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Lack of News is staggering

Well we are tumbling closer and closer to the beginning of a new year. For me this event is always signaled by three sights….first is sight of a bowl game on Boise St’s blue field, which this year had the added benefit of including Boise St for the viewing audience…..second, is my friend Victor’s birthday party, which brings cast of thousands to Lexington, Kentucky and inevitably ends up in a conflict between one of my friends and Jared Prickett (and it should be noted that this year was no different….and third, it is the week between Christmas and New Year when people are off work and discussing Kentucky basketball at a fever pace.

However this year has been disturbing due to the lack of signal number 3. While two weeks ago brought news by the buckets….with the Randolph Morris ruling, the victory over Louisville, the commitment of Darrell Stevens live on KSR Radio and other tidbits, this week has brought nothing. As a matter of fact, the only thing I have even considered finding interesting was the status of Woo’s plane return from Poland. Why is nothing going on?

I spend a great deal of my time on the show and on this blog ragging on the media in and around Lexington, but to be fair it is a very difficult job. When nothing is going on, you have to write some human interest story about how some player is doing some good deed and it shows what college athletics is truly about. I love these stories, but there are only so many to write. I mean how many ways can Carlos Toomer show that he has a heart of gold?

Anyway, hopefully something will happen with the Ohio game on Friday. I personally am looking forward to Ramel Bradley’s rap, being recorded on January 3, and the new changes on KSR Radio….including the addition of a segment where we make up outlandish rumors and profess them as fact…..we will call it the “Peter Vescey segment”….should be fun.

Article written by Matt Jones