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Kentucky vs West Virginia: Live from the Carrier Dome


I am coming to you live (sort of) from the Carrier Dome, one of the stranger facilities I have been in to watch a game. The place is massive and is clearly set up for football, meaning that the media room is actually on the football field and the basketball court is off into a corner. There are many more UK fans roaming around, which is good. However there are also a number of West Virginia folk and when you combine the locals who come to watch the game, it could be a split crowd. I am excited, but nervous, about the day’s festivities, however a few notes are in order.

— It continues to be a running theme, but I thought Kentucky seemed very loose yesterday. The media throng is big here and the players dealt with it well, with Cousins and Wall producing two of their best interviews ever. They arent overly familiar with West Virginia, but know the game will be “tough” and “a battle.” More and more people are suggesting that these are the two best teams left in the whole tournament. I tend to agree.

— I actually arrived at the Carrier Dome at 3:30, in part because of the massive boredom of Syracuse. I tend to entertain myself no matter where I am and love exploring new places. But man there isnt much in Syracuse. Somewhat of a dying industrial town and the college campus (while having beautiful parts) doesnt really have a centralized area beyond about two city blocks. What is great is Dinosaur BBQ, where I ate last night at the same time as Mitch Barnhart and Rick Reilly (who actually was quite nice). The three of us didnt share a table, but I think we were friends from afar.

— When I arrived at 3:30, there were only two people in the media room. Jerry Tipton and Oscar Combs. There is something about that I just love. Jerry is, while also the most negative, one of the more hard working journalists out there, and Oscar Combs is just awesome. It made me feel at home here in the frigid Northeast.

— Tickets arent all that expensive. Tell your friends not to get suckered into high prices.

— Last night, Brian Brohm and Greg Paulus were both in the tiny bar where I spent some time. I threw an interception just to fit in.

We will be live chatting this game, but please follow my Twitter account and I will give updates as they come available.

Tonight is the night we have waited for…cross your fingers

Article written by Matt Jones