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University of Kentucky Basketball, Football, and Recruiting news brought to you in the most ridiculous manner possible.

Kentucky Sports Radio’s ‘Finally On The Radio’ Friday’s News And Views

Song provided by OH Napier, with imagery from Beisner

For as long as I have known Matt Jones (and admittedly that has only been a little over a year,) the man has been a tireless worker.  He would have to be, to have created the brand that Kentucky Sports Radio has become.  From early podcasts with Jay Bilas, to radio shows getting shut down by Tom Jurich, to working for, to making Deadspin due to his coverage of Karen Sypher, Matt has and always will be the lifeblood of KSR.  I also know that he has been wanting to get back into the radio business ever since he was last taken off the air.  So while ‘turn on your radio, it’s Kentucky Sports Radio,’ finally becoming a legitimate saying is great for all of us involved, I know it’s especially important to Mr. Jones.  Which is why we are all deciding to quit and start our own blog unless he let’s us rename the site Hubby And Danny Jett’s Daily Ponderings.  Congrats Matt.

And with that, a quick news and views for your Friday morning.

Elliott Porter should make his decision known today.  While the popular opinion has him committing to Texas A&M, there are still many that believe he will end up a Cat by Saturday (many of whom are close to the program.)  A&M has proximity to home going for it, but Kentucky will give Porter a chance to play this year and a chance to line up against Les Miles down the road, two things a true competitor should value over all else.  Conventional belief has him becoming an Aggie, but Porter has played his cards close to his chest.  Let’s hope he’s got a surprise in store for us tomorrow.

-In news about players that are currently on our team, Joker continues to call the QB competition an even playing field, but one that could see a shake up soon.  This Saturday the football team is holding a closed team scrimmage, and while Joker believes that no QB has stood out over the others yet, he predicts it will happen during the scrimmage.  And hopefully so, because the Louisville game is on its way.

-Did you know that the basketball team was heading to Canada?  The place with the guys with the funny hats?  Yeah, the first game is Sunday and it’s apparently against a team that just met for the first time yesterday.  With Vargas, Kanter, and Jones likely out, not to mention the no foul out rule (which will let Jorts dominate the smaller canucks,) it’s becoming questionable just how much of a foreshadowing to the season that these games will be.  Of course, I’m still going to watch, as it’s the closest we will get to basketball season until we all get together in Rupp to watch them practice.  Still, we are just days away from some Kentucky basketball action.

-In related news, Billy Gillispie recruit KC Ross-Miller was announced ineligible due to academic reasons yesterday.  There’s not really much to say about that, other than THANK GOD FOR CALIPARI.

-Have you ever seen To Catch A Predator?  You know, the show where they trick pervy old dudes into chatting with underage girls and arrest them?  Only they can’t use real underage girls, because that would be illegal.  So who is on the other line?  Well, if they ever do an episode in Boston, it just might be Shaquile O’neil.  Apparently The Deisel has been posing as a little girl for the past seven years, in a part of an undercover police sting.  No Kentucky relation, but that’s just hilarious.

-Twenty three days until four straight against Louisville. Get excited Kentucky.

Article written by Will Lentz