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Kentucky WILL NOT GET JOHN WALL, END OF STORY….says Doug Gottlieb

I dare you to step to my crew and our monitors.

Doug Gottlieb appears to be a bit of a douche.  But, he’s a douche with a very respectable and very public position in the media.  Thus, his emphatic dismissal of UK’s chances with John Wall is newsworthy.  Is he right?  Who knows?  Others might disagree, but here is everything he had to say about UK today:

 Chris (Lexington): I’d bet my salary its KU vs. UK in the National Championship game next year. Any thoughts?

Doug Gottlieb: I’ll take that bet. The kid Kentucky got today is a good point guard and it makes them a tournament team, but Bledsoe’s not John Wall. We don’t know if Patterson’s coming back or if Meeks is coming back. If they both come back, they’ll have a chance. You have to remember Kentucky didn’t make the tourney last year. That’s a very big leap.

Spencer (Owensboro KY): With Bledsoe heading to UK, does this necessarily mean that Wall goes elsewhere (Duke, Miami)? Hard to imagine two big-time PGs going to the same school at the same time.

Doug Gottlieb: Yes. If you take a top ten point guard, and there’s another one out there, it means they weren’t willing to wait on Wall or he told them he wasn’t coming. Good for Kentucky because Bledsoe’s not a 1 and done. They’ll probably get more out of him than Wall and they won’t have to deal with the circus and the waiting. Makes a better argument for Patterson or Meeks to come back.

Brad (Sandusky, OH): Doug, should John Wall still consider Kentucky now that they have a solid PG in Eric Bledsoe?

Doug Gottlieb: Listen, if Kentucky takes Bledsoe which they have, they are not getting wall. Period. End of story. That’s how it works. It doesn’t mean that Bledsoe is better than Wall or that Wall is scared of Bledsoe. But if you are in the running for the top point guard in the country and you take another top ten point guard, it’s an obvious sign that Wall is not coming. Period.

Article written by Thomas Beisner