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KSR Bachelor Running Diary (Episode 6): WAIT… Did Desiree Say She Lived in a Tent?

Look at those CRAZY eyes.

Look at those CRAZY eyes!

(The picture on each week’s post will be awarded to the craziest girl from the previous episode. This week it is awarded to Tierra (for a 3rd time), who said “I’m not a drama person at all,” which we all know is easily translated to “I am totally a drama person.” )

When it comes to The Bachelor, I’m here for the crazy. I have no interest in the final outcome of the show. The contestants’ future happiness or despair is of no concern to me. The purpose of The Bachelor Running Diary is to document the crazy things these girls say and do on national television. The Bachelor Running Diary, much like playing basketball at Kentucky, can’t hide crazy girls and is not for everybody. 

Episode 1: 50 Shades of Crazy

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Episode 4: The Roller Derby That Never Was

Episode 5: The Soliloquy to End All Soliloqies


Due to Kentucky’s game against South Carolina Tuesday night, this running diary is coming to you a day late as I wasn’t able to watch Tuesday’s episode until last night. I considered not documenting this episode, but I know Bobbum man and King Kelly Coleman wouldn’t be okay with that. They are dying to know what craziness occurred so I decided to not let episode 6 go by without giving them what they want. I’m again joined by my roommate Luke (He really hits his stride tonight. You will meet him via video) and our friends Jordan (girl) and Ryan.

Without further ado, your KSR Bachelor Running Diary.


KSR BACHELOR RUNNING DIARY (Episode 6) *Times not included due to watching it late*

*Hey look everyone, it’s Chris Harrison. Drink. I have a question to start tonight. They go to these places. They are there for a week. And they can only manage to fit 3 dates in? What else are they doing? Does Sean have to fly back and sell custom furniture three days a week? Does it take a long time to secure two goats, two canoes and two saws for the group date competition? Does Chris Harrison have a clause in his contract that he only works 3 days a week? He already has the easiest job in the world, why wouldn’t he want to make it easier?

*Luke still doesn’t know which girl has one arm. He thinks it’s Daniella. We pause the show and point Sarah out. I still wouldn’t put my life on him picking her out of a line up of pictures from the shoulder up.



*Catherine gets the one on one date and Sean shows up to pick her up in what appears to be a small red house on wheels. They get out of the house on wheels and Catherine boards a sled/toboggan that she rides approximately 7 yards. It is legitimately snowing and neither one of them are wearing a hat. Sean’s face is a shade of red-orange I’ve never seen. It looks like someone colored his face with an orange highlighter.

*”I’ve been through a lot in my life,” says Catherine. “I know you’ve seen goofy sides of me, but I want to show you more.” She goes on to say that at age 12, she witnessed a friend die at summer camp after having a tree fall on her. She talks about how that shaped her life and made her realize things can be taken from you in an instant.

It’s not cool to joke about that, but let’s get Luke’s take: “I don’t think I’d be very outdoorsy after that.”

*Catherine gets a rose.



*Jordan asks out loud the question everyone has about Tierra: “When is Tierra gonna explain the dent in the middle of her forehead?”

*Selma is not happy that Lesley jumped in the canoe with Sean. “I wanted to tip that boat over so freaking bad.”  We wanted you to as well. Then she said something about a shark attacking them before unleashing the one of the creepiest laughs ever. It was slow. Something to the effect of “ha.     ha.      ha.            ha.”

*After they canoe across a freezing lake, Sean informs them that they are going to jump in the ice cold water and join the Polar Bear club. Normally I’d worry for their safety, but The Sherminator is their lifeguard. Seriously. Look at the side by side. It’s uncanny.

*”I’m cold and I’m scared how I’m going to react after this…” is something you would say if you were Tierra and you were the best player ever of this game called The Bachelor. She’s setting up her fake hypothermia before she even gets in the water. Tierra is a genius and may take over the world.

*After it’s over, everyone is all “so glad I did this.” Except Selma. Because she didn’t do it (can’t say I fault her). Also, Tierra doesn’t seem like she’s too happy. Because she is starting to fake hypothermia.

*In reaction to Tierra’s latest fake injury, Sean says “I want to do everything I can do to help but I’m not a professional.” Don’t worry Sean, she doesn’t have hypothermia. I’m not a professional either, but I know how to use google. I just googled “hypothermia recovery” and found out if a person is truly suffering from hypothermia “he or she must be seen by a doctor, preferably one who knows about the condition and who is located in a well-equipped hospital emergency room.” That didn’t happen, so you know it wasn’t real.

*Wedding dress is skeptical of the latest Tierra attention stunt: “Once again the ambulance was called and Tierra couldn’t handle it. Same story, different day.”

*Tierra’s plan to fake hypothermia worked. And when Sean comes to her room SHE HAS AN OXYGEN NOSE THING IN! Jordan notes that Tierra’s make up, which moments ago was all over her face, is now perfect as she tells Sean “I don’t want you to see me like this for the third time.” We will all be answering to Tierra in 10 years. This is not a joke.

*Lesley just told Sean “I love love.” Umm. What?

*Sarah just brought out the big guns. Family pictures. Girls, unless we’re a little ways into the relationship, we don’t really want to see your family pictures. And you shouldn’t care about ours. If we make it, say, three months, we’ll celebrate with a family picture night. Deal?

*Tierra, who initially didn’t join the group at the group date party so she could “rest and recover,” shows up as the girls are all discussing her. The following things were said about her by her fellow Bachelorettes and my friend Jordan:

Wedding Dress- “She had an ambulance called when she fell up the stairs.”

Lesley- “We have a tierra-ist one our hands.”

Jordan- “I’m baffled that he talks to this girl. She’s so needy. It’d be different if she was all he had. But she’s not.”

*Despite Tierra cheating death and showing up at the party, Lesley gets the rose. Tierra doesn’t think its fair. “I’ve gone through a lot through all of this. I’m the one who almost froze to death.” Umm, no you didn’t. Because you didn’t see a doctor or go to a well equipped hospital emergency room.



*Sean is having doubts about a girl. He goes to find her. It’s Sarah. As they leave the room Sarah asks if she is in trouble. “No, you’re not in trouble. You’re just going home.” I’m kidding. He didn’t say that.

*He said this: “I felt like we were reaching. I feel like it’s never be there.” Maybe not the greatest choice of words, Sean. This set off a string of jokes in the room that can’t be printed.

*As Sarah rides away crying in the limo, Luke comes up with a GREAT IDEA for a new spinoff show. It’s kind of a half baked idea at this point. We don’t have it all figured out yet, but we called it “The Rebounder.” When the girl gets sent home there is always a camera in her face in the back of the limo. She ends up crying and saying something about how she “just wants to be loved.” At this moment, a dude slides over from the other window seat, puts his arm around her and says something like “hey man, turn that thing off” to the cameraman. The cameraman acts like he turns the camera off and The Rebounder goes to work telling the vulnerable girl that she is beautiful and that he loves her. If he can make out with her by the time they get her to the airport, he wins a predetermined amount of money. I dare you to tell me you wouldn’t watch this.



*Desiree gets the second one on one date, and Daniella once again complains about not getting a one on one date. Also, grass is green.

*Desiree (who we just decided kind of looks like Katie Holmes) is with Sean and they are going to repel down a mountain. “Repelling looks so much easier than climbing”-Jordan. I agree. I’m much more impressed with Selma climbing the mountain.

*After stopping halfway down to make out, they finish repelling. Then they climb a tree and Desiree who looks like Katie Holmes says “I did this all my childhood.” I’m sure you did, Desiree.  JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER KID.

*After Sean and Desiree finish acting like George of the jungle, it’s time for dinner and conversation. It is during this time that Desiree reveals she once lived in a tent for 4 months. As a child. She said something to the effect of “I didn’t grow up with, like, money. I lived in a tent for 4 months. Like, I lived in a trailer for a while. I didn’t have anything growing up. I think that’s why I’m so humble.” Luke thinks she mistook living in a tent for a camping trip.

Here’s what he thinks she was trying to say:

spirit animal from Jordan Rutledge on Vimeo.

*I like Luke’s version better.

*As the date (which took place in a teepee) ends, Desiree says “I’m going to remember this night for the rest of my life. I opened up about spending some of my life living in a tent and here I am falling in love in a teepee.” Rewind. Yep. She said that.



*Selma, who didn’t want to “shame her family” by making out on TV, decides that it’s time to go in for the kill. And that’s exactly what she did if you consider “the kill” a kiss that looked like something two 5th graders would do on a dare.

*Wedding dress, still building the biggest comeback in anything ever, tells Sean before their alone time “I made a promise to myself, and I’m not going to kiss you.” She kept that promise for approximately 52 seconds.

*AshLee brings up being abandoned and then tells Sean to blind fold her. This will take away her control and force her to trust Sean to lead her. Apparently by “lead her,” she meant “carry her across a room and kiss her.” I’ve seen failed trust falls build more trust between two people.



*As we head into the rose ceremony Lesley, Desiree who looks like Katie Holmes, and Catherine the vegan who loves the beef already have roses. There are 3 roses remaining and five girls. I am really worried we are going to lose Tierra. Once we lose Tierra, this running diary ends. I think Wedding dress and AshLee are locks. And Selma is still Selma. Daniella? She’s gone for sure.

*First rose goes to Wedding dress. No surprise there. After all, she kept a promise to herself for 52 whole seconds.

*Second rose goes to Ashlee. Again, not surprising.

*Time for the final rose. It’s got to be Selma, right? I mean, HAVE YOU SEEN HER?  On second thought, Tierra is the greatest player the game has ever seen and will be running the world in ten years. Tough call for Sean.

*Tierra gets the final rose. And now that I think about it, the 5th grade kiss probably lost it for Selma.

*I always joke about the girls leaving the show needing to call me but seriously, Selma, hit me up.



*Looks like Tierra goes nuts again next week and cries for attention. Also, the sky is blue.



*Sean said when he was 4 years old he peed in a desk drawer because “I thought it looked like a cool place to pee.” Every man has said this.


That’s all until next week,  when we’ll keep trying to figure out what’s going on with Tierra’s forehead.








Article written by Aaron Flener

John, I was first team All-State. I can put the ball anywhere I want to. I'll make it rain out here.

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    With the big haul yesterday on signing day and our basketball team turning the corner, it’s time for us to come together as a fanbase. You all act like there are a limited amount of posts that can go on the site, as if KSR only has so many roses to hand out, so to speak. There is room for posts of all kinds on here, just like Sean started off with all types of girls. When Matt Jones shows up to read his site, let’s all be getting along, instead of having a few Tierras causing drama, making it weird for Sean when he walks in. Let’s pick each other up when we trip getting out of the limo, instead of kicking each other when we’re down. In doing so, Cal and Stoops will take us ALL on a wild chopper ride…TOGETHER. NO FAN LEFT BEHIND.

  76. disgruntled is back!
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    glad KSR could still be your #2 choice for all UK news, as well as updates on the latest reality shows! thanks for stopping by. grab a bagel on your way out.

  77. Everyone
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    This sucks. Talk about SPORTS

  78. Nope
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    60, The Chris Harrison that hosts the bachelor is NOT the Chris Harrison who walked on and played for UK in the early 1990’s. You have got to be kidding me.

  79. justafish2002
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    Everyone saying this is crap since it isn’t sports, go check out the best sports writing site Bill Simmon’s

  80. By Everyone I Mean Me!
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    Please pay attention to me

  81. Who gives a shit!!!
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    Please stop wasting our time with this bullshit!! Thanks

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    smash smash saaaamaaassshhhh!

  83. Yep
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    78… now we’re stereotyping athletes that they’re incapable of becoming successful TV hosts? It’s the type of shallow minded individuals like you that give the rest of the commenters a bad rap. While Chris Harrison didn’t have the type of impact as a Todd Svoboda doesn’t discredit his ability to host a show and IMO, do a damn good job of it.

  84. Amberbock
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    Kentucky sports adios… If its never going to be addressed on the frackin show, why is it on here? I look here to see information about basketball, football, and recruiting news in the most ridiculous manner possible. Even with the satire, this is still not worth posting. Spend this airtime on UK hockey, I am sure everyone would give more of a shit about that.
    No nips at Flener, I just think there could be better blogs for these kinds of posts.

  85. Juice
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    Why not compromise? Move the bachelor posts to KSR College. That way no one will ever see it!

  86. I'm Still Complaining!
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    Yeah! Bye bye KSR! I mean it! Never again! You have messed with the wrong person.
    and #83, that’s hilarious.

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    I love reading this stuff, and the comments, too. You guys make my day. Seriously.

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    I love this stuff. I never comment, but I look forward to reading this every week (and I never seen the show). Please keep it up.

  89. This Sucks
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    The Bachelor is the fakest reality TV show out there and that’s really saying something. You all are ignorant for thinking all of the “craziness” is real and even more ignorant for blogging about it.

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    wow! do people not know who to scroll past a thread… some people need some meds!!!!!!!

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    Please please please take this crap off this website. I just don’t understand why it’s on here. Can we get back to what’s important UK sports. I’m seriously considering no longer viewing this site

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    This is the best recurring post ever….

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    WHO CARES ABOUT THIS. This is a Kentucky Sports blog, not TMZ.

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    I just hope one day I can experience the “Joy” that @AFlenerKSR gets from these posts

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    For the good of this site, please do away with this.

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    I don’t even watch the Bachelor, and I find these posts hilarious. Don’t like it, Don’t read it, why do you have to trash it? Then again, I also find the comments hilarious. Nevermind keep trashing it.

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    Are you posting this crap just to piss us off? It’s working.

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    Soooo…..when does The Rebounder start??

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    To all the haters of this thread…..if you dont like it scroll by or quit coming to the site if it bothers you that bad. Lighten up..where is your sense of humor

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    Hilarious again!

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    No more!! I rather wack off with a piece of sand paper in my hand that read that shit.

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    Seriously… I’m tired of scrolling past this each day… I like to read the stuff on this site because it’s UK, but if this is the kind of material you are pushing out on readers, then I’ll go somewhere else. If it’s not UK basketball or football, it doesn’t need to be here. Get your own blog and write about this crap on that. I have nothing against the author, or any of you who will almost undoubtedly send insults my way – I just don’t want to see this on here.

  103. Tired of this is Leaving!
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    Stop making me read things!

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    Love it! Keep it coming!

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    Hello, this show isn’t real, it’s a loosely written reality show. It’s the Kardashians of finding love, some real, almost all made up.

  106. This Is a Sports Site
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    Aaron, Hey f*ggot quit posting this crap on a sports site.

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    Everyone who watches the Bachelor is continuing to add to the depravity of this country. We wonder why there’s so much utter crap on TV nowadays…

  108. Jax Teller
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  109. Jax Teller
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    Damn, never mind. Fail.

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    No wonder the Taliban and Indiana Fans hate us. But at least we might be able to negotiate with the Taliban. If you are a graduate of U of L, go down to the DVD rental counter and have someone explain that remark to you.

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    It’s been a busy day folks, but I just had to dive into the comments section to see all the whining. I just don’t understand why you whiners get on here and complain so much. The number of comments on this section proves that it is one of the most popular posts of the day. Why the hell would KSR get rid of the most popular post of the day? What the hell would you guys complain about if they did? HAHAHAHHAHA! It’s like you are all too stupid to realize that the fact that you all comment on it is the exact reason it is HERE!!!!!

    7:44 pm February 7, 2013 Permalink


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    I’m with you disgruntled posters. I myself am so manly and heterosexual that I have never watched the show or read the recap. It so enrages me that this post is here at 8AM, not taking the place of any UK news or other regular post. My fingers get tired from all the scrolling and I hardly have the strength left to leave derogatory comments. My guess is as long as 100+ of us keep commenting every week, these Bachelor recaps will go away………somebody on the internets needs invent a sarcastic font.

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    You know a post is bad when KS R columnists assume multiple identities to support it.

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    Hey dumb F****! If anyone posted a reply after 9am you did not have to scroll past it since Corey Nichols has a post every day M-F at 9am. Of course you know that since you are here every day at 9am , right? By clicking on this post and replying either positively or negatively you have helped line Matt’s pockets. I’m positive he thanks you as well. There is not a cap to the number of posts daily and no children were harmed in the making of this post. There will be plenty of “sports” info flying around on this site daily. Relax, have whatever it is that makes you happy and enjoy the show! Go Cats! In Cal We Trust! Stoops Troops! Louisville Doesn’t Exist! Tierra Sucks!

    Oh. 102. They have THEIR own site…that’s why YOU are able to come here complain and read it, at no cost of course.