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KSR Reader Conspiracy Theory: John Wall Stole his “Dance”


I get email basically everyday now, and most of them you can imagine what they say.  Usually the words hate, moron, and sexy are in there somewhere.  But then this weekend, I received what had to be the strangest email I have ever got at KSR.  To protect the anonymity of the sender (although his name rhymes with Borey Whomas), I will chop the email down to the bare bones:

“BTI, I hate you.  But, you generally post dumb stuff, so this is right down your alley. (Ed. Note: This is an accurate portrayal of what I do, by the way) I have found the source of the John Wall dance!

Now, at this point, I was thinking he was sending me a link from a rap video, or maybe a clip from Sesame Street, where they do “I’m a Little Teapot”.  But, then the email took what can only be explained as a strange turn:

“I challenge anyone to find an earlier documented case of this dance.  October 17th, 1978, Season 3, Episode 6 of Three’s Company.  Jack Tripper is the inspiration of the John Wall Dance.  The ladies loved it back then too.  Is there anyway you can get me Drew Franklin’s autograph?” 

That’s right, John Ritter appears to be the inspiration for the dance that has taken the Big Blue Nation by storm.  You can be the judge in the video below, but I got to admit, it’s pretty compelling evidence.  The question I have is: does this disappoint you that a cheesy 1970’s sitcom is the inspiration for the coolest dance invented?

You need to fast forward to the 6:30 mark to see John Ritter Dance

Article written by Bryan the Intern