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Lech Kaczynski’s Monday Notes


It has been an eventful weekend for news, but none sadder than the tragic situation in Poland on Saturday. President Lech Kaczynski and 97 other people were killed in a plane crash as they flew to Western Russia for a memorial service. The plane went down in the heavy fog and with it, nearly all of the top members of the Polish military structure and many top officials in the government were killed. It is an unbelievably tragic moment for the people of Poland and places the country in a very difficult position as it tries to maintain continuity in its political and military leadership. I have occasionally wondered about such events and what happens when so many leaders are all killed in one event. In the United States, the line of succession thought enters most of the decisions made by Government and even in events like the State of the Union, someone is kept away to ensure continuity of government. Here, the military structure of Poland has been decimated, adding a complication to what is already a tremendous tragedy. I spoke with our man Woo, a native of Poland, this weekend and he was saddened by the event and was worried about the weeks ahead. A very sad weekend for the Polish people and a very difficult few weeks ahead.

Lets do these notes rapid fire style:

— The big news of the weekend was the performance of Enes Kanter, who was just brilliant at the Nike Hoop Summit. His strength around the basket made UK fans drool and he broke the game’s scoring record held by Dirk of the Mavs. UK fans are excited about his future, but there still remains one worry…the final determination as to his amateur status. The new NCAA Rule (which will allow payment for living expenses overseas) will help Kanter, but there is still worry about whether he will be found eligible. He has however cleared the NCAA academic Clearinghouse and now we just wait to see our Enes get run in Lexington. If he shows up, a cult hero is sure to be born.

Brandon Knight decides on Wednesday in a moment that will be huge for the program. Its at 4 pm on ESPNU and we will be live blogging it right here. Our server is ready for the traffic and a celebration of the next big star at UK is hopefully forthcoming.

— As I wrote this weekend, the news on Doron Lamb is much more positive. He decides next Saturday and Kentucky likes where they stand. He is a shooter and being able to add him to the team next year would be beyond huge.

— An AP reporter came up to Patrick Patterson at Keeneland and asked him about next year and he said he was “50-50” on returning to play for the Cats. I hope that is correct and if he comes back to Kentucky, it will be huge for the program. However I would be surprised if that is the decision and would like to know more about the context of the question (i.e. was it done while Pat was talking to people and trying to have fun…thus making it is less in-depth) before I get too excited about the possibility.

— The Cats have to reel in either CJ Leslie or Terrence Jones to become the team we want them to be in 2010. I want Jones….not only for the great last name, but because I think he is a perfect Calipari player and wil be a 2 year guy who can help win a title in 2011. But either is fine and they have to get one….otherwise a major void will exist inside.

— Watch the name Mike Rosario as a possible transfer. He is leaving Rutgers as a guard and is looking for a new home. He lists Kentucky as one of the six schools he is considering. On Friday, I was told that UK might be taking a potential transfer…if so, Rosario seems the most likely candidate. We will have more on him tomorrow.

— Still hearing that UK is trying to get a series worked out with Texas starting next year. The games would be in Louisville, Nashville, Houston and Dallas over a four year period. Not a done deal yet, but the hope is to make it happen.

— I actually like Phil Mickelson but am amazed how many hate him. I watched the Masters with Turkey Hunter and others, and they despise him and curse his name. I think he needs to work on the farmer’s tan but find him to be entertaining. I do however find myself disliking Tiger more and more every day. I dont care about his personal life but it seems as if his “jerk” qualities are exposing themselves more every day and I was pulling for a quick ABT (Anyone but Tiger) on the course. Give me Anthony Kim and our KSR favorite Josh Teater any day.

— 1 week in and still watching baseball…I am worried.

— If there was a better place than Keeneland this weekend, I cant imagine what it was. Great weather, ponies and…the scenery was immaculate. I have said before I have one more year of KSR in me…but might have to be the next venture.

— We are taping a podcast on Tuesday night and it will be released on Wednesday. We are going to do a lot of creative things with the podcasts this summer…I hope you will enjoy it. If you would be interested in hosting a podcast at your business or interesting locale (preferrably with some free SWAG for the boys), email me at [email protected] We will be having some great guests in the coming weeks.

— For the record, I hope you read the Gregg Doyel piece linked here earlier. It is great…and it further confirms what I have believed for ten days, that it is still likely Darnell Dodson is not on the team next season.

With that, it is time to read some Sarah Vowell (the wittiest history writer imaginable) and get ready for the biggest week in recruiting of the year. Stay tuned….

Article written by Matt Jones