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KSR Bachelor Running Diary (Episode 5): The Soliloquy to End All Soliquies

(The picture on each week’s post will be awarded to the craziest girl from the previous episode. This week it is awarded to Tierra (again), who said the lavish lifestyle of The Bachelor is “torture.”)

When it comes to The Bachelor, I’m here for the crazy. I have no interest in the final outcome of the show. The contestants’ future happiness or despair is of no concern to me. The purpose of The Bachelor Running Diary is to document the crazy things these girls say and do on national television. The Bachelor Running Diary, much like playing basketball at Kentucky, can’t hide crazy girls and is not for everybody. 

Episode 1: 50 Shades of Crazy

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Episode 4: The Roller Derby That Never Was


Last week was a bit of letdown when the roller derby game/match/disaster didn’t happen, so I found myself a bit down on doing my regular post for the show. But I know how much everyone loves it, so I decided I would push through, watch again tonight, and keep a running diary. Here is what transpired Monday night on the Bachelor.




8:02- The girls are told they are going to Montana. They become more excited than anyone ever to leave California and go to Montana.

8:04- Daniella’s never been to Montana. I wouldn’t have known that, but she said “I’ve never been to Montana.”

8:05- Selma who won’t kiss Sean on TV says “I’d like to thank Sean for this, because he’s making my every little dream come true.” Every girl’s dream is to spend a week in Montana, right?

8:06- Wedding dress gets the one on one date. Lesley takes it well. “I’ll let her go, I’ll let her have her fun.” I don’t know when Lesley became the fun distributor, but her heart is definitely in the right place. I mean, how fun could the life of a substitute teacher be? Lesley knows that it can’t be great. Nice of her to allow Wedding Dress some fun.

8:07- Sean says what we’re all thinking: “Wedding dress almost went home on the first date. I’m so glad she didn’t.”

8:08- My roommate, Luke, has never seen this show. He is watching with me tonight because we only have one TV. His commentary will be sprinkled throughout. His first comment as Sean and Wedding dress get in the helicopter;  “I hope the helicopter crashes.”

8:09- Things seem to be going really well for Wedding dress on this one on one date. Is she about to pull off the biggest comeback in Bachelor history? This is a girl who wore a Wedding dress and got so drunk the first night that SHE FELL TO THE GROUND! Now she’s getting one on one dates.


8:11- Sean says, “I wanna sit down and see if things go a little bit deeper.” Males nod.

8:12- Wedding dress just used the word adolescence. I bet she couldn’t spell it.

8:13-  AshLee says Tierra was as happy as a bumblebee full of honey. My roommate is skeptical; “Admittedly, I don’t know a ton about bumblebees, but I’m pretty sure they are not full of honey.” My buddy Kent, of “We almost died in Auburn” story fame tweeted this to me: “They are not full of honey, Aaron. I know a lot about bumblebees.”

8:14- In the meantime, Wedding dress gets a rose. Then they go walking around downtown Whitefish, Montana and WHAT DO YOU KNOW?!? There is a HUGE crowd and concert going on. Man, WHAT ARE THE CHANCES?!? I’ll be honest, seems like that was planned.


8:17- Chris Harrison sighting, DRINK!

8:19- Time for the group date. They are going to milk goats and drink the milk. Selma says “just give a little” and makes a hand motion I can’t describe without getting fired.

8:20- These girls may be worse at canoeing than anyone is at anything.

8:27- Desiree didn’t so much drink the milk as much as she just poured it on her face.  TJ Lavin would’ve never gone for that on The Challenge.

8:31- Lesley is no long the fun distributor. She had this to say about her team’s loss; “Weak people piss me off. Losing pisses me off. And not getting more time with Sean pisses me off.”

8:40- Tierra, who isn’t supposed to see Sean during the group date,  just walked in during Sean’s private interview and covered his eyes. This is The Bachelor, a reality TV show. So this can’t be staged. How did she know where he was?!? Crazy lucky guess by her.


8:48- “The fact that she came out tonight, I don’t know what to make of it.” Well, we do. She’s completely insane.

8:51- “Two women, one rose. One stays. One goes.” This sounds like a promo for a pay per view wrestling match. It’d be like “Jackie vs. Tierra in a cage match for Sean’s heart! No holds barred! First girl to climb the ladder and grab the rose wins! Watch our for the thorns!”, probably.

8:54- After Daniella just cried for no reason and then made out with Sean, all Luke could muster was “THIS IS BRUTAL.” I agree.


9:01- Tierra: “Jackie doesnt know she’s on a date with me and my husband”.

Luke: “I don’t think Sean knows either.”

9:05- Jackie’s plan is to talk crap about Tierra. This has never worked. But it’s a no holds barred cage match. You have to pull out all the stops.

9:06- According to Jackie, Tierra flirted with a guy at the airport when they were on the way to Montana. I totally get how Sean could get mad about that. He’s not flirting and making out with 10 different gir…. Oh wait. Yes. Yes he is.


9:10- Do you guys have friends that occasionally say things that make you blankly stare back at them? I do. I had a friend in college that we called “Captain Obvious.” Sean just joined his team with this brilliant observation: “I feel like Tierra comes with so much drama.”

9:12- Tierra doesn’t look Sean in the eyes when she talks to him. I think she could totally be making this story up about her dead ex-boyfriend. Of course, that could just be fallout from Manti Te’o. I mean, if you can’t trust a star football player with a half sleeve tattoo who can you trust?

9:14- Tierra wins the cage match and gets the rose.

9:16- Forget everything I said about dates ending in confetti. Fireworks>>>>Confetti. Kids, did I use those arrow things correctly?

9:23- Just had the following exchange with my roommate…

Luke: “Wait, does that girl only have one arm?”

Me: “Yes! We’re an hour and a half into the show. How did you just notice that?”

Luke: “Why is it like that?”

Me: “She was born that way.”

Luke: “Like Lady Gaga?”

Me: “Yes. Like Lady Gaga.”

9:25- Tierra just stormed out of the room and told the cameras “”I want to punch every girl in that room. I will beat the s*** out of these (female dogs).” Some other girls followed her. Robyn said she’d turn this into the Bad Girls Club. This ought to end well.

9:26- What happens next is one of the greatest moments I’ve ever witnessed on a television screen. Tierra delivered the soliloquy to end all soliloquies. She even went third person at one point. It took me a little while, but I’ve transcribed the entire thing. These are Tierra’s words to a few of the girls:

“I’m gonna lay it out to you all. I don’t care what people say at the end of the day. Everyone is in each others ears about Tierra (THIRD PERSON Y’ALL!!). This is what I would like. The looks at each other when I walk into the room need to stop. Enough is enough. This is childish s***. Do I have feelings for Sean? Yes. Do I like him? Absolutely. But I’m not about to get threatened. You all are insecure. Not me. I’m like so over this. I don’t even care. I really don’t anymore. If I wanna go get engaged I can easily go get engaged. There are plenty of (f-bomb)ing guys in the world.”

I mean, wow. WOW. WOW!!! She went third person, cursed a few times, said she didn’t care, and then said she could easily get engaged if she wanted to get engaged. I am so confused, but it a good confused. A confused that makes me happy I’m confused. Because if you understand what she did there, YOU ARE CRAZY.

9:34- Desiree doesn’t understand, but she has a solution; “She needs a xanax and to be sent home.”

9:35- Tierra says “I’m not a drama person at all,” which we all know is easily translated to “I am totally a drama person.” We’ve been here too long for you to get that one past us, T.


9:44- Chris Harrison, DRINK.

9:45- Sean said girls are spending time talking about other girls. What he means is “Girls are talking about Tierra.” Maybe, Sean, it’s because you POINT BLANK asked them about her. Just sayin’.


Rose 1- Selma that won’t kiss on TV but made a hand motion I’d get fired for describing. Duh.

Rose 2- Catherine the vegan that loves the beef and sitting in laps.

Rose 3-Lesley the one time fun distributor.

Rose 4- goes to AshLee. That is great and all, but the longer the stays here the less organized people close to her are going to be. Hate that for them.

Rose 5- Sarah the girl that hid the fact she only has one arm from my roommate for an hour and a half.

Rose 6- Desiree.

We’re now down to nine as Robyn the terrible driveway gymnast goes home. Team Crazy is alive and well with Tierra and Wedding dress securing roses before the ceremony. There are 2 more hours of The Bachelor tomorrow night, but due to Kentucky’s basketball game against South Carolina I will not be watching. I plan to recording it and watch it Wednesday. You can look for the next post Thursday morning. I know you’ll be looking forward to it.

In closing, as they preview the rest of the season, my roommate says “If Tierra dies tomorrow night I’ll watch the rest of the season.” Challenge accepted?





Article written by Aaron Flener

John, I was first team All-State. I can put the ball anywhere I want to. I'll make it rain out here.

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    This series of blogs is absolute garbage. I really wish you all would end this meaningless charade.

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    This sucks. This just really sucks so bad. It sucks even worse when it catches my off guard. I have to set my outlook reminder to boycott tuesdays. A flener, I bet you prance around back and forth just waiting for this sucky show to come on. This site sucks now more than ever.

  3. Miggity
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    I look forward to these posts just for the comments!! I love how people say it’s a waste of time, but then waste more time writing scathing comments about it. LOL AWESOME!!

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    Please stop this – all people are doing is scrolling past the dribble………

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    1 & 2, look, some people enjoy these posts and look forward to them every week. I you don’t like them that much, don’t come to the comment section. What’s y’all’s problem!? Whining about it isn’t helping anybody and there’s no point in acting like a child over just a little post

  6. Tebkats
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    I vote for stopping this nonsense and getting back to UK athletics which is what you are suppose to be about.

  7. buzzard
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    I know this is a free site, and I really enjoy keeping up with UK on KSR, but I would have to agree with # 1 and 2. I have no interest in watching stupid TV shows. And even less interest in reading about stupid TV shows that I would NEVER watch.

  8. Walden Schmidt
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    Do you really think any body reads this crap.

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    3…The only way to get rid of this garbage is to have more people complain. Silent majority gets no action. If it takes 20 seconds to voice your displeasure then its well worht it. Yours is the most useless or pointless post of them all. LOL!

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    All reality TV is useless and slobbering over one of the shows is moronic.

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    Can I order a Lunardi update instead of Rose soup please?

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    I don’t know…I’m still having trouble finding the connection between the Bachelor and UK athletics. Maybe the 3 or 4 people that enjoy Bachelor gossip could go to TMZ or People websites. In the interim, I will check those websites for any UK related posts.

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    5, go take some midol. The rest of us want sports, not this crap.

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    This post is a waste of time, I find it hard to believe anyone reads this CRAP!

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    Coffee. Check. Krispy Kreme. Check. Tuesday morning. Check. People freaking out about Bachelor post. Check.

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    I agree with #6, 7, and 9. I generally don’t complain about free stuff, but a weekly post about this….really???

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    Hi my name is Aaron, and I’m a flaming faggit.

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    Didn’t read it and never will. You are a fag Aaron or a girl.

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    Comedy gold. Aaron, I think we have a couple Tiara’s reading this site!

  24. cracka
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    “I plan to recording it” … me, too

    TWO bachelor posts this week! on national signing day!! love it!!! these dbags complaining are going to absolutely flip out, ha!

  25. mollie
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    I don’t even watch The Bachelor, but I look forward to the blog the next day. Love it!

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    19 = Chris Culliver

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    Damn, I am late! I was making popcorn and getting ready to read the comments and they are already 26 deep!

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    Man, I might have to check this show out. Great post!

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    I love the one doofus who keeps typing entries under different names saying how much he loves to read these comments. What a complete freak. Could it be more obvious?

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    The Batchelor: this is the drivel that passes for information/entertainment? Remember when the FCC Commisioner called tv a “vast wasteland”? And all he had watched were Bonanza and I Love Lucy! So much to see and learn and most people are more interested in Dancing with the Stars and The Batchelor! I feel brain cells dying when I even think about such mind candy!

  33. redneck uk
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    Yeah, we should all bash this post on this girly show…then watch WWE or a tractor pull or Honey Boo Boo or how god made a farmer commercial…now that is a real country boy’s entertainment.

  34. eric
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    All these haters are just mad that jersey shore ended and now they don’t have a favorite reality TV show to watch. I personally hated this show for years but now I kinda like it. Its very entertaining, as are the blog posts.
    Hatcher to UK

  35. Dictionary
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    You need to look up the definition of soliloquy.

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    For a show that I’ve never watched, I’m going to be sad when the bachelor is over just for the lack of these posts.

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    Why are comments critical of this blog entry disappearing? Censors?

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    eric, you got me … i’m bored without my jersey shore and walking dead … bachelor is my substitute, i think it’s hilarious

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    Love the post and enjoy the Bachlor for the crazy… we’re on the same page here, keep up the good work Aaron.

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    Very entertaining post!

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    I still can’t believe the KSR writers think they have the right to post what they want on their site

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    Great work and keep them coming! For those complaining, it’s really quite simple….DON’T READ THE POST! Idiots.

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    Shows like this and blogs about it just further support the “Idiocracy” theory. Way to go

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    I love your Luke’s commentary. He needs to be a part of this from now on. The Lady Gaga remark was gold! Made me think you were talking to a 6 year old!

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    SUCKS! Let the13 year old kid from last night post!

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    how bout those ’75 Cats…

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    43 – as if following teenagers’ college choices and daily lives is for the highly evolved and intelligent folk.

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    I agree with 45. Let the kid get his career started. I look forward to a 9am post. I can’t read this crap. People comment “If you don’t like it don’t read it.” That is fine. I want to read something though.

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    I think these Bachelor posts are hilarious and you guys are way hardcore!!!!

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    If you don’t like The Bachelor and Tiara then you just don’t like ham legs and legulite.

  51. Gypsy Robyn
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    Personally I am not a fan of the show but I am a fan of Aaron’s take on it! Love it, funny stuff!

  52. Matt
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    Love it. Screw the haters. This is hilarious.

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    F*** you ***** and take a ******* then go****** stupid bachelor ******* Fleeners a ***** ***** dumb ***** who can ****** his mother

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    A complete waste bandwidth

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    Please stop.

  56. Kelsey
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    LOVE IT! Keep doing it, it’s a good break in the website and hilarious for people that watch the show, or those who don’t…

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    I watch the show and love the post if only to read posts from grown men whining and complaining! where else could you find so many whiners in one place outside of Washington DC?

  58. S.B.Keen
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    Couldn’t we just hook The Bachelor up with The Bachelorette and be done with all this nonsense?

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    I love Tuesday mornings. The blog and then the comment section, pure gold.

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    another tuesday, another day spent refreshing the comments section on KSR’s Bachelor Post. This is gold Jerry, Pure Gold! Good work fleiner/jones. Loving it.

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    Selma is smokin’!! Looks just like Ashley Greene. Love the tall blonde too.

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    Please stop this crap, it sucks and it lessens the legitimacy of KSR as an actual Kentucky Sports site. quit with this trash!

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    Give me “Jerry Springer” .That’s real reality tv,and far more entertaining.

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    I think my favorite is Lindsay though. Or maybe Leslie, the hot blonde from DC.

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    I generally agree that if people don’t want to read this stuff, then they can just scroll past. Problem is the entries are huge and it takes a lot of scrolling, especially on a phone. Maybe KSR could make this like some of the KSRcollege posts (I think) and have a one paragraph lead-in on the main page of the blog, with a link to the full post on a separate page in case people are interested?

  66. Jeremy
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    What is this garbage? Get back on track, KSR. People come here for Kentucky sports news and information. Don’t lose sight of that. This kind of BS is really hurting your brand. Matt Jones, why are you allowing this happen?

  67. Miggity
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    Aaron……please do not stop these, because although I do not read most of the post, I LOVE THE COMMENTS! I check them a couple of times a day and they are right up there with the posts by Tomlin in hilarity. Actually…..I think these should become daily posts about the most cliche shows on TV (Survivor, American Idol/The Voice, Dancing w/ the Stars, anything on MTV, etc), just to keep the comedic genius of the irate comments flowing. Because, you know what…..although it makes some folks so mad, they’re not going anywhere because the other news on this site is so good they have to keep coming back! Love it!!!

  68. Kevin Malone
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    I will cease to visit and read this site any longer until the bachelor posts cease to exist. This is supposed to bring me Kentucky sports and recruiting news. That’s it. That’s why I fell in love with this site 6 years ago. So please do yourselves and everyone else a favor and cut this crap out.

  69. Eric
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    ^ funny.

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    Later, Kevin Malone (#68)

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    So why do you keep writing this when everybody keeps asking to stop? Oh, what is that? Its the only post you get to write all week! In a weeks time I think you could maybe make this funny. Sad when KSR college has better stuff then the parent site.

  72. Eric
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    I was going to say “Kentucky fans”, but I will re-phrase and say: Geez! Kentucky fans that come on this KSR site sure are a bunch of whiny cry babies.

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    Why is this on here? Because we use this blog entry for profilin purposes.

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    KSR you are better than this??? or aren’t you?? Quit this piece its annoying to see it on this site. Aaron I hate you more than BTI!!!

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    #71 yeah.. “Then” is the proper word usage there.. Way to show your intelligence in more ways than one.

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    How about a Real Housewives of Atlanta running diary?


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    UK fans, in all their collective glory.

    Keep it up, Aaron. It’s almost like you only write these posts to troll UK fans with nothing more to care about other than Nerlens, Vargas, Wiltjer, Coach Cal, or the 2017 UK/NBA recruiting class. I would say “branch out” to those UK Fans up in arms, but I’d rather you keep trolling.

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    77- Nerlens, wiljter, cal……. And Vargas? Are u high?

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    Can you just post that you’re gay and get on with the actually sports related info

  80. Ron
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    Aaron, Please turn in your man card and schedule your castration. The fact you watch this mindless television is grounds enough. Your need to waste more of your life posting the action scene by scene on a UK sports website proves you should not be allowed to procreate.

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    Aaron, Heeey girlfriend this post is the beeeest ever!!! Can we do a recap of RePaul’s Drag Race next? Or Queer Eye for the Straight Guy?

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    Please dont allow these posts anymore. I know I could just scroll by but the fact that these posts are on here with UK athletics is just insulting.

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    lets talk about sports not dumb ass reality TV shows.

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    Watch out Entertainment Tonight, KSR wants to be lil brother.

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    Please never stop doing this. I really enjoy the torment that it bring the more vocal and less respectable crowd here on KSR. Maybe start a Cake Boss recap as well?

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    The bachelor posts are like political reference’s. We don’t want either one on here.

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    Lmao, I LOVE these posts. Not only the Stephen Wright-esque comedy gold that is Aaron Flener’s writing but the fact that people believe writing a comment about the posts will do anything other than keep them alive. If I were running a website and got more comments (negative or otherwise) from a bachelor post than posts about fantastic Cats dunks or Ryan Timmons’ announcing he is now a Cat I’d ask Mr. Flener to write more posts about the Bachelor. Additionally, I think Sean (the roommate that didn’t notice the girl had one arm for 90 minutes) should write a post about watching Aaron watching the Bachelor. That would REALLY set off the trolls!

  88. Cadmus301
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    By Sean I meant Luke. Yes, I’m a moron for confusing the bachelor with the roommate. Continue.

  89. wny cats
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    Can we get ‘roommate luke’ a gig umping little league baseball…or as a basketball ref? He is obviously sharp and astute seeing the details in things. I think this would make for great reality tv as well. (I wonder if these uber-negative nancies have ever watched 5 mins of an episode before they decided to take such an aggressive opinion. 15 minutes of emotionally hysterical hot chicks playing beach volleyball in tiny bikinis while offering up the most ridiculous unintentional dialogue? Yeah, sounds horrible…

  90. wny cats
    5:28 pm February 5, 2013 Permalink

    “That these posts are on here with UK Athletics is just insulting” that comment is so awesomely ridiculous! Bravo to you Chris. That made me Iaugh. Please tell me someone from KSR has got an ongoing log of these outlandish comments from the Bachelor Recaps throughout the season. After The Bachelor concludes, I’d love a blogpost with all these crazy comments. They make the woman on The Bachelor look intelligent and less whacko.

  91. Cats Fan 1
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    This is STUPID! Please stop writing about such a stupid, trashy show. JUST STOP! STOP WASTING OUR SPACE FOR UK NEWS WITH THIS GARBAGE!

  92. Fleener the weiner
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    Fleener you should just leave… Don’t let the door hit you on the vagina on the way out
    90- since I’m sure this gayness will continue that’s a great idea lol I’d love to see the top comments on this horrendous joke of a segment

  93. I love knife
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    1) I LOVE the “fun distributor” comment; it reminds me of myself. 2) TJ Lavin is awesome and probably a UK fan. 3) Are these people serious?!?! Comments = Ratings…Ratings = Gold/$$…it would be like me supporting Nancy Grace!?!? I am confused… 4) Back off sweet, Flener Weiner – he is a gift to KSR and if he were gay…he would be a gift to me – I love the gays!! 5) I am SO sure NONE of BBN watches any reality TV and is so intellectual that they ONLY keep up with KSR and FOXNews 6) Simply LOVE it!! XOXO

  94. I love these posts
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    I ignored these bachelor posts for the first few but while bored at work read the 3rd one. It was awesome and I went back and read them all. I have never seen “The Bachelor” but these posts make it sound quite entertaining. Especially when I take Aaron’s perspective of just watching for the crazy. Keep them up Aaron!