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Knight/Kanter/Jones/Selby/Lamb Updates

Brandon Knight: The Knight to UK talk heated up substantially yesterday when Florida played in the NIT lost in the first round of the NCAA tournament to hot older Mormon ladies the BYU Cougars and UK won by 200. The boiling point was hit when what Matt reported earlier occurred. Although most people tend to agree that a decision has not yet been made by Knight, Knight to UK is starting to reach the level of inevitability. If you have a pencil or one of those things that was pretty cool for about 5 minutes in the 90’s (an erasable pen), it may be getting to the point of where you can lightly pencil this one in. We’ll see…

Enes Kanter: Not much has gone on with Kanter since he left Lexington which, in terms of recruiting, is a good thing. No other visits, no new offers. As we’ve said since Kanter visited, he looks to be a pretty good possibility for the Cats 2010 class and not much has changed there. Work still needs to be done with Kanter’s recruitment before he’ll pull the trigger so I would expect that work to occur after the tournament.

Terrence Jones: This one has been rumor central. If you believed every rumor that has been written about Jones then, at this point, you think Jones has leaned to Washington, leaned to UK, committed to Washington, decommitted from Washington and commenced with his leaning again. Here’s the real story with Jones. He hasn’t committed anywhere and a decision is still in the works. Jones’ plans seem to be to watch the tournament to get a better gauge on where his suitors sit and then make a decision. I’m sure Jones is praying for a Washington/UK Elite 8 but of course that won’t happen because Marquette lost to Washington last night. What? They didn’t? Oh.

Doron Lamb & Josh Selby: Both of these kids are planning on announcing their decision at the Jordan Brand Classic on April 17th. Neither has made a decision at this point and both are expected to watch the entirety of the tournament before deciding. There is some speculation out there that they could announce their decisions to go to school together, which would mean Kansas, but that based mostly on their choice of announcement date being the same. For both, but especially for Lamb, the date was picked mostly because of its location in NYC, Lamb’s hometown. While they certainly could both announce for Kansas, I don’t believe that the reason they both chose the same date was because both has already decided for Kansas.

As you can see from all of these updates, the tournament is going to hold importance both for UK’s success this year and for their success in the future. Last night was a great start.

Article written by Dustin Rumbaugh

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