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Kentucky rests comfortably at the top of ESPN’s SEC Power Rankings

SEC play is officially underway, which means it’s time for the media to trot out their weekly intra-conference rankings. Not surprisingly, the Cats come in at #1 on ESPN’s SEC Power Rankings.

1. Kentucky: The Wildcats have Anthony Davis and everyone else does not. Terrence Jones’ return as a scorer against South Carolina makes this team even more dangerous.

2. Vanderbilt
3. Alabama
4. Mississippi State
5. Florida
6. LSU
7. Arkansas
8. Tennessee
9. Georgia
10. South Carolina
11. Ole Miss
12. Auburn

Agree? Disagree? I personally think Florida should be lower after their losses to Rutgers and Tennessee, but maybe that’s just my dislike for Eddie Munster talking.

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19 Comments for Kentucky rests comfortably at the top of ESPN’s SEC Power Rankings

  1. Uglymuffin
    11:19 am January 10, 2012 Permalink

    I have often referred to Donovan as a vampire. Glad someone else sees it too.

  2. JackBluto
    11:25 am January 10, 2012 Permalink

    I would put Florida at 4. But Donavon has to be the least great coach with 2 championships ever.

  3. wilDCat
    11:35 am January 10, 2012 Permalink

    I find it blasphemy that they mention AD and TJ but then do not give any lip service to MKG, without whom there is a chance we would not be at #1 in those power rankings right now.

  4. The Cheese
    11:39 am January 10, 2012 Permalink

    Florida is better than Vandy even with that loss UT. Florida is too low on this power ranking. Do you honestly believe Miss State is better than Florida? No way.

  5. blueink
    11:45 am January 10, 2012 Permalink

    FLA has that “beat / get-beat-by anyone on any given night” feel

  6. NBA league pass
    11:46 am January 10, 2012 Permalink

    UF may be “better” than number 4 in these rankings but they have to prove it on the court first. And so far, they haven’t.

  7. dave
    12:02 pm January 10, 2012 Permalink

    4-if you saw the UT game you would know why UFs ranked so low. they got outplayed and prob outcoached. UF actually played defense for, maybe, the last 10 min of the game. oh & they lost to rutgers…..

  8. RYNO
    12:07 pm January 10, 2012 Permalink

    They can’t drop Florida down too low. Then Syracuse’s only decent win would become irrelevant like the rest of their schedule. I understand that Big East play is mostly to blame for this, but I just can’t accept that last week, Syracuse’s SOS was ranked #4, and UK’s was ranked #101! I know how much weight that ranking carries when it comes to seeding the NCAA Tourney (hopefully not too important for UK this year), so it makes me wonder how that is ranking is truly calculated. Judging by last week’s #4 ranking for Cuse, it leads me to believe that it’s much more ambiguous than I previously thought!

  9. RYNO
    12:08 pm January 10, 2012 Permalink

    Sorry, should have said Cuse’s only decent, non-conference win.

  10. RYNO
    12:24 pm January 10, 2012 Permalink

    Ranking Tennessee over anyone except maybe Mississippi at this point is just insanity. Putting them in the middle part of the SEC power rankings is a slap in the face of SEC Basketball. Sure they did beat Florida at home. But so did Rutgers and I don’t think they’re ranked in the middle of the Big East this year (or ever). UT also lost to AUSTIN PEAY (3-13) and Oakland (9-10)at home! That’s inexcusable, and should automatically drop you to the bottom of every SEC power ranking until at least February. Georgia’s worst loss is at home to Georgia Tech, and that’s at least an in-state rivalry game, and GT is no where near as bad as Austin Peay. Old Miss and UT will be fighting for second to last place all year. I’d say Ole Miss will probably take last place because UT has the potential to bet a lot better with the addition of Jarnell Stokes, but he’s an unproven commodity. I’ll wait to see how he gels with the team before I’m ready to give them a decidedly better chance of getting out of the SEC gutter

  11. The Cheese
    1:04 pm January 10, 2012 Permalink

    7 – Vandy lost to…… Wait for it….. Indiana State and Cleveland State at home. Good times.

  12. BuddyBoy
    1:16 pm January 10, 2012 Permalink

    We almost lost to Old Dominion.

  13. Reality Is
    1:47 pm January 10, 2012 Permalink

    12. No we didn’t.

  14. RYNO
    2:26 pm January 10, 2012 Permalink

    12) So did #8 Mizzou- They actually came much closer than we (I assume you mean UK) did.

  15. RYNO
    2:41 pm January 10, 2012 Permalink

    11) I’m normally not one to defend Vandy, but to be fair, losing to Cleveland State’s and Indiana State is like losing to UK & UNC, compared to losing to Austin Peay and Oakland. Austin Peay is probably one of the worst 15-20 teams in Div I, and Oakland just lost 5 straight to the likes of Western Michigan, North and South Dakota State, Oral Roberts, and Western Illinois. Alabama beat Oakland by almost 20.

  16. macon_volfan
    10:00 pm January 10, 2012 Permalink

    #10 that oakland game was on the road, up in Michigan, only 1 day after getting back from a week long trip in Hawai’i. No excuse. Poor scheduling, though.

  17. chanden
    3:11 am January 11, 2012 Permalink

    My 2 cents.. Remember that just beause some teams have better records doesnt really mean that they are better than someone with a bad record. Some of these teams play very poor schedules up til conf begins.
    1. UK
    2. Alabama
    3. Vandy
    4. Florida
    5. Miss St
    6. LSU
    7. Arkansas
    8. Ole Miss
    9. Tennessee

  18. Lou eaton
    9:08 am January 11, 2012 Permalink

    What makes the big east teams ala Syracuse look so great is games like last night where UL loses by 31 pts to Providence who is the Auburn of the BE. I simply do not understand how UK can be ranked (SOS) at 104 and Syracuse at #4! What? How the he}} is this calculated???????????

  19. Megan
    9:09 am January 11, 2012 Permalink

    I like Billy. As the hairline of his temples continues to recede, his widow’s peak has grown uncomfortably long and thin. It’s a semi-mohawk now. Don’t know if he can continue to keep the landing strip long and comb it back.

    People have likened him to Eddie Munster ever since he took the Florida job 16 years ago. But I also see a little Jason Bourne. He just looks special ops. Fit, barrel-chested, military haircut. “Get some rest, Pam. You look tired.” They should play the Moby song when he’s introduced.