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Let’s meet your starting lineups

Let’s be honest here, this won’t be a game. But there are plenty of things to work on against the Samford Bulldogs. Teague must continue to show signs of turning a corner. Lamb needs to keep making shots and Miller needs to start making his. Jones is on the mend, both mentally and physically. Davis and Kidd-Gilchrist, well, just needs to keep doing what they’re doing.

PG: Marquis Teague vs. Devin McNeil

teague MBB Heads 9.11

Marquis Teague is quickly evolving into an elite point guard, and in these last few tune-up games before the meat of the schedule, he needs to continue to showcase his pure talent in distributing to his teammates. Look for Teague to be involved early and often against a very weak Samford team; he’ll take advantage of the size mismatches. The only thing Teague still shows a big weakness in is finishing at the rim, he can get some good practice today.

Devin McNeil’s minutes have been decreasing as the Bulldogs season has progressed, and the team has won a couple of games, basically without him. It’s anybody’s guess whether he’ll see significant minutes today against the Cats. McNeil is undersized and will probably struggle against the length and full-court press, I would like to see Teague get even more aggressive on defense against him. When the Cardinals come to town on New Year’s Eve, Teague will need to apply a lot of pressure to Peyton Siva – the time to learn is now.

SG: Doron Lamb vs. Will Cook

lamb MBB Heads 9.11

Doron Lamb has hit 10 of 18 three-point shots in his last four games, and fired up nine against Chattanooga. Look for a similar clip against another Southern Conference opponent. With these cupcake tune-ups before the Louisville game it’s hard to not look forward, and it’s obvious Lamb will need to be hitting from outside to beat the Cardinals. We all know how ungodly opposing teams seem to shoot against the Cats, and with Kyle Kuric’s ability to get hot, he’ll probably make like 36 threes. So Lamb will need to make at least that many. Practice makes perfect. Fire away, Doron!

Will Cook is a similar anomaly to his point guard, he’s shooting less and the team is winning more. Of course, the competition – even for Samford – has been weaker, but Cook is still averaging two three-pointers per game. Nothing to really worry about here; the Sophomore guard is evenly matched in terms of size but the skill gap, as you might guess, is drastic.

SF: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist vs. Jeffrey Merritt

gilchrist MBB Heads 9.11

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist has been a man among boys on the court, literally being a one-man army. Scoring, rebounding, passing, and coming up with loose balls. He’s a guy who can do it all and will continue to do it against this Samford team. I would like to see a little more midrange work for Kidd-Gilchrist today because we know he can score in the paint, and we’ve even seen his ability to knock down from three. Time to work on scoring from anywhere. Kidd-Gilchrist is perhaps the biggest mismatch the Cardinals will face on December 31, and could be the biggest reason for a Cats victory.

No offense to Mr. Merritt, but there’s nothing particularly great about his game. He doesn’t score very much and misses a lot of shots for a “bigger” man, he doesn’t rebound well, and seems very hesitant to shoot from outside. He’s a guard listed at 6-6, so he might just be one of those awkward players who was always picked last on the playground. I’m sorry Jeffrey, but the truth hurts.

PF: Darius Miller vs. Tyler Hood

miller MBB Heads 9.11

Terrence Jones is out with a bummed pinky finger, so Miller looks to get the start at four. Miller said he is aware of a slump he’s going through, hitting only three of his last 17 three-point attempts. As is the theme throughout this preview, now is the time to iron out the kinks. I was all for the 33 shot attempts from behind the arc against Chattanooga, so let’s see some more of that tonight. Look for Darius to get involved early with his signature floater in the paint to get comfortable. I don’t have any doubt Miller will find the groove sooner than later.

The regular starter John Peterson is out with an injury, so filling in will likely be 6-6 Freshman Tyler Hood. He’s scored in double figures each of the last four games for the Bulldogs, so his guards are feeding him the ball. Darius Miller isn’t exactly the prototypical defensive juggernaut, so this is really the only “weakness” – if you can call it that – the Wildcats have against Samford. But don’t be alarmed. It’s still Samford.

C: Anthony Davis vs. Drew Windler

davis MBB Heads 9.11

Believe it or not, Anthony Davis is actually bigger, as in weight, than an opposing center. Actually, you can probably believe that because this is Samford. But still, Davis will have the upper hand in literally every facet of the game today; he’ll have a field day. We’ll probably see the “triple-double watch” out soon. Blocks on blocks on blocks.

I’m not sure if you’re counting, but – at the risk of sounding racist – this is Samford’s third white boy starter. Nothing against the great Kyle Wiltjer or Jarrod Polson, but these guys just don’t seem up to snuff to White Boy Academy status. Drew Windler is a Senior and might have some “veteran moves,” but Davis will completely own him.


Article written by Stuart Hammer

B.S. Broadcast Journalism from the University of Kentucky. @StuartHammerKSR

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  1. minton
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  2. minton
    4:37 pm December 20, 2011 Permalink

    Too many whiteboys. I am one so i can say that, lol. Should be a fun game to watch. Plenty of highlights.

  3. JR Hop
    4:40 pm December 20, 2011 Permalink

    you do sound racist. probably not necessary to include that little tidbit. you and everyone else may have been thinking it, so it goes unsaid.

  4. Thaxonator
    4:41 pm December 20, 2011 Permalink

    Samford is my alumni and trust me they are worse than advertised. Princeton offense + unathletic white boys = loss

  5. btowncatfan
    4:44 pm December 20, 2011 Permalink

    Their SG, Will Cook, looks 40 years old. You sure that’s not a coach?

  6. Scott
    4:47 pm December 20, 2011 Permalink

    This looks like a beatdown tonight. Feel sorry for those Samford boys.

  7. here ya go
    4:59 pm December 20, 2011 Permalink

    so based on this racist bull crap.. the next time i see someone of color trying to attempt something of intelligence, I should just say.. to many black boys.. they suck.. after all it’s the same line of thinking right?

  8. SweetWm
    5:26 pm December 20, 2011 Permalink

    It is time for our government to stop this racist crap. I hear that Obama intends to sign a law that requires each team to start and all share equal time. Starting five requirements are: a black, a white, a red man, a yellow man and 1 midget.

  9. Dane Brammage
    5:31 pm December 20, 2011 Permalink

    The young fellas from KENTUCKY will go on to be pros.
    The young fellas from Samford will go on to be pros….as in Sales, Teacher/Coach, CPA, Doctor, Lawyer, Chief….
    Each will have a story for the grand children.

  10. Briar Gates
    5:57 pm December 20, 2011 Permalink

    Stuart Hammer =Dumbass

  11. Mark
    6:09 pm December 20, 2011 Permalink

    I think Samford might play better in actual basketball uniforms.

  12. Fake Stuart Hammer
    6:10 pm December 20, 2011 Permalink

    The putz, “Briar Gates” = Dumbest A$$ Whole

  13. Dimetrios Georgios Synodinos
    6:17 pm December 20, 2011 Permalink

    “The XXXXX is a better athlete to begin with because he’s been bred to be that way, because of his high thighs and big thighs that goes up into his back, and they can jump higher and run faster because of their bigger thighs and he’s bred to be the better athlete because this goes back all the way to the Civil War when during the xxxxx trade’n the big… the owner… the xxxxx owner would, would, would, would breed his big XXXXX to his big woman so that he could have ah, ah big, ah big, ah big XXXXX kid see…” January 16, 1988

  14. ukfan1
    6:21 pm December 20, 2011 Permalink

    kyle kuric is terrible!!!!!!

  15. Fact Check
    6:33 pm December 20, 2011 Permalink

    Windler is a sophmore.

  16. Chiaobama Pett
    6:38 pm December 20, 2011 Permalink

    Eighter: In an effort to comply with your will, a new law is up for consideration requiring each team to not only ‘start’ but also share equal time: Beginning with these five requirements: One African-American, One Caucasian-American, one American Indian (or an MD, JD, or Chief will suffice), a yellow man (though no Jaundiced allowed), and 1 SweetWm.

  17. Lee
    6:40 pm December 20, 2011 Permalink

    Amen #7. Obviously, noting that white players suck and black players never do is a a pre-requirement when writing for KSR.

  18. Jerry TiptonT
    9:16 pm December 20, 2011 Permalink

    Hey KSR. let’s lay off the “analysis”. Its not what you do well and don’t try to be a real sports site. Don’t you have some BCG pics to photoshop?