s talk it through together


There’s no shortage of things to talk about after the Cats went out and crapped the bed in Oxford.  Matt Jones will be taking the 840 WHAS airwaves shortly to help you cope with the pain and try to figure out what is wrong with this group of Cats right now.  You can listen online here or let the world hear your thoughts by calling (502) 571-8484.

While you’re on hold, you can accept Darius Miller’s post-game apology.


Article written by Thomas Beisner

155 Comments for Let’s talk it through together

  1. Tony Jones
    10:01 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    Want to hire me? I beat this team by 17 last week.

  2. White Castle Sliders
    10:02 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    F U OLE MISS…you and Bama do not want any part of UK in the SEC tourney…….GODDAM I’m pissed right now……………I feel two sacks of sliders coming on

  3. UKBIgDaddy
    10:03 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    Miller just apologized to his teammates and the BBN on Twitter. Enough said….

  4. Coach Cal
    10:03 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    Sorry guys, never told you I could coach when I came here, just told you I could recruit! Want a coach, hire Tubby Smith back. Want great NBA players to play for UK, then keep me. But remember, I can’t coach.

  5. Hotty Toddy
    10:05 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    Are you ready?
    Hell, yeah! Damn Right!
    Hotty Toddy, Gosh almighty
    Who the hell are we, Hey!
    Flim Flam, Bim Bam

  6. Ms.Kentucky
    10:05 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    Starting to think Cal looks good and talks good, but that’s about as far as it goes. This season just keeps getting more rediculous. Ever noticed how he never talks the “Refuse to lose” talk anymore??? Hmmmmmmm…

  7. Reality Check
    10:06 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    It’s one thing to buy a good player, it’s another to coach them. Since Cal can’t coach, he can’t make average players better. He only plays the ready made players and he pretends he is the reason they get drafted after one year.

  8. Derek
    10:07 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    This ones on Calipari for once again letting the lack of mental toughness overwelm the players, and why wouldd you NOT call a timeout there at the end when they got the shot clock violation?? Calipari….your Timeouts do not carry over to the next game! Unbelievable that even the Coach got rattled in a game against Ole Miss!

  9. Wss
    10:09 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    We have no coach just talented players. A good coach can develop a bench but hey the bench won’t go to the NBA so who cares about them.

  10. Miller's Backbone
    10:09 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    Seriously???? Cal is compelling him to send this tweet. Has Cal no shame?

  11. G
    10:10 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    Caliparis X’s and O’s IQ is very low…this team is winning on talent alone, end of story!

  12. Coach Cal
    10:10 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    I’ll issue my apology for not coaching this team REAL SOON. HOLD YOUR BREATH UNTIL I DO…

  13. WildcatsDominate
    10:10 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    I’m pretty sure most of you all were singing Cal’s praises for his coaching ability right after the UofL game.

    Anyone who knows anything about basketball can see that right now what we have is a bunch of freshmen who are playing like freshmen.

    Only this year, compared to last year, there’s no Patterson and there’s no “do or die” mentality.

    This has nothing to do with Cal. It’d be one thing if he was saying “I just don’t know what’s going on.” He knows what’s going on, tries to make adjustments and then the freshmen go out and play like, well, freshmen.

    What compounds that is that we only go 6 deep.

  14. Coach Cal
    10:12 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    Now that I got Darius to send that tweet out, I’m working on DeAndre now to tweet his apology… IT SURE AS HELL ISN’T MY FAULT!!! IS IT?????

  15. Bob Loblaw
    10:14 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    #13 I 100% agree with you. Some people seem to be watching a different game than I am. I thought he coached them to a lead and a wide open shot for Miller to put the game away. Miller’s timidness got the best of him tonight. Maybe this will be his turning point.

  16. Bob Loblaw
    10:15 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    #6 Because that was last year’s team. This is a different team.

  17. Reality Check
    10:16 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    Cal is not a good coach. I’ve said it a million times. Look at his first 5 years at Memphis. Before the good teams left for the BE and before WWW started handing Cal players, he was Mr. NIT. Check the record. After the good teams left, he was able to beat up on high school teams with NBA players that were hand delivered to him. No sure fire NBA player would go to freaking Memphis unless something changed hands. You can bury your head in the sand if you wish.

  18. Davefromthegap
    10:17 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    Not saying the kid lost the game, it was more than him. But in order for us to have any accomplish anything in the post season, he’s got to be a positive factor. He’s a great young man, but I think he just has a tentative personality, and more times that not, a kids play is indicative of this or her personality. Let’s try to learn from this and move on.

  19. Frank
    10:17 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    Nice game, fags.

  20. No coach
    10:17 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    Apology not accepted…Biggest disappointment to ever wear a UK jersey…I’ve been the biggest believe in Miller and I’m over it. Kid’s got all the talent and just isn’t a winner. No passion, no killer instinct. He had it in high school and lost it somewhere. Garuntee he has limited minutes next year. right it down.

  21. flibbertigibbet
    10:17 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    It’s kinda pathetic how many opposing fans get on a UK website and comment after a game.

  22. chokecal
    10:17 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    OL MISS?? winless in the SEC??? UK sucks!! lollololol

  23. Kyle
    10:19 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    The look he gave the bench after Liggins 4th, is like he smelled a turd. Relax it’s a road loss in February, but starting to wander why Poole is’nt seeing the floor at all. Had to see something in him as a recruit.

  24. hey there
    10:19 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink



    When on saturday im sure everyone will praise coach cal and everyone on the team. You guys are ridiculous fans! support your team until the end.!

  25. Casey
    10:19 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    16-5, 4-3

  26. ihatetenn
    10:19 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    so if ky beats fla on saturday are all the people putting up negative comments still going to put up negative comments? we are awesome! no wait we suck. no wait final 4 baby. i mean come on!

  27. flibbertigibbet
    10:21 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    Hey Reality Check. Go look at the roster when Cal made the final four at UMASS.

  28. Rick Fifteeno
    10:21 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    Man this UK team is young. They just aren’t that good.

  29. PerryStevensonIsntWalkingThruThatDoor
    10:22 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    Maybe Darius’ Twitter account was hacked — that apology tweet’s been taken down.

  30. Coach Cal
    10:22 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    Dang it BBN!! It’s not about winning and losing, but getting these Freshmen to the NBA!! I DID THAT!!! The Greatest Day in UK Basketball History!!! WHO CARES IF WE WIN??? It’s about the NBA!!! I am what I am (and shure as hell not a basketball coach!!!)

  31. Nolecat21
    10:22 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    It’s not all on Darius. He did however turn down the best shot on the most important possession of the game. After the freshmen trio get them in the position to put the game away, Darius decides to dribble into traffic looking to pass instead of knocking down the open three and be a hero. He HAS to gain the confidence to take that shot if this team is going to do anything this year. Unfortunately, that’s not something you can teach. It comes from within. Some players have it and some don’t. That’s just the way it is.

  32. UKJay
    10:23 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    I’m glad we played UofL when they were completly depleted. They lost the only guy that could guard Jones 24 hours before the game. Their center got hurt in warmups and their only returning starter and best revounder is out for the year. If we had those injuries, we’d have about 9 wins right now.

  33. Stickman
    10:24 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    All these fans of other teams that come on here and talk smack always seem to disappear when their team doesn’t even get an NIT invite. It’s that’s because they have no balls. They’re the same people that would never have the sack to talk trash to your face because they have no spine. But when you’re the best basketball program in college history you just have to put up with the little sissies coming around when they beat a ranked team in a cracker box gym once every 10 years.

  34. dariusmillerstweet
    10:25 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    We will see Saturday if there was any sincerity in Millers apology. I think he defined himself as a role player tonight, not a leader.

  35. J.Picklesnickle
    10:25 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    This one really hurt. The team just looked soooo soft. Passes were not crisp, guys didn’t go strong to the hole and rebounding has been suffering. I wish Cal would take the boys over to Nutter and have them hit tackling dummies all practice long. No need to be afraid of contact and and so flippin passive. There will be backlash over this loss. It will certainly make the ‘Henny Pennys’ come out of the woodwork

  36. Lamb'sCrossedEyes
    10:27 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    Think about how bad you would be if Cal didn’t give Jones that bag of money and get him to flip his committment.

  37. dariusmillerstweet
    10:27 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    It seems that Miller is more focused on setting screens for the shooters than getting himself open. I believe he only took 4 shots in the game tonight.

  38. elstie01
    10:27 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    26) the answer is YES. Look at the aftergame post for the UGA game this past Saturday if you don’t believe.

    10:28 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    Dribble Drive is an illusion that needs to be abandoned. You can run a form of it, but with more set plays. That top of court hand off between players (where they always turn the ball over) is the dumbest motion play in college basketball; they always or almost always turn the ball over, yet they still keep doing it.

    Defense or the lack there of is pathetic !!

    These kids need to spend hours on end in the Craft Center just shooting free throws.

    These kids are talented, but they aren’t that good.

    Miller has a head full of crap; too inconsistent.

  40. Stickman
    10:28 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    Hey “ihatetenn” just because a comment is negative doesn’t mean it’s false. And furthermore, where did people get this stupid idea that real fans can’t criticize? If all you ever have to say about your team is good stuff, you aren’t a real fan. Real fans are able to see the negative stuff and expect it to be corrected.

    You shouldn’t settle for mediocrity. We’re Kentucky, not Minnesota or Tennessee.

  41. bung
    10:28 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    Miller not shooting that last shot shouldnt matter….it was Mississippi…we should have been up by 40.

  42. Dave
    10:29 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    I’d hate to be in practice tomorrow.

  43. elstie01
    10:30 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    UKJay…you’re not really a UK fan right? All I see from you is s*** about how bad we are and how good UL is. Dude, would you just go on and be a UL fan already. I’m sure they’ll gladly accept you.

  44. Mark Liptak
    10:30 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    Absolutely no excuse to lose to some of the teams that UK has been getting defeated by. None, nada, zippo. Period. Doesn’t matter where the game is being played.

    Sickening loss.

    Mark Liptak

  45. Ky Stuck in Tenn
    10:30 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    Cal can bring them in but he has never been a great floor coach. Just shame our older players can’t step up. I also wonder where is Stacy. Josh has gone back to playing soft. One thing for sure we got 3 good freshman who will play next year as the not ready for the NBA.

  46. Manbearpig
    10:31 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    Am I pissed at the loss? yeah, who isn’t? but is this the end of the world? NO!! I think people forget that Cal’s original plans were to include both Enes and Orton at this point (or at least 1 of the 2). Look more then likely we will probably end up with 9-10 losses this year before the tournament and probably a 4-5 seed, but considering what the future looks like and coming into this season everyone knew we were going to have a “down year” I’ll take it. Our Freshmen our for the most part playing well, while the upper classmen (here’s looking at you Darius and Liggins) have struggled at times. This team is at a crossroads and can go one of two ways, regardless I’m going to cheer them on through thick and thin, tomorrow is a new day and heres to the CATS coming pumped up against Florida!

  47. Kentucky14
    10:31 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    Wow…the haters out in force tonight…I hope its either rival fans or our fans being drunk. This might be the dumbest set of comments yet on this site and thats saying something.

  48. White Castle Sliders
    10:32 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    everyone just chill out and get a good sack of sliders at White Castle. White Castle currently has 4 value meals at $3.99 or less. SLiders folks!!!!!! 🙂

  49. Sheriff Buford T. Justice
    10:32 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    40. Correct

  50. MillerTime
    10:33 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    We lost to another lowly football school. What a joke. If the visiting team can get that many fans to the game, you know the home team sucks and doesn’t care about basketball.

  51. suckafree
    10:33 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    Cal’s a fraud! Terrible game coach! Bunch of selfish brats! One and done freshmen = you are fired!

  52. MaceoMudcat
    10:34 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    well said #46.

  53. Tyler B
    10:34 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    Watching the Fl-Vandy game. All of the upper section is totally empty.

  54. White Castle Sliders
    10:34 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    Has anyone ever had too much booze and get real hungry? Why not cure that hunger with a sutiecase of whitecastle sliders!!!! Yummy!!! Little cost great filling!! 🙂 SLIDERS!!!!!!!

  55. MyReclinerSmellsLikeFart
    10:34 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    Don’t worry, this is not a bridge year damn it, it’s a foundation year! Relax. It’s a good thing.

  56. Nate
    10:36 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    They got what they dEserve. With the last 20 min of stupid plays.

  57. MillerTime
    10:36 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    53) That’s because no one in the SEC cares about basketball. That is why we need out of this league. But there are too many stupid hicks that are too simple to understand this.

  58. jacob
    10:37 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    SOMEBODY TALK ABOUT LOCKOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. White Castle Sliders
    10:37 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    Jones just tweeted “tough loss…I got us in Florida….Got a sack of sliders waiting on me in Lexington, Life is good” Get em TJones!

  60. Mark Liptak
    10:38 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    In case anybody is keeping score, this is the 3rd loss this season by two points. NO. KILLER. INSTINCT. No ability to finish basketball games.

    Mark Liptak

  61. CATS!!!!
    10:38 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    No bench we will struggle to win in the tough close game this season, its just a reality that we have to deal with. The calls were a little odd, but we should have taken care business against a team who was terrible, but youth and lack of defense will lead to this result.

  62. Frustrated
    10:40 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    I’m so sick of this ish I can’t stand it. Miller has balls one minute ad the next they get sucked back in his gut. Call the damn timeout Cal! Miller was 1-4 in 31 minutes and had passed up shots earlier in less pressured situations. Even if he does take the shot, is he the one we wna taken it?

  63. Nassau65
    10:40 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    Miller did not lose that game. No way we should have been only one point up with a minute left. Against ole Miss???? C,mon. Shoulda been up by 20+. Miller could’ve won the game, but he damn sure didn’t lose it by himself. The swamp saturday will certainly tell if anything was learned tonight.

  64. jacob
    10:41 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    ok once again… LOCKOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. KY12
    10:42 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    I don’t care if Cal can coach or not. The team next year will be as follows.


    Poole Hood and Vargas will be reserves, and we will add at least one more player.

    That team is effing sick.

  66. Stickman
    10:43 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    What does SMH mean?

  67. White Castle Sliders
    10:44 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    This young UK team on the road cannot win…its just that simple…no need to blame Miller etc. These kids just ain’t used to teams being jacked up. ole Miss shot lights out from 3..they wont play a better game all year and will finish last in the SEC West…these kids just don’t understand the hype these terrible teams play with at home…Bama did same junk..shot it out of their ass.

  68. UKeith26
    10:44 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    Gotta support these Cats while they’re down. Disappointing game, there is another one Saturday. GO Cats.

  69. elstie01
    10:44 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    Just heard Matt say that 1) we would be a 1 or 2 seed in the SEC tourney 2) we will definitely win the SEC tourney 3) that if UF beats Vandy and losses to UK Saturday we will be in 1st and 4) that we will be a 3 or 4 seed in the NCAA’s. I really don’t see any of these being accurate. I see us being a 4 in the SEC and losing the 2nd game, which means we don’t win the SEC tourney. We lose Saturday badly, and we are at best a 5 in the NCAA’s and will be more than fortunate to make it past the first weekend. I’m going to save this post and see what happens cause I’m guaranteeing it. What does everyone else think?

  70. Blue Glasses Dude
    10:45 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    Remember we did beat Notre Dame, Washington and Loserville which are all in the top 20. We had a bad game but what can ya do. They will be ready for Flordia and after we win all the haters and bandwagon jumpers can line up and give cal a RIM JOB..

  71. KY12
    10:45 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    Liggins and Miller will be able to fill their true roles, coming off the bench next year.

  72. RPI ratings say
    10:45 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    Mississippi 88 . . . Alabama 115 Oh, yeah, DREXEL 54!!! hahahahahahaahahahahaaaa!!!!

  73. flaashley
    10:47 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    Cal is a GREAT bench coach and a great practice coach. This is not on him. It’s just freshmen running into a buzzsaw. Everyone is up to play the best and the refs apparently got a case of something too. But don’t put this on Cal. Mississippi just played lights out. They couldn’t do it again if we played 10 more times, but they sure had it tonight.

  74. bluetexan
    10:48 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    #6-Couldn’t agree more…sad to say!

  75. elstie01
    10:48 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    I really don’t understand how people that see what happened last year think that Knight and Lamb are returning. Wake Up!

  76. ihatetenn
    10:48 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    hey (stickman) i’m from tennessee and a huge CAT fan all i hear is negative stuff in this state and i realize you can make negative comments but no one is perfect in this world and to put young men down that are 18 and 19yrs old is sad to me. these kids play their hearts out for the BBN day in and day out so if it makes you feel better to bash kids because they lost in the last seconds play a shot that he pulled out of his ass by all means go right ahead.

  77. RealFan
    10:48 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    You guys are crazy. Cal can’t coach? Do you remember where we were before he got here? Run him off too and see where we end up. The good thing is he doesn’t care about your crazy a$$es and has enough sense to ignore you. You folks are pathetic. Way to support your team.

  78. KY12
    10:49 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    We will probably start 4 freshman next year, think about that.

  79. Question????
    10:50 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    Does anyone know if three freshman have ever all scored 20 or more points in the same game. We got close tonight and I bet it happens before the season is over but I can’t remember ever seeing that happen before.

  80. KY12
    10:50 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    75) They are not lottery picks tard. Lamb isn’t even projected first round.

  81. Lamar Dawson
    10:51 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    See ya in orange next season. BTW J. Davis is headed elsewhere also.

    Sources that the next best thing… I hope they are so very wrong.

    The only thing worse than losing to Kennedy is losing momentum on the football front.

    Losing Davis and Dawson speaks volumes

  82. suckafree
    10:52 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    UK pays your salary not the NBA!

  83. wh
    10:52 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    loss on cal’s shoulders tonight….everyone who thinks its miller’s fault is crazy, we are up by one with less than a minute left and we are taking a three??? poor coaching, all there is to it!

  84. KevinC
    10:54 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    Dear Darius…

    To quote Jack Nicholson in ‘As Good As It Gets’… “I tell ya, buddy, I’d be the luckiest man alive if that did it for me”

  85. elstie01
    10:54 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    80) Okay, I’m a tard. We’ll see come June how big of a tard I am. Sounds like you’re scared I’m right and we are right back to where we are right now…probably worse off actually!

  86. Pup, MD
    10:54 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    How many assholes can we get in one thread? Geez. Love our boys a little. They had a rough night.

  87. Computer Blue
    10:55 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    This team is flawed but I’m not going to slit my wrists over it. Just not enough horses. No Kanter, no Final 4… we all knew that. The future is bright, though.

  88. wh
    10:55 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    i am not a “just hate cal after a loss” kinda guy after seeing him blow that lead to kansas in the finals a few years back is all you need to know, he preaches toughness under pressure, but has none himself

  89. DREXEL
    10:55 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    Can we join the SEC??? OUR RPI is higher than two SEC teams that beat your @$$!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

  90. Turd Ferguson
    10:55 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    65, Knight and Lamb are both gone and we will have no shooters for next year.

  91. MillerTime
    10:57 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    The dribble drive is a joke. I like that grade school weave we run every single time down the floor.

  92. beatbox
    10:57 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    #4 your an idiot to say that about Cal…guess he just rolls the ball out there in practice. You know those guys out there have to do some things too. Btw, i still gaurantee we dont lose 10 games this year…you know, tubby’s avg. He’s only been at Minnesota for 4 years now, finally getting them in the tourney this year i see…maybe. You obviously are one of the idiot UK fans that knows nothing about the game of basketball except your strategy is, “well weda wun if we’d jus score mo points”…Cal always has the top defensive teams in the country as does this one…they happened to have 18 turnovers tonight, i guess Cal told them to not be able to handle the ball.

    And i hope ppl on here arent turning into Yankees fans on Miller. Yeah i’m frustrated with him, but the season doesnt really start to count for us until March, we have got to become cohesive. Jones is good and bad at the same time, he can score and do things, but he also slows the team from moving the ball, after all he has the lowest plus/minus on the team, i bet you know what that is #4, dont you. We dont box out well, and a there is no clear leader to hold this team together. With that being said, they have nothing but upside..theres plenty of capability, all pistons just arent firing yet and if they arent by the end of March, then they will be like all college basketball teams….need another year to get experience. Thats what idiots like 4 seem to forget, we start three 18 year old kids, that are keeping our team in the top 15 all year. Unlike most teams, its their first time playing together, something that #4 thinks is an easy task to accomplish. Also….on another note…Fatigue is killing us.

  93. Frustrated
    10:58 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    63)I’m not saying Miller lost the game. I’m as big a Miller fan as anyone. However, let’s be honest, this team needs leadership somewhere other than freshmen. I’m hoping Miller can start to provide that this year and next. No matter how many stars our freshman class has now or the recruiting class has coming in, we’ll still have SEC road games and it would help tremendously if someone experienced could provide leadership.

  94. bluetexan
    10:58 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    #81-Hey…Joker’s a great recruiter/HC…haven’t you heard? Barnfart has.

  95. catfanran
    10:59 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    I feel bad as everyone else but I am certainly not going to blast them like some have on here tonight…..However I will say this.. I feel bad for Mr. Miller because with a 90% chance of an N B A lock out all this years team will be back which means that Davis at the 5….Gilchrist at the 4…..Jones at the …3…Knight moves to the 2…and teague at the 1 which mean that Darius and Deandra will be like stevenson and Ramon Harris and never get off the bench…….sad, sad sad…..CFR

  96. MillerTime
    11:02 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    Miller almost transferred to Xavier last off season. I bet he wishes he would have.

  97. KY12
    11:02 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    85) You are a tard, Jones is gone, the guards are coming back. Knight wants to graduate in 2.5 years and Lamb is not projected in the first round of ANY mock draft. But hey, don’t let the facts get in the way.

  98. crybaby
    11:03 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink


  99. Lamb'sCrossedEyes
    11:05 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    Coach Cal has all you rubes fooled. He can’t coach and he doesn’t recruit. He is a lazy recruiter. He just steps in at the last second and has one of his boys buy off a player. This is a fact. If you don’t believe it, you have your head up your anal cavity.

  100. Jstevens
    11:06 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    Coach cal is one of the best things to happen to this program in the last twelve years idiots. Every team is up and down this year, you guys are so stupid. Bandwagon fans I get so sick of you people, your about as bad as our Lower bowl fans in rupp

  101. Jen
    11:06 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    Did anyone see right before a commercial about 7:40 left in the game an ESPN disclaimer came up and said “coming up… a big win for ole miss” I have a picture of it and at that time ole miss was spanking us, stupid fouls were dictating the game. It needs to be posted here on ksr. Just like the jets Pittsburgh game.

  102. GoCats2010
    11:07 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    How many NCAA athletes would man up after a game like that? Not more than a dozen. Props to Darius. Hated this game, but on to the next one

  103. BallSack
    11:08 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    They just showed the SEC standings on ESPN. Matt said UK will be back in first if they beat Florida. I’m guessing Math was not one of Matt’s favorite subjects.

  104. elstie01
    11:08 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    97) okay dude. the fact is, Cal pushes his players to go when they are ready. If Orton was “ready” to go than Lamb and Knight are undoubtedly “ready.” Lamb will be gone…I’m telling you right now. He’s stated many times and it’s no secret he wants the money…even if it only lasts 3 years. Knight will be top 12 and he is gone. If you look at the elite talent this year there’s only maybe 8 players that would go ahead on Knight and one of them in Jones, the other Kanter.

  105. bleedblue
    11:11 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    The Negative Nancies are out in full force tonight.

  106. RPI
    11:11 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    Losses to teams outside the RPI Top 50:

    Last five seasons of the Smith Era: 5
    First four years post Smith: 16

    Good thing we ran him out of town.

  107. KY12
    11:12 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    Where did this Darius go?

    104) Lamb does not have the option to go pro right now, unless he wants to play in Europe. He is 6’4 170 and a mediocre athlete as a shooting guard. He will not be drafted this year, period.

  108. Matt Jones
    11:13 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    Damn glad I live in Louisville.. Who the hell wants to live in Lexington with this pile of $#!T fan base!! YOU GUYS SUCK! And stay away from my website and radio show!!!! Might just take in a Cards game this weekend.

  109. elstie01
    11:13 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    ***97) you’re the one that needs to deal in facts and look at the reality of the situation and quit hoping for the best case scenario. You are probably one that thought we would be 9-3 in football as well. which we should have been…but it certainly is never realistic!

  110. Embarrassed
    11:13 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    These comments make me embarassed to be a UK fan…

  111. Bleedblue
    11:13 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    Guys guys guys, you realize this is most UL fans right?

  112. UK fan
    11:14 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink


  113. Cash
    11:15 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    Good news guys, Next year will be SICK

  114. dumbfans
    11:15 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    the UK dumb fan base really shows their colors..i’ve been a UK fan my whole life, and i’m not fair weather like half of you nitwits. You do understand this team is young, right? No other coach can put anything together this quick either with this young of talent. If by any chance Cal does take us to the Final Four in the future sometime..all of you should write an apology letter, no wait, then you’ll be worshipping him again. But wait every coach goes to the final four every year, right? You dummies dont realize anything about managing a basketball season, of course you go out to win every game, but you do realize the whole season is to prepare for the end of the season, if not we would just play a tournament and that would be a season. I hate to say it, but this is what Pitino was good at and still is, if they get beat, then you know how to change things and see what works best when and better prepare for the end of the year. Playing small college basketball i would consider that I know a little bit of how the game is played, other than the majority of you idiots that probably just watch the ball the whole game and dont see anything else that is going on. Oh btw like someone stated earlier, its pretty easy to get an new incoming class that is only 6 deep and get them to play at top 25 level the whole year. Its after games like this, that ppl show what ppl talk about UK, their delusion. PPl are missing assignments on this team, and thats not Cal’s fault, ppl arent producing completlely, and thats not Cal’s fault, and this team is good, they arent completely cohesive yet. So next time you think you know what defensive scheme we should be in or what set we should run…go ahead and email it here so Matt can put it up so we can see the true basketball genius you have.

  115. BleedBlue
    11:16 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    I’m really a UK fag and love guys,guys,guys..

  116. The Vacater
    11:18 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    We’re 6-5 against the RPI top 100. It’s a good thing I scheduled 10 jokes to trick you people into thinking we had a good team.

  117. Cash
    11:19 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    This team will hit their stride at the right time unlike last years team. We will be dangerous come march

  118. bigpapijugg
    11:19 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    i have cooled down alot. but that has to be one of the most deflating things i have ever watched. That baron davis looking m-f’er just rattling in another three to win. im too hurt to be angry. i know the season is over but we could really get embarrassed at Florida on Sat. Just hope UF doesn’t come out ready like all other teams do when we r on the road.

  119. BoomShakaLaka
    11:20 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    Always remember BBN, even though Darius apologized; one player can NEVER lose a game. One player can WIN a game.. but a loss is on the team. Always.

    Oh youth.. Wasted on the young and absurdly talented. Here’s hopin’ for a lockout! Get that bench right where we need it.

  120. Lamb'sCrossedEyes
    11:24 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    UK would be better off having the mascot draw up plays during timeouts. Coach Cal is nothing more than a carnival barker. He can’t coach to save his life. He has 4 NIT’s while at Memphis to prove. It took the good teams going to the BE and Cal’s shady recruiting tactics to turn Memphis into a winner. The guy has all you common folk fooled.

  121. jns813
    11:25 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    Most of you all are ridiculous on here. Commenters question Cals coaching, I question most of the commenters ability to understand basketball. Bottom line, the team didn’t play well. On offense we had too many turnovers and shot some bad 3’s. Foul trouble kept us from playing the type of agressive defense we needed and we had to go to our abysmal bench-which always seems to spark our opponent on the road. People need to be realistic. This isn’t last years team. Cal is right. This team has the most upside and isn’t close to it’s peak. It’s not the end of the world and we will be fine come March. Take a look around the rest of college basketball and you will see that top 25 teams are falling left and right because there are not any elite teams this year. No, not even Ohio State. Lighten up on the hate talk with Miller/Liggins. Miller played well for 5 straight games and came out flat tonight. It happens, he realized it and even apologized.
    Look on the bright side—-where were we 2 years ago??

  122. Gross
    11:31 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    white castle is some of the most vile substance on the face of the earth.

  123. Turd Ferguson
    11:31 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    113, we will not be sick next year. Jones, Knight, and Lamb are all going pro and we will have NO shooters in our guards. Teague, Liggins, Miller, Gilchrist, Wiltjer, and Davis. Good team, full of holes.

  124. Ender
    11:33 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    100) That was referring to a snapshot that did of Mississippi beating us in ’98.

  125. Ender
    11:34 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    Sorry, that was meant for 101.

  126. fatty
    11:36 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    this team seems very week at times in games. To me i dont know if its being tired or being a pu–y.All i know is the potential on this team ia not being reached. I DONT THINK IT HAS TO DO WITH COACHING.

  127. Rick Pitino
    11:38 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    Your worried about a ballgame when there are riots in Egypt!

  128. Blue
    11:40 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    121. Here are three universal truths: 1.) Many many many UK fans are retarded; 2.) Most people who write on internet message boards and the like allow their true retardation to shine brightly; 3.) When UK fans write on message boards after losses they are the most retarded people on the planet. Please, Please, Please will all of you morons sterilize yourselves. I am a huge UK fan…it is almost at religion proportions for me. And when we lose I get upset and pissed off…but the difference between myself and most of you idiots on here crying, is that I realize what a retard acts and talks like and so I don’t behave that way. Clearly, many of you have no idea that you are behaving like complete morons. You probably think, “all of these people saying we are morons don’t know what they are talking about.” But you are wrong…please believe me…you are all acting like retarded monkeys.

  129. Mark Liptak
    11:42 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    #123 Turd:

    You are probably correct but keep in mind, the NBA labor situation is up in the air. There is a resonable chance of the owners locking out the players and no NBA draft in June. What would Jones, Knight and Lamb do then? Try going overseas on a one year deal with the chance that some legit NBA guys might do the same? Utah’s Andre Kiralenko (sorry about the spelling) for one has already said that is what he’s going to do. There will only be so many open spots overseas available in this case and more than likely those teams are going to sign the guys alreay in the NBA.

    If there’s a lockout or no new deal, there a decent chance these kids stay for another season because they have no other reasonable option.

    Mark Liptak

  130. TIMMAY!!!
    11:45 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    Come on people calm down, we lost, it sucks. You cant blame Cal for players not taking open shots, shooting like shit for most of the game and getting into foul trouble. Cal will be fine, just like Gillispie would have been fine if we would have given him time to build a program. Saying Cal can’t coach and all he cares about is producing NBA players is giving in to what all the haters want. Calm down and give him a chance (2 years isnt a chance) to build a program.

  131. PitinoKillsBabies
    11:48 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    Trolls are out in force tonight. If I had to watch UL lose to UK in f-ball and b-ball every year and watch the aging train wreck that is Pitino, I guess I might be a fake UK fan also. Greetings posers.

  132. elstie01
    11:52 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    Liptak, the lockout will have no bearing in the draft. You should read up on how that works…@it was a big write up for ESPN towards the end of 2010. The draft will still be held because true negotiations about the state of the league will likely not happen until the draft has passed, most think late July. Now, it doesn’t mean you’re wrong because it could play out exactly as you said, but chances are high that the draft us unaffected and lockout talks occur after the draft.

  133. darias chiller
    11:55 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    Can we all just chill out a little bit. Darias is a “kentucky boy”, and we’ve been on him since day one. I for one think it is a good sign that he manned up and sent that tweet. He feels a whole lot worse than you or I, we gotta support him.

  134. KSCOTT
    11:57 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    miller needs to grow a pair of nuts and start bein agressive or were gonna struggle badly, u have to have the confidence to shoot that shot at the end of the game!!!

  135. Really
    12:20 am February 2, 2011 Permalink

    Well March is 4 short weeks away.

  136. totally blue
    1:00 am February 2, 2011 Permalink

    tough night,we did not come to play. we deserved to lose this game because we were out hustled out smarted and out manned. i do not understand how you blow a 35 second clock and not get a shot off in such a critical situation. i love ky. but as painful as it is i must admitt that our team lacks a lot. you can not continue to play major college basketball with only 6 key players. let us face the facts our bench stinks. our upper classmen are very inconsistent, one of our frehman is very selfish, not a good combination for winning against good teams. hopefully it gets better in the future.

  137. Embarrased
    1:19 am February 2, 2011 Permalink

    Why does this site allow anonymous comments after a loss? It makes me embarrassed to be a UK fan. I guess they’re probably UL fans trying to make UK fans look bad. Yeah, that’s it. I feel better now.

  138. Anti-Idiot Redneck
    1:20 am February 2, 2011 Permalink

    Are real UK fans still complaining about Cal getting one and dones every year and not having a bench this year? Is it just me or was last year’s team a once and a lifetime team with two freshman that should’ve been able to go to the NBA straight from high school in Walls and Cousins who were leaders, tough and ready to play from day one and not to mention four other players including big man Orton we all thought would be here this year do you actually think this is going to happen every year and leave us with no bench? And the players on the bench our upperclassmen from another coach who couldn’t get the players like we get now. I would complain about our toughness and lack of leadership but I think our freshman did the best they could and you have to remember their kids and are not like last year’s freshman. Miller is what he is and that’s not going to change and him not taking that open shot should prove that. Liggins is the only other player we can get anything else from every now and then. Cal could’ve called at least one of those timeouts. Other than that I’ve always said this is going to be a long season. Keep bleeding blue if your true and understand our situation and move on to the next game.
    Anti-Idiot Redneck Says:
    February 1st, 2011 at 11:10 pm
    Meant to say three more players.

  139. free eloy vargas
    1:20 am February 2, 2011 Permalink

    We lost because the team has no heart and plays very individualisticly. A coach can only much bud players gotta grow a set to do what’s asked from them. I am glad the coach didn’t call the timeout because clearly we saw what kinda team showed up. Clearly it wasn’t a team that let pressure get the better of them.

  140. catfanran
    2:00 am February 2, 2011 Permalink

    Hey 123, it wont happen read 95…LOCK OUT they all will be back….it will be like 96 team our second 5 will be the second best team in the country after our first 5 of course……,CFR

  141. billy bob
    2:06 am February 2, 2011 Permalink

    All on Cal huh?? Some of you have so little basketball knowledge, it shames me to call you UK fans. You haters from other schools are even more pathetic, it’s called envy, and yes, you have it. Three point shooting is one of our strengths. We ran a play to get a high percentage shooter, a shot. He didn’t take it and Cal couldn’t take it for him. Any of you that don’t think that was the play of the game, are clueless about basketball. You run the play to give you a high percentage open shot, and then you take the shot. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure it out, and yes, some of you are truly nimrods. You fair weather crybabies are almost as pathetic as the ignorant fans, so quick to cut on everything that it makes you seem as if none of you have ever played an organized sport. This team is tired, possibly overworked, and maybe even brow beaten. If not by Cal, then by Billy G., I would assume. You all can’t see the common thread. Compare how Cal coached players play, verses how Billy G. tainted players play. Remember how they played early compared to how they play now. They are six guys playing teams that consistently use more than that, every game. Yes Cal can play others, but any of you that have learned to view a game critically, can see the drop off when Hood, Vargas or any of the others(with possibly Polson being the exception, but haven’t seen him enough, to know for sure), in the game. You might be able to say Cal can’t motivate, but I remember a Umass team that played over their heads for a full year. The only team with one pro, that played a fully stocked Kentucky pro team well, twice in that year. So you crybabies keep crying, and showing your stupidity. The refs have figured out the formula to beat us in the UNC game. A team like UK is a great team to bet on, when you realize they only play six guys. UNC, four guys fouled out while blatant UNC fouls are ignored. Georgia? What was it three guys fouled out and UK with twice as many fouls? U of L grabbing on every play and finally forcing the refs to call the game. I will remind you punks that they played through it that day and couldn’t be stopped. Then we have a nine point spread go to four by gametime. Where did all the confidence in Ole Miss come from by game time? Since we know that only betting changes the spread when no injury has occurred. Then we see a game where there is a Uk player on the floor after every play. No walk on Warran’s drive, no foul when Jones doesn’t get the pass because he is on the ground, no foul when UM’s big knocks Liggens to the ground after his dunk and before the timeout. WAKE UP YOU MORONS!!! Ole Miss covered the spread just as expected by the gamblers that changed the spread. Then there was UF and Vandy, and what did Dicky V. say when Vandy’s three point shooter was clobbered taking a three at the end of the game?? That was criminal!!!!It probably was. I read earlier today that UF had three and then they win by four? That’s criminal for ya.

  142. Jacob
    5:10 am February 2, 2011 Permalink

    how pathetic is it that some guy out there decided to post about 20 posts to start this page off about how Calipari can’t ooach under different names? Somebody needs to get a life.

    You don’t have the highest win/loss ratio of all coaches in teh last 5 years on just talent alone, Calipari is a good coach. But you can only try to motivate guys like Darius Miller so much before it becomes a lost cause. You can make Deandre Liggins drive, but you can’t make his shot go down. You can show guys where to be on defense, but you can’t make Terrence Jones close out on Warren when he has the ball and there’s a switch on D.

    They’re freshman, they make mistakes and people will reflect that on Cal’s coaching. Has he made mistakes? Sure, but every coach does.

  143. bluesince66
    6:46 am February 2, 2011 Permalink

    The most important thing this team needs to realize is that playing away from home most teams are going to play out their ass against us. I watch SEC games and teams like Ole Miss don’t give a full effort against other teams, but when big blue shows up we get their 110%. Like someone else said two top 25 teams played in Florida last night and the upper seats were empty. When we roll into town it’ll be packed and crazy. People balaming this loss on the freshmen are truly showing their ignorance, if it weren’t for them last night no telling what the score would’ve been. Mark Gottfried made a statement last night that most people chose not to hear, with what he lost last year it would take most coaches a couple of years to be ranked in the top ten, but here UK is. Of course we’ll drop after last night, but we’ll be back.

  144. Lou eaton
    7:48 am February 2, 2011 Permalink

    It is what it is….a six pack of beer. Capable team for 20 minutes and we looked just like Auburn last night.

  145. Kanter Banter
    8:20 am February 2, 2011 Permalink

    I hope everyone accepts Millers apology, however, I hope Cal never has him in the game at a critical time. He has proven over and over and over that he is soft and not willing to step up his game. Now he shows us that he doesn’t have the guts to be a money player in crunch time. Our freshmen are the leaders of this team and played their hearts out only to be let down by the experienced Liggins, Miller and Harrelson. This season is for the freshmen to get better and gain more experience. I don’t expect the Cats to do much this year…final 16 at best.

  146. PharmSchoolFan
    8:20 am February 2, 2011 Permalink

    We’re learning after every loss. I want this team to grow because they need to. We’ll be fine. We kind of forget that Miller was under a nutcase with Billy G, and his job was to defer last year. He’s being asked to do a lot. Cut him some slack.

  147. Shane b
    9:05 am February 2, 2011 Permalink

    People can say what they want and make all the excuses they want but it sure wont change the fact that miller has no will to want to be good. That shot showed in a nutshell his whole career SCARED. Rip me all u want but to be given every chance to be good and fall flat on his face just lets us know miller will never amount to nothing. And what’s even sadder is we actually expect him to be a leader, I guess the jokes on us.

  148. liars
    10:01 am February 2, 2011 Permalink

    Cut Miller some slack?????????? the kid is a junior who only played ONE year under Billy G. Since then he has had a year and a half of nothing but praise from Cal. Give me a break. The kid neeeds to grow some balls and dunk on somebody. He can be better than Terrence Jones.

  149. cats101
    10:07 am February 2, 2011 Permalink

    Only thing worse then this loss is he fans that are coaches!! I hate to lose as well but Darius did not lose this game by his self! He should have shot the ball and why call a time out whats that for to get a open shot! Well from where I sit we got that shot!! There is 5 guys on the floor playing not just one the thing thats costing them is 5 or 6 mins of not playing hard thats a team thing! Lamb can shoot but has anyone said anyting about him getting beat to the basket to many times to count, no he scored 20 or more he dont have to play def right!! thats how bleacher coaches look at it!

  150. Viren
    2:42 pm February 2, 2011 Permalink

    IT IS ONLY ONE GAME an important game nonetheless. Kentucky will be fine if we can split the away game between Florida and Vanderbilt. I did not and do not expect Wildcats to win SEC Conference this year. We are so young and half of our team has never seen the hostile environment in SEC. We lost to North Carolina in Chapel Hill by 2, we lost to Alabama in Tuscaloosa by 2, we lost to Ole Miss in Oxford by 2 all of these games were winnable games. Cats were also in the Georgia game in Athens. We lost these close game but few bounces our way we could be sitting with a pretty 19-2 mark.

    One thing we need to keep in mind is NCAA tournament is played on a neutral floor we are 3-1 on neutral site games and Cats will be battle tested I expect them to turn it around by March and make some serious noise. We just need to be more patient with this team. SEC is just so balanced top top to bottom if you do not show up to play the game you are going to get beat its simple as that. Teams like Ole Miss who had nothing to lose and everything to gain last night and they took advantage of it. I figured we would come up short because we were just way to careless with ball coughing up 18 times. I also do not think we need to place blame on any one player. Like everyone I did think Miller should have taken that shot, if he had missed that would have given chance for an offensive rebound. Cal should have taken time out as well with clock winding down and Cats wasting precious time off the shot clock. We are everyone’s biggest game and we fill opposing teams arena that comes with being the best in SEC 97-13 series advantage on Rebels.

    Did anyone happen to catch the Vandy/Florida game I noticed half of O’Connell Center was empty, but when Cats go invade Gatorland on Saturday you can bet it will be packed to the room like sardines. I really do not think we are going to end up with TOP 3 SEEDS in the NCAA. Who knows we do have some quality opponents still left on our schedule maybe we can turn things around. At least Cats are winning their home games. If we can split Vandy and Florida away game we should be okay. Hopefully Cats come out focused on Saturday’s prime time game with Gators and give them run for their money. Go Cats this fan still believes in you.

  151. Lord Vader
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    Apology accepted….

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    GET THE MESSAGE,,,,,,#128