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KSR Weekly World Report - Dad?

Whew, what a week that was.  Our beloved Wildcat ship had to weather the storm that was Maggard v. Tipton I (I look forward to Round Two at SummerSlam) and we saw Bobby Maze make a mistake we all did the first time we saw Back to the Future and confuse a Delorean for a Ferrari.  There’s no Doc Brown to save him from his poor choice, but I’ll still give mad props to Dave the Jeweler for him though.  Because that’s what he do.  Make chains. 

But, all was not lost as Kentucky maintained its good name with commitments from Madisonville’s Jon Hood and Vinny Zollo of Ohio and Kelenna Azubuike, Ramon Harris and Jared Carter decided to share a little love in Africa.  In the middle of all of this excitment, though, there were a few things that didn’t quite make it onto the Big Blue Radar and are deserving of a quick roundup before you head out to buy your last minute Mother’s Day gifts.  What?  You thought I was going to advocate another Friday night of making it rain at your local adult establishment?  C’mon man.  It’s one weekend.  Your mom deserves it.

Anyway, here we go:

 – The above picture is not necessarily a story that needs any attention.  It simply is from a website called that basically takes your photos and swaps the heads of the father and the baby.  Kinda creepy, but yet kinda interesting and cool.  Unless your dad is bald, cherubic and cute as a button.  Then, it’s kind of pointless.  Sidenote:  I’m about 90% sure the guy with the goatee on May 7 is my boss. 

 – Ain’t this America???  Since when can’t you have a “F— you Fulmer” sign on your car?  It seems like Communism has finally taken over the town of Signal Mountain, Tenn. with the obscenity charge filed against the 20 year-old displaying the sign.  The kid claims it’s aimed at a cop named Fulmer and not chubby wonder on the Vols sideline.  Is Fulmer really so powerful in that state that it’s a better excuse to tell a cop you’re throwing “F bombs” at one of his fellow officers than at a football coach?  If so, I’ve got to throw out a fist pound to Phil.  That’s baller right there.

 – Never underestimate the widespread power of the Hilltoppers.  That’s right, Western Kentucky University is sitting squarely in the middle of the hotly contested Mayor’s race in Carrollton, Texas because Mayor Becky Miller is claiming to be a graduate even though WKU has no records of her.  Also, she claims to be a the former fiancee of Don Henley, a backup singer for Linda Rondstadt and Jackson Browne, and still mourning a brother who died in Vietnam.  Her campaign has really hit a snag, as all of these stories have been denied by the people involved, except for the brother story.  That had to be denied by her father instead for obvious reasons.  This reminds me of a low-life roommate that I had in college who used to go on Facebook and alter his profile and “target” girls by lying to them with stories tailored to their personal profiles.  If this disgusts you as much as it does me, send me an email and I’ll give you all of his private information so you can give him the beatdown he so rightly deserves.

 – Look for all of the future Barnstorming dates to be subject to cancellation as El Capitan Jones is likely to go on a month-long celebration over The Hills being renewed for a fourth season.  Apparently there is more scripted douchery for MTV to pass along to our kids than we originally thought.  I guess they missed last week’s World Report where we outlined how they were gift wrapping and mailing this world to hell in a handbag.  You can get revenge on MTV here.

 – Remember the keyboard pants from a few weeks ago?  They allowed you to look like you were working while you might have been actually doing something else.  Well, in case you’re a little more bold and if you are looking for a pair of jorts that give you a little something more, take a look at these massage shorts.  ****WARNING:  This is not an adult site or anything really inappropriate, but you’re probably better off not clicking on this if you’re at work.  Jobs are hard to come by these days, so there’s no sense losing yours over something so small.    <—–  That was a pun.

 – Well, I’d like to leave you with another video as good as Benny Lava and the sick dancer from last week, but the best I can do is provide you a link to this video I saw on the news last night.  This guy doesn’t want anyone to suffer through rush hour traffic in Largo, Fla. so he does interpretive roller-blading on one of the busy street corners.  This is a classic case of not realizing when people are laughing at you and not with you.  But, the dude has moves.  I’ll give him that.

Well, that’s it.  Have a good weekend kiddoes.  Give your moms all the love and respect they deserve for putting up with us and our madness for all of these years.  And, make sure to tell her I’ll be stopping by at my usual time this week when your dad is at work.  Adios.

Article written by Thomas Beisner