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Ladies and Gentlemen, Your Bluegrass Stallions!


I can think of three reasons you should go see the Stallions this year.

I have always said that if the KSR podcasts are nothing, they are at least educational.  However, in three episodes, we have yet to learn who is going to be helping Woo debate the quality of Sour Patch Kids vs Gummi Bears from the locker rooms at Kentucky Horse Park.  (Get it?  Stallions playing at the Horse Park?  Someone give their PR guy a promotion.)  I blame myself for this, mainly.  I have failed to put the roster online, and how can we expect Woo to know his team mates if we don’t talk about them on here? We all know the only site he’s allowed to visit is KSR, so my apologies big guy.

For Woo and any other basketball fan, here is the full roster for the 2009-2010 Bluegrass Stallions (taken straight from the Stallions website, one of the few existing sites that looks more retro than our very own):

Guards »

Antonio Murrell 18 PG 170 lbs 6′ 0″  Indiana Wesleyan University

Wayne Turner 15 PG 195 lbs 6′ 2″  University of Kentucky

Akeem Scott 3 SG 165 lbs 6′ 2″  Campbellsville; Kentucky Christian University

Aubrey White 5 SG 200 lbs 6′ 3″  Georgetown College

Justin Taylor 23 SG 195 lbs 6′ 3″  Georgetown College ; Tennessee Tech

Marcus Thompson 25 SG 215 lbs 6′ 4″  Seton Hill University

Ravi Moss 2 SG 190 lbs 6′ 2″  University of Kentucky

Forwards »

Bobby Perry 7 SF 230 lbs 6′ 7″  University of Kentucky

Jaron Brown 4 SF 230 lbs 6′ 4″  University of Pittsburgh

Darnell Dialls 21 PF 215 lbs 6′ 8″  Eastern Kentucky University

Luke Fitzgerald 30 PF 250 lbs 6′ 8″  University of the Cumberlands

Center »

Lukasz Obrzut 48 C 275 lbs 7′ 1″  University of Kentucky

William Harris 24 C 220 lbs 6′ 7″  Mountain State; Pikeville College

In all honesty, I’ve never heard of any of these guys other than the ones that played for UK.  Sorry.  But that doesn’t change the fact that I think these games will be a lot of fun.  So fun, in fact, that Patrick and I already have plans to go to some of the games (where he promises me that he will cheer only for the UK players and no one else.)  So give these guys a shot, in part to keep cheering for the Cats we all know and love, and in part because I don’t know if there are any rules against selling beer at the Horse Park Stadium (and if there are, we have two season ticket packages to sell someone.)

Side Note: In retaliation to BTI posting the Spice Girls video of me, Chris, and Dustin (I thought we had Roger Goodell destroy those tapes for us…) I’ve uncovered something from Bryan’s personal collection.  All I will say, is that it was labeled “To Kate…”

Article written by Will Lentz