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KSR Live SEC Tournament Journal: 7 pm-9:30 PM


MATT 9:41 PM: So the Gators pull it out, 78-69 and move onto the next round to play Mississippi State in a game with major NCAA Tourney implications. We bid adieu to Auburn and potentially Jeff Lebo’s career. It will no doubt one day be celebrated with a Chik-Fil-A Legends award. The ranks are really starting to thin here….Jeff Drummond and Oscar Combs were sitting behind me and we gossiped for a few minutes like little old ladies. Those two guys are the best of the best and sitting with them and discussing the Cats gives me more knowledge than almost any other endeavor. Now even they have left and the only other UK person here besides me looks to be JErry Tipton…thats never a good sign.

In other news, Chandler Parsons came over next to me to do post-game radio and I heard him say “thats a good start, three more and we shock the world.” I have them going to the Finals, which would shock some…but they arent beating the Cats. Florida Dance Team also impressed and we hope to learn more in the next game…up now we have Arkansas and Georgia, which means David Wallace versus our man Johnny P. Lots of intrigue as I try to figure out whether Rotnei Clarke knows that he spells his name wrong or if he has never been clued in.

I may even have a late night live blog in a bit….regardless, LIVE BLOG FOR UK GAME tomorrow at 12:45 EASTERN

MATT 9:!7 PM: Watching Tony Greene referee a game to me is a bit like watching a show BET “Comic View.” I know I am not going to understand what he is saying or what he is doing but I am strangely mesmerized that others believe it makes sense. This game has been a usual Florida/Dan Werner suckfest. The Gators get big leads and then give it back to Auburn to keep Mosley and the guys awake. I sat for a few minutes in the stands with the guys, and they are camped in the Auburn section. Much of the talk was about Jeff Lebo’s lack of hair and it seemed to bother the Auburn fans around us. Look folks, if Calipari loses his hair or if I lose mine, I will make fun of that too…well not actually if I lose mine, but we can act like it.

The media contingent is quite weak here at night. There is really no one to stare at except that guy Tom Brennan, who is apparently calling the finals for ABC. You talk about a guy that dropped off the face of the world only to reappear at tournament time….why Tom Brennan…was Jon Brennan not available?

Florida 64, Auburn 57

MATT 8:42 PM Halftime is ending and once again we had an SEC Tournament tradition, the Chik-Fil-A SEC Legend for each team. This has been going on for years and the KSR Crew usually has a good time trying to guess who will be this year’s legend (Ole Miss…Gerald “World Class” Glass? No, he did it last year…white guy with floppy hair? Maybe). I love the idea of it and sometimes they get genuinely big stars like Sir Charles or Dominique Wilkins. Today actually, Auburn had another big one, Chuck Person (seen below)


But one has to wonder, when the legends will run out for some of these teams? Thats not really an issue for Kentucky, who will have plenty as long as the gimmick continues (this year’s is Joe B Hall), but what about teams like Auburn? Once you get through Barkley and the Person brothers, how far do you go until you are inviting Chris Porter? Are we all that far from seeing Albert Jackson walk onto the court for Georgia? These are the type of things you ponder while you are watching Florida lead Auburn 40-31 at the half.

MATT 8:17 PM: I was going to do a live blog but apparently you folks in Kentucky are not even getting this game, so that wouldnt work. I do like the trend in the SEC games to eliminate the male cheerleaders and only bring the ladies. Guys are there for the tricks, but except for Kentucky none of these teams can do tricks anyway, so why bother.

Two quick words on email topics…nothing is going on with Daniel Orton that I know of…he was here watching and had nothing on his hand. I appreciate blogs and I like that we have spawned many copycats, most of which suck (there are exceptions…I love Wireman’s blog and liked the Walter dude’s blog till he got prickly today), but with rare exception, if its a true story it will either start on (a) this site, TCP or Maggard’s site, (b) a mainstream media outlet or (c) from a random poster on a message board amongst 300 rumors that are false. If I hear anything is up with Orton, believe me, you will know.

Second, I do actually like Clay Travis personally and we are friends, but today’s time on his show was my most heated exchange ever on the radio or any media outlet. It made my initial conversation with Jeff Goodman seem like a family holiday. If he puts it online, let me know so I can link it…you will rarely see me that hot.

Florida up 35-27….wonder if their AD knows who they will play if they win?

Chris Johns 8:12 PM: Quick programming note since apparently signing with ESPN doesn’t mean they will actually show your basketball tournament on one of their 20 stations and CBS thinks Survivor > Auburn/Florida (where they might have a case, actually) but Comcast looks to be broadcasting the game which is on 409 on Dish Network.

MATT 8:00 PM: So it turns out Dave Baker knows geography better than I gave him credit for. Buffalo is apparently only30 minutes farther away than Milwaukee from Lexington. Go figure. The ears have always hidden magical powers. This game is already 28-14 Gators and seems headed to blowoutville, which means my focus is on Alex Tyus and his hair/forehead. I must say that in person, it is a bit disappointing to realize that the look isnt as pronounced as it seemed on television or in the picture. In person it looks slightly odd, but only if you focus on it. So maybe Tyus can use it for the ladies…and he most certainly can take any that like Dan Werner.

MATT 7:39 PM: As the game tips off, a couple of notes…first, we had a nice chicken pasta for dinner. I know you are excited about that. Second, Teddy Valentine is calling this game and there is no referee more universally heckled than Mr, Valentine. Whether it is his glowing personality or his desire to “make the game about him” (sportswriters like to use this term a lot I have noticed), fans really dont like him. Third, UK had a press conference for John Calipari at the hotel where the team is staying but I couldnt make it because somehow I have no access to my car. Such is the life when you travel with a big group.

I miss Jai Lucas.

MATT 7:14 PM: Its amazing what a little rest and dinner break can do for you. I now feel refreshed and ready to get after it on the night session at the SEC Tournament. The next game is Florida vs Auburn, otherwise known as the Jeff Lebo swan song. IF you think I am excited about this game, then you are wrong, but it doesnt mean that the night will not be fun. I am seated directly in front of the Florida family section, which means I will get to see if Dan Werner’s family yells as poorly as their son plays. In addition, the game is being called by Mark Gottfried, who is ten feet from me and looks like he needs a little less sun in his life. He is an inspiration.

More of the KSR crew arrives tonight, including Mosley and Hubby, with the Turkey Hunter and Drew Franklin making their way down here tomorrow. UK fans swarmed South Carolina and LSU fans, trying to buy tickets for the next few rounds. They were unsuccessful, primarily because there is no such thing as a South Carolina or LSU fan. We will be going all night, so keep updated (you have to hit refresh folks) and check us out. Good pictures coming as well….

Article written by Matt Jones