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Kentucky one of the top ‘NBA proving grounds’


This kind of falls into the ‘It goes without saying’ department, but since someone decided to say it we’ll bring it to you. Chris Dortch of the official NBA website set out to identify some of the top schools for sending players to the league and, of course, Kentucky figured heavily in the discussion. Texas and Duke were the other programs named as the top NBA feeders, although when you put the recent rush of Kentucky draftees next to those of anyone else, there isn’t much of a comparison. Here’s some of the breakdown:

Wildcat opponents, especially in the Southeastern Conference, had better get used to the embarrassment of riches that is passing through Lexington these days.

After providing five first-round draft picks — a record for one school — in 2010, the Wildcats were almost as generous in 2011.

Enes Kanter never got to play for Kentucky, but he attended class and practiced with the team all season, so he counts toward the Wildcats’ total of four draftees. Kanter was picked by the Utah Jazz at No. 3 and becomes part of that franchise’s masterful rapid rebuilding program, joining Colorado’s Alec Burks, who’s going to be a star at shooting guard, and 2010 lottery picks Derrick Favors and Gordon Hayward.

Guard Brandon Knight was taken No. 8 by the Detroit Pistons. He has the intelligence and work ethic to become whatever Detroit wants him to become — a scorer, a true point or a combo who can fill in at either spot.

I’ll pause a moment to let you absorb this little nugget: In the last two years, Kentucky has had four players selected in the top 10 of the draft, five in the top 15 and seven in the first round.

It’s staggering. really, and, there is nothing better from a recruiting perspective than having a reputation for preparing guys for the next level. Kentucky is certainly doing that, and apparently even the NBA’s own site is taking notice.

[Three schools that shine as NBA proving grounds –]

Article written by Hunter Campbell

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14 Comments for Kentucky one of the top ‘NBA proving grounds’

  1. PatPattersonISWalkingThruThatDoor
    7:09 pm June 25, 2011 Permalink


  2. JohnnyRed
    7:19 pm June 25, 2011 Permalink

    I am curious – if you had to choose, which would you Wildcat fans rather have in a given year – the most players that get drafted in the NBA, or an NCAA Championship?

  3. Mike
    7:51 pm June 25, 2011 Permalink

    A strong run in the NCAA would be my choice.However the other brings in talent so it’s kind of a catch 22.When coach leaves it goes away so it’s only for his term.

  4. Ottocat
    7:52 pm June 25, 2011 Permalink

    Stupid question #2. No one would choose against a championship. Having the most draftees only helps achieve the ring by giving us a seemingly endless supply of top tier players. Just as being monetarily rich is worthless unless you can get stuff you want to buy with it at some point.

  5. Eat one
    7:56 pm June 25, 2011 Permalink

    Hey #2, dont be mad because Pitino can’t do either. Putting players in the NBA means one thing….the best players come to KENTUCKY. Championships are’nt easy to get, they will come eventually. Unfourtunately for you Card fans, all you have to look forward to is your Coach’s next abortion, next N.I.T appearance, or a rematch against Morehead State. Have fun with that, enjoy watching Cal own Pitino for many, many years to come btich.

  6. KD
    8:15 pm June 25, 2011 Permalink

    It’s funny how with exception of coach K. Cal and Barnes can recruit NBA ready players and neither one has a championship just a lttle tidbit. Wake forest also seems to have rosters every year of NBA talent also. Bottom line Cal has a great support staff of one with vast nba connections and aau WWWES so lets not fool ourselves BBN with that. One other thing its a fact exposure deep tournament runs get players brought up a notch more than they should be. Bledsoe,orton,harrleson,liggins it’s like hanging with cute people u get in the mix also. Billy G. should get alot of the credit Cal only brought in hired guns Wall,Bledsoe,Cousins,Knight,(Enes) all the others were billy G”S lets not forget that. Those first three were memphis bound. And Rick has underacheived greatly with recruiting he has just realized he needed to have connections to get the top [layers were Cal has been doing that for long periods he had to do this while at memphis. Bottom line his run will end also .

  7. tdogg4033011
    8:24 pm June 25, 2011 Permalink

    6) hey man, none of that makes any damn sense. Wake Forest with rosters full of NBA talent???
    Don’t quit ya day job homie, you’re a jackass !!!!

  8. There is no spoon
    9:20 pm June 25, 2011 Permalink

    Hey 6…take the blue pill…stay in Wonderland.

  9. coldspringmike
    9:37 pm June 25, 2011 Permalink

    #6-if coach Cal became available you losers would be hollering to get rid of Ricky P’s ass and hire coach Cal. You all know you would, just like you were thrilled to get the little man your stuck with.

  10. bmt22033
    10:50 pm June 25, 2011 Permalink

    @6 – you’re so full of shit. Take your sorry ass back to Tard Chronicle where you belong.

  11. Turkish Jar Head
    11:27 pm June 25, 2011 Permalink

    Enes ‘…went to class…’


  12. Carl
    11:32 pm June 25, 2011 Permalink

    The difference between Kentucky and the others. Many of the Kentucky players have NBA championship rings by the time they retire. Prince; Mohammed; D. Anderson; Rhondo; Antoine Walker are just a few.

  13. MRK4UK
    8:43 am June 26, 2011 Permalink

    since cal came to UK he has put every kid in the NBA that went into the draft. So he gets top talent, hard working, good kids so it is okay with the BBN that some only stay for one or two years. Other programs that cant get the talent hate on Cal for it. You don’t hear Carolina or duke fans complaining about their one and done players. The NBA needs to change its rules about kids straight out of high school either let them come right away or make it two year rule. We are Kentucky Basketball and UK is on every top high school basketball players radar because of the combination of Cal, his staff, UK tradition, education, and the city of Lexington. Even some college kids who made the wrong pick first still look at UK and think what if? (hey Ryan how do we compare to your last stop?). I am a UK fan and I have grown used to people hating on the fans and the program so get in line if you want to talk shit BBN is here to stay

  14. Scout
    9:06 am June 26, 2011 Permalink

    Hey, #11: Kanter didn’t even go to the Final Four or SEC tourney because he actually WENT to class. Go, away.