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Les Lye’s Friday News and Views

les lye

Hello, nieces and nephews. Matt and Beisner didn’t have the heart to tell you what I have to tell you, so they shipped you here, at Unca Fake Gimel’s house. They’ve always babied you, never wanting to tell you about the nasty realities about life. But I know you guys respect me for being real with you.

So…. here goes. Les Lye died on Thursday. Most of you probably know him as the primary adult on You Can’t Do That On Television. Whether he was portraying Ross Ewich, El Capitano or Barth Bagge (the latter two shown above), Les worked his roles with aplomb. Hopefully Les is getting comfortable in Heaven, preparing buckets of slime to pour onto Christine McGlade’s head. (Mmmm… Moose.)

Now, I know you’re distraught. Would you like a glass of water?

*wipes face* Now that was uncalled for. I don’t care if it made you feel better. Fine. To the news!

* Coach Cal introduced his new Internet site, CoachCal dot com. Evidently Coach is going to have his own blog, which will probably be editorially managed by the website managers. What’s the most-interesting post? The one introducing the world to his German Shepard, I think. I agree with Matt that Cal is passive-aggressively letting us know to give him and his family privacy at his home. Haven’t seen Cal post the Dog’s name, but I would bet on “Chopper.”

Oh yeah, you can officially Friend Cal, too. According to the wall posts there, Big Blue fans crashed today. The managing staff of the website were impressed because the traffic killed their hosting from Amazon Cloud. Welcome to the wonderful world of hosting a website about Kentucky basketball, Coach Cal!

* Which is more controversial? Figuring out which coach didn’t vote Tim Tebow for preseason first-team All-SEC? Or Clay Travis straight-up asked Tim Tebow if he was a virgin? (Check out Clay’s live-blog around the 1:00 mark.) OR is the most controversial thing was the Sporting News opting not to Photoshop blur-tool the Cox?

* Orson Swindle talks about Rich Brooks and the real importance of the SEC Media Days:

Spencer Hall – Day 1 wrapup fron SEC Media Days

(Why yes, the interviewer has Bama Bangs. God, did I just reference a Clay Travis joke?)

* In case you missed this yesterday, Brett Dawson transcribes the pre-fall two-deep football roster printed in the UK Media Guide. The guide isn’t online yet, but UK Athletics have released a .PDF in the past. (Hopefully it won’t be like the Basketball media guide where the colors are inverted for the printers.)

*Well’t, I just noticed that Intern put together a quick News and Views post. Here’s a good snippet from it:

With apologies to Mark Beuhrle & The Catch, it is officially football time in the Bluegrass (“we’re from Kentucky and we like it that way”). A time when we, as functioning humans must shift 100% of our daily focus to college football, no matter how many pics you see of John Wall and Eric Bledsoe eating at Jimmy Johns or tweets about sharing a grilled cheese with Lebron. Pappy Brooks has the floor, and I’d suggest you listen. Ol’ man is confident in this team, better than last year even. As the two coaches shared handshakes, winks, and Rich Brooks commemorative Maker’s in Simpsonville yesterday for the annual Governor’s Cup Gala, coach speak and center-cut politics were the chef’s special, but it gets the juices churning no less. For a 4th year in a row, we fans can expect Kentucky to at least be competitive nearly every week and challenge for yet another Bowl…think about how fleeting this feeling truly has been, and don’t think about compound fractures.

Amen, Intern. And sorry for pulling down your post.

Children, we’ll have the next round of Who Wants To Be A Blogger (as long as you write faster than Fake Gimel), along with other fun things. Stay tuned!

Article written by The Fake Gimel Martinez

I may be fake, but my passion for UK sports is real. Probably put all my best work at and, so go there when I start coasting here.