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KSR Hall of Fame Inductee – Jorts


As part of our 5-year anniversary here at KSR, we are going to honor our first ever KSR Hall of Fame Class over the next 5 days.  You voted in HUGE numbers, and selected 5 people and things that represent the growth and popularity of KSR more than anything.  Each day this week during the 10AM post, one of the KSR writers will honor an inductee in whatever way they feel proper.  Today we honor JORTS, also known as Josh Harrelson’s attire that made him beloved by the UK fanbase.  The word Jorts has been used in 124 posts in KSR’s history, and was first mentioned by a young Thomas Beisner on April 20th, 2008.  So, without further aduuuuu, here is Hunter Campbell’s honoring of KSR Hall of Famer JORTS:

Every once in a Big Blue Moon, a player comes along that warms the KSR cochels in a way that few others can. They go beyond simply understanding the goofiness that drives this silly little blog, choosing to embrace the insanity and even, on occasion, become part of it. They appreciate that we take very little too seriously, we appreciate that they don’t take themselves too seriously, and a celestial match is made. Perhaps no one word sums up this phenomena quite as well as “Jorts,” and that’s why he’s a part of KSR’s first Hall of Fame Class.

When Josh Harrellson first arrived on these hallowed pages, there was a feeling that something special was brewing. Only one picture of him could be found, and before long the world famous free throw image you see above was a bona fide KSR staple, one that is universally recognized by anyone who was lurking the comments during its heyday. But not until his love for jean shorts came to KSR’s attention did the ridiculous factor hit a fever pitch and the affection we now feel for the big guy really start to bear itself out, and those jorts are the reason we’re here today.

Having already been named KSR’s one and only Man of the Year, an induction alongside the inaugural Hall of Fame class is the only jewel missing from one of the most celebrated careers in KSR history. It has spanned over two years, seen Jorts endure the lowest of Clyde’s lows and the highest of Cal’s highs, and included more ridiculous picturesthan we could have ever hoped for. Jorts never tried to shake the fashionable moniker we gave him, instead wearing it like a denim badge of honor and earning the adoration of the masses in the process. Similar to Woo and others that came before the blue-jeaned one, Jorts is quintessential KSR, and for that this honor is more than deserved.

So hold your head high, Jorts. Even before your career at Kentucky is over, your career at KSR is as decorated as any other. From day one you were one of our favorites, and have never led us to hold you as anything but. In another life you’d make a hell of a KSR blogger, but in this one you’ll have to settle for being a Hall of Famer. And from the beginning we should have known. Jorts, you had us at ‘Get Lost.’

And now, a celebratory dance:

Article written by Hunter Campbell

I used to write here.