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KSR UK-UNC Ticket Contest


For those of you that havent yet signed up for our twitter site (KySportsRadio), you have missed a lot in recent weeks. We gave away Madness tickets, are getting finalists for more Madness tickets and this week had a contest for who would do the craziest thing for UK-UNC tickets. The answers were staggering. We had over 500 people give some answer and while some were not so good (either lame or impossible (“I will make out with Dick Vitale naked”), others were routine (lots of people wanted to jump out of planes) and a lot were fairly stellar. But we have to pick a winner and as I said in the contest, the winner has to actually DO what they claimed. We have a male and female dicision and each had vastly different routes to success. The guys got weird and the girls got risque. However we weeded out those that we thought impossible and here were the top suggestions:

NelsonN02 — Wear a “I heart Billy G shirt” to Rupp (Good idea, but not quite random enough)

ccrawford0023 — “Anything you want” (show some creativity my friend)

CRGraham32 — “Wax Go Big Blue into my chest hair” (I actually though this would be good but since we plan on being there when these events take place, I cant watch a grown man do things to his chest hair live)

randyg2112 — “Ding, dong, ditch Alan Cutler’s house” (I love the creativity here and the idea of Cutler coming out with his moustache not finely groomed was appealing)

BradArmpit — “Lick BTI’s nipple” (now that is just sick)

Aroo5 — “Paint a room in your house” (If I needed this done, this would be our winner…but I dont…but suggest again when I move in a year or so)

Greg Turner — “Frost my tips like Maggard” (Very nearly a winner…one KSRite fought for this as the victor, but he was slightly voted down)

ConnorHolland21 — “Break up with girlfriend of 2 years” (We didnt pick this one because it is unenforceable, but if you are Connor Holland’s girlfriend, you may need to give me a call because it doesnt seem like your time together is all that long remaining)

So from there we got our two male finalists. In the comments section, vote for which you would like to see happen (complete with pictures and video of course)

lindsey40229 — “Get a tattoo of all seven UK banners on my ribs” (We had lots of votes for tattoos, but I like the creativity here AND how extensive it will be)

Coreyp08 — “Me and my buddy will walk from Louisville to Lexington” (My personal favorite…creative, really difficult and potential for some shenanigans if the KSR crew joins in and makes a weekend out of it.)

So choose between Kenan and Corey (no Kel entry). For the ladies, there were some entries I cant print here (but enjoyed reading), but these were the top suggestions:

TylerThompson — “Kiss BTI on the mouth” (The hero of the “Who Wants to be a Blogger” contest (year 2 coming soon), gives an entry that would make some happy…but BTI kissing is not something we wish on anyone)

CarlyJane — “Take Jared Carter to O Charleys or Go to Memphis and take picture with “The Door.” (Without question, the most creative entries throughout were Carly Janes…none were individually good enough for this, but I encourage her to enter the Blogger contest…could be a true force)

Awillis4 — “39 year old female with blond hair and will walk around UL campus dressed as Karen Sypher with shirt that says “I love Pitino”” (LOVED the creativity and I would like to see it happen…but I cant be seen as promoting this or I may literally, never work again in this town)

ziggk10 — “drink beer out of a shoe” (strangest thing written in all of the suggestions…if you had said Hubby’s shoe maybe…but not a generic shoe)

Our two finalists however are:

Uk247cats — “Get a “tramp stamp” tattoo of the state of Kentucky” (I like this idea because it shows real commitment and is from a girl….plus could lead to great pictures)

parlipower23 — “Set up a one on one game between Matt and Chelsea Chowning with bourbon shots between games” (I like this idea (minus the bourbon) because I think me playing a former UK women’s basketball player (and a hot one at that) would be good video for the site….and we can place bets on whether I will win. Good suggestion)

So there you go…vote for your male and female winner and SIGN UP FOR THE TWITTER PAGE…we have nearly 8,000 followers and contests go all the time…including one coming this weekend. And if you arent doing the “Downs AFter Dark” tonight in Louisville, you should be

Article written by Matt Jones